Baltimore City Directory
Hoen, Geo. H. -  Hoffman Curzon
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page 407
(left-hand column)

Hoen Geo. H. lithographer, 117 e Madison
Hoen Henry, (A. H. & Co.) Waverly
Hoen John H. salesman, Waverly
Hoen W. Irving, lithographer, Waverly
Hoener Fredk. G. butcher, 293 e Monument
HOENERVOGT Mrs. ELIZABETH, brewery, Eastern av and First
Hoenes Albert F. butcher, 81 Lexington Market, dw Garrison la and Hollins
Hoengen Geo. shoemkr, 72 Penna av
Hoengen Martin, shoe factory, 42 n Eutaw, dw 72 Penna av
Hoenig Anton, tailor, 267 e Eager
Hoenig Jos. tailor, 262 n Central av
Hoenig Stephen, 269 e Eager
Hoenisch Henry, tobocconist, Eden and Chew
Hoenner John, paver, 338 e Eager
Hoepfner Ernest, grocery, 116 Stirling
Hoepner Casper B.& Son,(C.B. and T.B. Hoepner) plumbers, 37 Lee
Hoepner Casper B. (C.B.H.& Son) 37 Lee
Hoepner Chas. lab. 336 Hanover
Hoepner Henry, blksmith, 34 Rue
Hoepner Theodore B. (C.B.H.&Son) 37 Lee
Hoeppe Frederick, baker, 70 Columbia
Hoerath Christian, tailor, 193 s Regester
Hoerichs Wm. F. barber, 123 German
Hoerner Conrad, lab. 319 Canton av
Hoerner Conrad, bakery, 327 Eastern av
Hoerner  Ernest, bakery, 298 Canton av
Hoerr Jacob, hostler, Salem and Retreat
Hoerr Rev. John, 337 e Fayette
Hoerster Fred. stonecutter, 209 Chesnut
Hoesch John, lab. 89 s Chapel
Hoetmann Carl, brewer, 183 Frederick av
Hoey Henry, watchman, Washington nr North av
Hoey Michael, lab. 288 e Pratt
Hof John H. packer, 68 Portland
Hofbauer Chas. organ builder, 43 s Durham
Hofbauer Michael, tinner, 43 s Durham
Hofer Geo. machinist, 138 s Central av
Hofer Leopold, machinist, 138 s Central av
Hofer Louis, machinist, 138 s Central av
Hoff Chas. W. clerk, s w cor South and Water
Hoff F. H. clerk, N.C.R.W. dw Sherwood station
Hoff F. X. shoemkr, 139 s Regester
Hoff Geo. clerk, Western Temperance hotel
Hoff Geo. (J.W.Ross&Co.)Sherwood, N.C.R.W.
Hoff Geo. W. clerk, Penna av ext
Hoff Henry, moulder, 266 s Ann
Hoff J. Wilbur, (H.&Son) 223 n Fulton
Hoff Jacob, (H.&Son,also Cromer & H.) Penna av ext
Hoff Jas. brakeman, 346 William
Hoff John, carp. Belair av ext
Hoff John L. blksmith, 292 Franklin
Hoff Jos. lab. 1 Leloup
Hoff Mary E. 15 Salem
Hoff & Son, (Jacob and J. W. Hoff)feed,Penna av and Franklin
Hoff W. R. tobacco agt. South and Water, dw Sherwood, N.C.R.W.
Hoffacker Martin L. brickl’yr, 143 e Biddle ext
Hoffbacker John W. restaurant, 25 Albemarle, dw 115 s Exeter
Hoffbauer Mrs. Fred. 206 Park av
Hoffer Mrs. A. J. 305 e Eager
Hoffer Chas. stevedore, 282 s Bond
Hofferbert Adam, shoemkr, 29 n Eden
Hofferbert Chas. distiller, 38 Clinton
Hofferbert Louis, shoemkr, 6 Union ct
Hofferbert Philip, tailor, 229 e Monument

(right-hand column)

                   in the
     Life Insurance Company.
The most economically managed Co. in the U. S.

Being purely mutual, Insurance is furnished at
the lowest possible cost consistent with absolute
security.    Life and Endowment Insurance, on
sound male lives only.  For Policies and Infor-
mation apply to
      WALTER S. WILKINSON, Gen. Agt.
     Md. Bldg., Cor. P.O. Av. and Second St.

