Baltimore City Directory
Hoffman, Chas. - Hohman, Henry
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page 364
(right-hand column)

Hoffman Chas. driver, 96 Gough
Hoffman Chas. fireman, 417 McHenry
Hoffman Chas. engineer, 2 Clinton
Hoffman Chas. clerk, 183 McCulloh
Hoffman Chas. clerk, 135 Peirce
Hoffman Chas. A. driver, Salem nr Retreat
Hoffman Chas. A. paperhanger, 509 Saratoga
Hoffman Chas. C. plumber, 7 N Pine, dw 53 s Oregon
Hoffman Chas. S. dentist, 361 Canton av
Hoffman Chris. confect’y, 95 Druid Hill av
Hoffman Christian, canmkr, 45 Hamburg
Hoffman Christian, buthcer, 89 Greenmount av
Hoffman Mrs. Christian, 11 Rock
Hoffman & Co. (Fred B. Hoffman) job printers, 293 w Baltimore
Hoffman Conrad, driver, 203 Aliceanna
Hoffman Conrad, groc’y, Luzerne and Lancaster
Hoffman Danl. fireman, Frederick av nr Wilkens
Hoffman Dr. Daniel P. 279 w Fayette
Hoffman David, stonecutter, 383 McHenry
Hoffman E. D. agent New Hampshire Coal Co. 56 Exchange pl, dw 748 Madison av
Hoffman Edward, harnessmkr, 315 w Pratt
Hoffman Edward, paperhanger, 11 Rock
Hoffman Edmund M. clerk, 437 n Gilmore
Hoffman Edwin A. baggage master, 16 George
Hoffman Edwin R. painting, gilding and glazing, 266 w Pratt, dw 127 s Sharp
Hoffman Mrs. Elizabeth, 111 e Madison
Hoffman Mrs. Elizab. groc’y, Shirk and Davis
Hoffman Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 125 Camden
Hoffman Mrs. Elizabeth, 383 McHenry
Hoffman Ephraim, 748 Madison av
Hoffman Fire Ins. Co. of N.Y. 13 Rialto bldg
Hoffman Frank M. tinner, 76 Druid Hill av
Hoffman Fred. shoecutter, 48 Penna av
Hoffman Fred. driver, 24 Abey al
Hoffman Fred. shoecutter, 65 Union
Hoffman Fred. bristlewkr, 62 s Monroe
Hoffman Fred. A. clerk, 355 Madison av
Hoffman Fred. B. (H. & Co.) 68 s Sharp
Hoffman Fred. W.driver, Gilmor nr Cumberland
Hoffman G. L. (G.L.H.&Co.) 229 n Fremont
HOFFMAN G. L. & CO. (G. L. and J.M.Hoffman) hides, leather and oils, 84 w Lombard
Hoffman Geo. basketmkr, 215 s Bond
Hoffman Geo. tinner, 63 s Oregon
Hoffman Geo. broommkr, 548 w Baltimore
Hoffman Geo. blksmith, 36 Cross
Hoffman Geo. carter, 236 n Durham
Hoffman Geo. carp. 261 s Wolfe
Hoffman Geo. barber, 190 Chesnut
Hoffman Geo. lab. 40 West
Hoffman Geo. salesman, 152 s Charles
Hoffman Geo. cabinetmkr, 116 Saratoga
Hoffman Geo. A. mariner, 32 Hughes
Hoffman Geo. J. carp. 39 e Biddle ext
Hoffman Geo. M. brakeman, 16 George
Hoffman Geo. W. carp. 22 Somerset
Hoffman Geo. W. fireman, Oak and Jefferson av
Hoffman Geo. W. lab. 78 s Exeter
Hoffman Geo. W. S.(Wm.H.H.&Sons) 682 Madison av
Hoffman Gotleib, shoemkr, Monument nr Duncan al
Hoffman Gilmore, 106 Park av
Hoffman Mrs. H. 219 n Bond
Hoffman H. P. cigarmkr, 330 w Lombard
Hoffman Henry, lab. 101 Eastern av
Hoffman Henry (Green & H.) 161 George
Hoffman Henry J. carp. 49 s Burke

page 365
(right-hand column)

