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1880  Pages 248 - 249

Fallon, Mrs Margaret - Farran, Daniel
Submitted by Lisa Asbury

Fallon Mrs. Margaret liquors 32 Douglass
Fallon Mrs. Mary 16 Lemmon
Fallon Michael lab. 182 Lee
Fallon Michael lab. 11 s Front
Fallon Michael grocery 198 Henrietta
Fallon Michael lab. 16 Lemmon
Fallon Thomas lab. 16 Lemmon
Fallon Wm. moulder 86 n Front
Falter Frank painter 127 Low
Falter George driver 384 w Pratt
Falter Joseph lab. 882 w Pratt
Falter Mrs. Mary hucktress 127 Low
Falvey Mrs. Catherine grocery 11 Sterrett
Famback Frederica 63 Bank
Famme August tailor 87 n Central av
Fancher Morris O. machinist 274 Battery av
Faneuil Hall Fire Ins. Co. German and South
Fangmeyer John (F & Doll) 186 n Fulton
Fangmeyer & Doll (J. Fangmeyer, L.Z. Doll) flour and com. Merchts. 49 & 51 s Howard
Fankhanel Henry tobacconist 202 Lexington
Fankhanel O. cigarmkr 202 Lexington
Fannin Mrs. Ellen 344 n Durham
Fannin James lab. 6 Webster ct
Fannin John  driver 344 n Durham
Fannin John moulder 182 East
Fannin Luke lab. 6 Webster ct
Fannin Michael lab. 182 East
Fannin Wm. lab. 6 Webster ct
Fannin Wm. driver 150 Aiquith
Fanning Clement helper 5 Potomac
Fannon Patrick plumber 20 Neighbor
Fanshaw Caleb W. stonecutter 45 McHenry
Fantom Margaret   5 Bloodgood ct
Fantom Wm. oysters 79 n High, dw 1 Anthony
Fanton James H. carp 361 n Durham
Fanton John N. hoemkr 361 n Durham
Fanton Mrs. Mary E. grocery 361 n Durham
Farber Chas. F. dyer Farmers and Planters hotel
Farber E. J. student 58 St. Paul
Farber H.J. & Co. (H. J. and M. H. Farber) com. Merchts 25 German
Farber Hy. J. (H. J. F. & Co.) Catonsville
Farber House Mrs. Mena Kolter proprietress 175 North
Farber John H. groceries and liquors s e cor North and Pleasant
Farber Martin H. (H. J. F. & Co.) 628 Lexington
Farber Mrs. Sophia M. trimmings 173 Aisquith
Farber Wm. M. cigarmkr 173 Aisquith
Fardwell Chas.  plumber 37 n Bond
Fardwell Mrs. Sarah 37 n Bond
Fardwell Wm. gasfitter 37 n Bond
Fardy Mrs. E. J. 71 McCulloh
Fardy John T. clerk 213 n Carrollton av
Fardy Matthew J. 213 n Carrollton av
Fardy Matthew J. 71 McCulloh
Faringer Chas. H. clerk 388 n Gilmor
Faringer Mrs. Hannah 58 s Bond
Faringer Silver clerk 388 n Gilmor
Faringer Wm. clerk 388 n Gilmor
Farland Abram lab. 192 s Castle
Farland John F. sailmkr 83 & 85 Smith's whf, dw 161 Dolphin
Farland Wm. sailmkr 83 & 85 Smith's whf, dw 201 e Fayette
Farley Chas. F. lab. 566 Aisquith
Farley Edward jr. stonecutter 566 Aisquith
Farley John lab. 40 n Gilmor
Farley Mrs. Martha 104 s Duncan al
Farley Michael lab. 28 Gough
Farley Michael F. bricklayer 46 Hillman
Farley N. Wm. horseshoer 566 Aisquith
Farley Philip drayman 80 s Carey
Farley Richard G. salesman 150 S Sharp
Farley Thomas lab. 28 Gough
Farley Thomas telegraphist 46 n Mount
Farley Wm. tailor 337 n Howard
Farley Wm. Jr. tailor 337 n Howard
Farlow John T. magistrate 307 e Baltimore
Farmer Alex lab. 46 Gough
Farmer Bernard brassfinisher 92 Stirling
Farmer Eupha grocery 127 e Monument
Farmer James F. bookkpr 127e Monument
Farmer John mariner 130 s Bond
Farmer John horseshoer 92 Stirling
Farmer John E. mariner 7 Lancaster
Farmer Patrick feed 111 Stirling, dw 92
Farmer Terrence grocery 92 Stirling
Farmer Dr. Wm. dentist 185 Madison av
Farmer Wm. A. painter 64 Etting
Farmer Wm. H. driver 46 Gough
Farmers Fire Ins. Co of York PA 20 Postoffice av
Farmers and Merchants National Bank n w cor South and Lombard
Farmers Mutual Fire Ins. Co. of York, Pa agency 28 Postoffice av
Farmers and Planters Hotel D. and C. Street prop'rs cor Hillen and Forrest
Farmlands Dairy Wm. H. Depper prop'r 371 Franklin
Farmlands Dairy Eugene Carrington & Co. prop'rs 89 Bolton and 21 Mulberry
Farnan J. I. newsdealer 78 Camden dw ?64 Barre
Farnan Thos. F. police 268 1/2 Hanover
Farnandis George G. clerk 99 Hollins
Farnandis Walter, jr. attorney 59 w Fayette, dw 13 n Carey
Farnandis Wm. 13 n Carey
Farnen Chas. T. bookkpr 473 e Lombard
Farnen Peter 473 e Lombard
Farquhar David P. hatter 10 North, dw 19 Ensor
Farquhar John C. clerk 28 Myrtle av
Farquhar Robert butcher 555 Harford av
Farquharson Mrs. Catherine 14 s Broadway
Farquharson D. H. clerk 75 Aisquith
Farquharson John D. com. Merchant over 79 South, dw 75 Aisquith
Farquharson John W. mariner 35 Stiles
Farr Alex lab. 3 Webb
Farr Andrew J. 3 Webb
Farr John fire dept. 79 Harrison
Farr Joseph fire dept. 263 n Eden
Farr Mrs. Mary A. 3 Webb
Farragut Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y. 8 South
Farrall Eugene  millin?y 322 n Gay, dw 50 Valley
Farrall J. Stanislaus clerk 50 Valley
Farran Daniel coremkr 184 Stirling

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