Hofferbert Philip, shoemkr, 6 Union ct
Hofferberth Adam, cooper, 38 Clinton
Hofferberth John, moulder, 40 Clinton
Hofferberth Wm. barber, 229 e Monument
Hofferkamp John, grocery, 29 Short
Hoffert Frederick, butcher, 86 Fairmount av
Hofflin Nathan, 48 n Liberty
Hoffman Adolphus, mathinist, 79 McHenry
Hoffman Albert, clerk, 3 s Fulton
Hoffman Amelia, china, 244 Canton av
Hoffman Anderson, 10 Prince
Hoffman Andw. corkcutr, 175 s Patterson Park av
Hoffman Andw. G. tailor, 335 e Hoffman
Hoffman Anton, jellymkr, 76 Druid Hill av
Hoffman August, driver 509 Harford av
Hoffman August, lab. 5 Bradford al
Hoffman August, shoemkr, 17 Heath
Hoffman Barbara, tailoress, 60 Short
Hoffman Bernard, porter, 59 Park av
Hoffman C. Calvert, florist, 748 Madison av
Hoffman Carroll B. clerk, 61 Laurens
Hoffman Mrs. Caroline, boarding, 97 Greenm’t av
Hoffman Catherine, grocery, 261 s Wolfe
Hoffman Chas. driver, 96 Gough
Hoffman Chas. engineer, Clinton nr Eleventh av
Hoffman Chas. clerk, 183 McCulloh
Hoffman Chas. clerk, 135 Peirce
Hoffman Chas. A. driver, 1 Salem
Hoffman Chas. A. paperhanger, 509 Saratoga
Hoffman Chas. C. plumber, 7 n Pine, dw 53 s Arlington av
Hoffman Chas. S. dentist, 361 Canton av
Hoffman Christian, canmkr, 186 William
Hoffman Clinton, toys, 238 Frederick av
Hoffman Conrad, groc’y, Luzerne and Lancaster
Hoffman Conrad, driver, 95 Eastern av
Hoffman Danl. fireman, 267 Frederick av
Hoffman Danl. jr. carp. 267 Frederick av
Hoffman Daniel P. jr. 279 w Fayette
Hoffman Dr. Daniel P. physician to jail, dw 279 w Fayette
Hoffman Dora, 5 Cambridge
Hoffman Dora, 40 Franklin
Hoffman E. D. coal, 8 s Gay, dw 748 Madison av
Hoffman Edmund M. clerk, 437 n Gilmor
Hoffman Edward, paperhanger, 12 Rock
Hoffman Edward F. harness, 315 w Pratt, dw Paca nr L. Greene
Hoffman Edwin R. painter, 266 w Pratt, dw 127 s Sharp
Hoffman Mrs. Eliza, 82 Pearl
Hoffman Mrs. Elizabeth, 268 n Calhoun
Hoffman Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 125 Camden
Hoffman Mrs. Emeline, 211 Mulberry
Hoffman Emily, 40 Franklin
Hoffman Ephraim, 748 Madison av
Hoffman Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y. 13 Rialto bldg

page 408
(left-hand column)

           From 1 to 2 ½ per cent.
  Nos. 27, 29 AND 31 Fayette St., near Gay.
                 Established 1830.
      This old and responsible House still continues
   to make the Largest Loans on all kinds of
  Collaterals, and on Merchandise and
 Valuables in general; also Pianos and
  Organs. Parties so desiring can have their De-
  posits kept for twelve months, if so agreed upon.
  Goods bought and sold.    Private entrance, No. 31

Hoffman Frank, brushmkr, 39 e Biddle ext
Hoffman Frank J. engineer U. S. N. 176 n Gay
Hoffman Frank M. tinner, 76 Druid Hill av
Hoffman Fred. gilder, 11 Rock
Hoffman Fred. driver, 24 Abey al
Hoffman Fred. bristlewkr, 62 s Monroe
Hoffman Fred. A. clerk, 355 Madison av
Hoffman Fred. B. 74 s Greene
Hoffman Fred. L. stonecutter, 86 s High
Hoffman G. L. (G.L.H.& Co.) 229 n Fremont
Hoffman G. L. & Co. (G.L. and J.M. Hoffman) leather, 98 w Lombard
Hoffman Geo. basketmkr, 215 s Bond
Hoffman Geo. tinner, 63 s Arlington av
Hoffman Geo. broommkr, 548 w Baltimore
Hoffman Geo. carter, 24 Shuter
Hoffman Geo. carp. 261 s Wolfe
Hoffman Geo. clerk, 62 n Front
Hoffman Geo. cabinetmkr, 116 Saratoga
Hoffman Geo. A. dredger, 32 Hughes
Hoffman Geo. A. butcher, 288 w Hoffman
Hoffman Geo. B. cooper, 276 s Dallas
Hoffman Geo. J. brushmkr, 39 e Biddle ext
Hoffman Geo. W. telegraphist, 80 n Charles
Hoffman Geo. W. carp. 132 s Durham
Hoffman Geo. W. lab. 121 Aisquith
Hoffman Geo. W. S.(Wm.H.H.&Sons) 682 Madison av
Hoffman Gilmore, 41 Cathedral
Hoffman Gotleib, shoemkr, 21 Gough
Hoffman Gotleib, shoemkr, Monument nr Duncan al
Hoffman Mrs. Harriet, 499 w Fayette
Hoffman Harry P. cigarmkr, 28 s Calhoun
Hoffman Henrietta, 41 Franklin
Hoffman Henry, shoemkr, 3 Creek al
Hoffman Rev. Henry, Monument and Washington
Hoffman Henry, (Green & H.) 161 George
Hoffman Henry, tailor, 47 e Pratt
Hoffman Henry, fireman, 67 Parrish
Hoffman Henry H. lab. 17 Abey al
Hoffman Henry K. 413 Eutaw place
Hoffman J. Homer, student, 279 w Fayette
Hoffman J. Latimer, sr. 9 Franklin
Hoffman J. Latimer, jr. clerk, 9 Franklin
Hoffman J. Leonard, salesman, 364 Franklin
Hoffman Jacob, harnessmkr, 176 n Gay
Hoffman Jacob, lab. 86 Eastern av
Hoffman Jacob E. boilermkr, 114 e Biddle ext
Hoffman Jacob W. 24 w Monument
Hoffman Jas. carp. 82 s Eutaw
Hoffman Jas. flagman, 4 North av
Hoffman John, driver, 8 Monmonier ct
Hoffman John, milk, Covington nr Randall
Hoffman John, liquors, 39 Essex
Hoffman John, carp. 39 e Biddle ext
Hoffman John, canmkr, 176 East