Hoffman Henry K. 413 Eutaw pl
Hoffman Hiram B. driver, 425 n Gilmore
Hoffman I. R. leatherfinisher, 330 w Lombard
Hoffman J. H. Homer, med.stud’nt,279w Fayette
Hoffman J. Latimer, sr. 9 Franklin
Hoffman J. Latimer, jr. clerk, 9 Franklin
Hoffman J. Leonard, salesman, 111 Jefferson
Hoffman Jacob, harnessmkr, 176 n Gay
Hoffman Jacob, lab. 96 Eastern av
Hoffman Jacob E. boilermkr, 151 Montgomery
Hoffman John, grocery, 24 Douglas
Hoffman John, brewer, 212 Ridgely
Hoffman John, lab. 411 Aliceanna
Hoffman John, shoemkr, 65 Union
Hoffman John, cigarmkr, 109 Eastern av
Hoffman John, huckster, 226 e Chase
Hoffman John, basketmkr, 244 Canton av
Hoffman John, lab. 401 s Charles
Hoffman John, blksmith, 102 L. Greene
Hoffman John, barkpr, McMechin and Division
Hoffman John, plumber, 251 s Dallas
Hoffman John, furn. wagon, 152 s Charles
Hoffman John, tailor, 60 Short
Hoffman John, jr.canmkr, 60 Short
Hoffman John, jr. lab. 152 s Charles
Hoffman John, lab. 350 Cross
Hoffman John, brickmkr, 22 Fountain
Hoffman John, harnessmkr, 176 n Gay
Hoffman John, cutter, 89 n Washington
Hoffman John A. canmkr, 245 w Biddle
Hoffman John A. saddler, 91 n Bond
Hoffman John C. currier, 96 Gough
Hoffman John F. leather insp. 7 s Fulton
Hoffman John F. paperhanger, 422 Eastern av
Hoffman John H. corkcutter, 96 Gough
Hoffman John J. carp. 39 e Biddle ext
Hoffman John J. bookkpr, 486 Light
Hoffman John M. (G.L.H.&Co.) 233 n Fremont
Hoffman John V. drug clerk, 748 Madison av
Hoffman John W. tinner, 13 n Pine
Hoffman John W. (W.H.H.& Sons) Balto co
Hoffman Jos. 25 George
Hoffman Jos. shoemkr, 13 Chesnut al
Hoffman Jos. cooper, 269 Canton av
Hoffman Jos. E. harnessmkr, 315 w Pratt
Hoffman Jos. H. restaurant,552 w Baltimore, dw 313 Hollins
Hoffman Josiah, bricklayer, 16 Whatcoat
Hoffman Lawerence, stable boss, 755 Penna av
Hoffman Leo, shoemkr, 65 Union
Hoffman Lewis, paperhanger, 11 Rock
HOFFMAN, LEE & CO. (Robt.G.Hoffman,C. O’Donnell Lee) tobacco and gen’l com. merchants, 63 Exchange pl
Hoffman Lewis P. stonecutter, 86 s High
Hoffman Lipman, 168 Gough
Hoffman Louis, grocery, Granby and Albemarle
Hoffman Madalena, 411 Aliceanna
Hoffman Mrs. Margt. grocery, 88 Dawson al
Hoffman Mrs. Margt. 8 Monmonier ct
Hoffman Mrs. Maggie, Harford av and Aisquith
Hoffman Mary, grocery, 59 Park av
Hoffman Mrs. Mary, 265 Aliceanna
Hoffman Mrs. Mary, 78 Camden
Hoffman Mrs. Mary E. confec’y,548 w Baltimore
Hoffman Mich’l, clerk, Lafayette Mkt.55 Laurens
Hoffman Michael, jr. currier and hide store,249 Frederick av, dw 3 s Fulton
Hoffman Nicholas, painter, 4 West al
Hoffman Nicholas, tailor, 218 e Chase
Hoffman Nicholas, brickmkr, 111 e Madison
Hoffman Nicholas, driver, 139 Franklin

page 366
(left-hand column)
MONEY,            $100,000!        Money,
          to Loan in Sums to Suit !
                BENJAMIN BUILDING
27, 29 AND 31 Fayette St., near Gay.
We still continue to make the most liberal Loans
on Collaterals of every description; also on Gold
and Silver Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silver
Ware and Pianos and on Merchandise in general,
on lower rates than any other office in this city.
 [Established 1830]                  BENJAMIN & CO.

Hoffsnyder Wm. shoemkr, 107 s Spring
Hofheinz L. dairy, 26 Washington av
Hofler Geo. cigarmkr, 276 s Broadway
Hofman Conrad, groc’y, Hamburg and Ridgely
Hofman John, tailor, 282 n Bond
Hofmann Andrew, mercht. tailor, 136 Bank
Hofmann Edw. M. barkpr, 61 n Calvert
Hofmann Elizabeth, dressmkr, 145 e Pratt
Hofmann Rev. Geo. 101 Saratoga
Hofmann Henry sr. locksmith, 59 German
Hofmann Henry jr. locksmith, 59 German
Hofmann Henry, cabinetmkr, 63 n Eden
Hofmann Henry, shoemkr, 3 Creek al
Hofmann Henry J.(Wehrheim & Co.) 104 Frederick av
Hofmann Henry J. plumber,58 Ridgely
Hofmann Jacob, musician, 370 e Eager
Hofmann John G. restaurant, 61 n Calvert
Hofmann John Peter, shoemkr, 369 e Eager
Hofmann Oscar, drug clerk, Fremont and Baltimore
Hofmeister Barbara, confec’y, 65 Elliott
Hofmeister Chas. W. letter carrier, 170 s Bond
Hofmeister Conrad, shoemkr, 216 s Bond
Hofmeister Geo. cooper, 65 Elliott
Hofmeister Henry, shoemkr, 216 s Bond
Hofmeister P. H. baker, 155 s Eden
Hofmeister Wm. liquors, 251 Eastern av
Hofmeister Wm. cigarmkr, 216 s Bond
Hofnagle Geo. tinner, 115 Jackson sq av
Hofnagle John, foreman, 423 w Lombard
Hofnagle John, bricklayer, 12 Shakspear
Hofnagle Sebastian, shoemkr, 80 s Chapel
Hofsass John, boot and shoe uppers, 210 s Charles
Hofstetter Antone, machinist, 424 w Lombard
Hofstetter Jos. machinist, 424 w Lombard
Hofstetter Jos. painter, 43 Chew
Hofstetter Lewis, drug clerk, 424 w Lombard
Hofstetter Philip, machinist, 168 Pierce
Hofstetter Wm. H. huckster, 395 n Gay
HOGAN CORNELIUS R. prop’r Maltby house, 180, 182 and 184 w Pratt
Hogan Dominick, groc’y, 114 Dugan’s whf
Hogan Edw. lab. 53 Stirling
Hogan Mrs. Eliza, 65 Harrison
Hogan Mrs. Hannah, confec’y 255 w Pratt
Hogan John, driver, 102 s Exeter
Hogan John, shoemkr, 20 Neighbor
Hogan John, police, 39 n Schroeder
Hogan John, stonemason, 300 Greenmount av
Hogan John, blksmith and horseshoer, 215 n Exeter, dw 53 Hillen
Hogan John, lab. 82 s Poppleton
Hogan John E. driver, 160 n Central av
Hogan John F. blksmith, 53 Hillen
Hogan Jos. conductor, 284 Hollins
Hogan Jos. R. clerk, 284 Hollins
Hogan Mark, detective, 92 Albemarle

(right-hand column)