(right-hand column)

Hoffman John, lab. 411 Aliceanna
Hoffman John, cigarmkr, 135 Eastern av
Hoffman John, huckster, 226 e Chase
Hoffman John, basketmkr, 244 Canton av
Hoffman John, lab. 401 s Charles
Hoffman John, barkpr, 23 McMechen
Hoffman John, carp. 203 Aliceanna
Hoffman John, furn. wagon, 152 s Charles
Hoffman John, tailor, 60 Short
Hoffman John, lab. 401 s Charles
Hoffman John, lab. 75 Addison al
Hoffman John, brewer, 22 s Mount
Hoffman John, harnessmkr, 176 n Gay
Hoffman John, tailor, 53 n Castle
Hoffman John, lab. 512 s Charles
Hoffman John jr. lab. 152 s Charles
Hoffman John A. canmkr, 29 Druid Hill av
Hoffman John A. saddler, 91 n Bond
Hoffman John B. candymkr, 76 Druid Hill av
Hoffman John F. paperhanger, 442 Eastern av
Hoffman John F. leather inspr. 7 s Fulton
Hoffman John G. canmkr, 60 Short
Hoffman John H. lab. 456 Light
Hoffman John H. corkcutter, 96 Gough
Hoffman John J. bookkpr, 486 Light
Hoffman John M.(G.L.H.& Co.) 233 n Fremont
Hoffman John V. 748 Madison av
Hoffman John W. tinner, 13 n Pine
Hoffman John W. (W.H.H.& Sons) Balto co
Hoffman Jos. shoemkr, 13 Chesnut al
Hoffman Jos. cooper, 269 Canton
Hoffman Jos. H. clerk, 25 George
Hoffman Jos. H. restaurant, 552 w Baltimore, dw 313 Hollins
Hoffman Josiah, coal, 433 Saratoga, dw 16 s Whatcoat
Hoffman, Lee & Co. (Robt.G.Hoffman,C.O’Donnell and Columbus O’D. Lee) coffees, wholes. 59 Exchange pl
Hoffman Lewis, paperhanger, 11 Rock
Hoffman Lewis P. stonecutter, 86 s High
Hoffman Lipman, 196 Gough
Hoffman Mrs. Louisa, 103 Leadenhall
Hoffman Lorenz, stable boss, 755 Penna av
Hoffman Lydia, operative, e Woodberry
Hoffman Madalena, 411 Aliceanna
Hoffman Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 88 Dawson al
Hoffman Mrs. Margaret, 8 Monmonier ct
Hoffman Mrs. Margaret, 4 West al
Hoffman Mary, dry goods, 373 Orleans
Hoffman Mrs. Mary, seamstress, e Woodberry
Hoffman Mrs. Mary, grocery, 59 Park av
Hoffman Mrs. Mary, 135 Peirce
Hoffman Mrs. Mary E. confec’y,548 w Baltimore
Hoffman Michael, lab. 270 Division
Hoffman Michael, jr. currier and hides, 249 Frederick av, dw 3 s Fulton
Hoffman Minnie, nurse, 782 Madison av
Hoffman Nicholas, brickmkr, 268 n Calhoun
Hoffman Nicholas, driver, 201 Preston
Hoffman Nicholas, barber, 27 w Pratt, dw 125 Camden
Hoffman Philip H. com. of deeds, n e cor Fayette and St. Paul, dw 553 Druid Hill av
Hoffman Paul, candymkr, 255 w Biddle
Hoffman Peter C. dentist, 361 Canton av
Hoffman Philip, tailor, rear 293 e Eager
Hoffman Philip J. tailor, 373 Orleans
Hoffman Phillip W. shoemkr, 417 w Baltimore
HOFFMAN R. C. & CO. (R. C. Hoffman) iron and com. merchts. 21 s Frederick
Hoffman Curzon (R.C.H. & Co.) 1 Cathedral

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