Hogan Matthew, horseshoer, 20 and 22 Concord, dw 27 Holland
Hogan Mrs. Mary, 284 Hollins
Hogan Michael, fireman, 12 n Poppleton
Hogan Michael, grocery, 42 e Eager
Hogan Patrick, lab. 434 w. Lombard
Hogan Patrick, blksmith, 14 s Bethel
Hogan Patrick, blksmith, 91 s Gilmor
Hogan Patrick J. clerk, 306 e Chase
Hogan Peter, tailor, 68 Hillman
Hogan Peter, lab. 17 Harris al
Hogan Sylvester, stonepolisher, 90 McKim
Hogan Thos. flagman, 434 w Lombard
Hogan Thos. F. police, 46 n Castle
Hogarth Jas. engineer, 44 s Stricker
Hoge James, clerk, 64 St. Paul
Hogendorp Chas. salesman, 185 w Fayette
Hogg Alex (Rogers & H.) 330 Madison av
Hogg Edwin A. bookkpr, 39 Brune
Hogg F. L. carp. 623 w Fayette
Hogg Geo. W. T. clerk, 260 Franklin
Hogg Henry R. printer, 623 w Fayette
Hogg James, 35 Argyle av
Hogg James D. clerk, 87 e Pratt
Hogg Mrs. Jane M. 162 n Arlington av
Hogg John K. 35 Argyle av
Hogg John S. carp. 8 and 10 Clay, nr Park av,dw 314 Lexington
Hogg John W.carp. 260 Franklin
Hogg Mrs. Margaret, 623 w Fayette
Hogg Marcellus, mariner, 96 s Washington
Hogg Mrs. Mary, 87 e Pratt
Hogg Mrs. Mary C. boarding, 292 w Fayette
Hogg Richd. lab. 40 s Patterson Park av
Hogg Saml. R. clerk, 35 Argyle av
Hogg Saml. R. shoemkr, 7 Parrish
Hogg Sol. S. well digger, 563 w Lombard
Hogg Thos.A. restaurant, 189 Eastern av
Hogg Thos. H. brakeman, 144 Scott
Hogg Wm. confectioner, 94 Aisquith
Hogg Wm. H. watchman, 40 s Patterson Park av
Hogg Wm. H. clerk, 314 Lexington
Hogg Wm. McKim, clerk, 292 w Fayette
Hogg Capt. Wm. T. mariner, 155 Gough
Hoggson Halmilton S. ornamental japanner, over 55 s Charles, dw 338 Aisquith
Hogur(t?)y James, stevedore, 231 Hudson
Hoh Michael, carter, 20 Hamburg
Hohadder Frank, tailor, 217 w Pratt
Hohenberger Henry, carpetwvr, 133 s Fremont
Hohenberger John, baker, 177 Vine
Hohlbe(i?)n Conrad, butcher, 171 Pierce
Hohlbe(i?)n Edwd. barber, Chew nr Bond
Hohlbe(i?)n Fredk. 61 ½ w Fayette, dw 115 e Baltimore
Hohlbein Louis H. barber, 139 Aisquith
Hohlbein Mrs. Matilda, 148 Chew
Hohlbein Sarah A. milliner, 70 Pearl
Hohlweg Valentine F. agent, 8 n Pine
Hohlweg Vincent, photograp’r, 531 w Baltimore
Hohman Andrew, tailor, 340 Mulberry
Hohman Anthony, bootfotter, 74 n Exeter
Hohman Casper, tailor, 70 n Chapel
Hohman Casper, butcher, Monument nr Castle
Hohman Casper, huckster, 365 McDonogh
Hohman Conrad, (Kienzle & H.) Monument and Castle
Hohman Elizabeth, grocery, 385 Saratoga
Hohman Geo. clerk, 32 n Carrollton av
Hohman Geo. shoemkr, 70 n Chapel
Hohman Geo. J. tailor, 25 Fawn
Hohman Henry, photo. printer, 181 Preston


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