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Malloney James - Manion Wm
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Malloney James, trackman, 54 Dewberry al
Mallory D.D. (D.D.M. & Co.) 50 s Broadway
MALLORY D.D. & CO. (D. D. and W. Mallory) oyster and fruit packers, cor Wolfe and Lancaster
Mallory J.D. (Reuter & Mallory) 75 s Broadway
MALLORY E. B. & CO. ( E. B. Mallory, W. Betsworth,) oyster packers, cor Wolfe and Thames
Mallory Elinda B. (E.B.M.& Co) 32 s Broadway
MALLORY J. F. & CO. (J.F. Mallory, H.R. Smith) oyster packers 64 Boston
Mallory James F.  (J.F.M. &  Co.) 396 e Pratt
Mallory Lewis, fireman, 48 Lancaster
Mallory Lyman, canmkr, 192 s Washington
Mallory Reull e. (Wm. L. Ellis Y Co.) 22 s Broadway
Mallory Sela, oyster measurer, 22 s Broadway
Mallory Willard ( D.d.M. & Co.) 75 s Broadway
Mallory Willis E. yster packer, 22 s Broadway
Mallory Ann c. 26 n Ann
Mallory Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 46 Chesnut
Mallory Charles a. 26 n Ann
Mallory Charles M. clerk, 231 e Baltimore
Malloy Chas. P. groc’y and provisions. 144 gough
Malloy Corneling, fireman, 309 Canton av
Malloy Danl. Stonecutter, 46 Chesnut
Malloy James A. currier, 178 Druid Hill av
Malloy John, receiving teller National Union Bank, 231 e Baltimore
Malloy Rev. I. S., Eager and Valley
Malloy Mrs. Laura, 252 Chew
Malloy Lawrence, stonepolisher, 68 Buren
Malloy Lawrence, stonepolisher, 94 Dolphin
Malloy Mrs. Margaret, 16 Liberty al
Malloy Mary E. 26 n Ann
Malloy Michael, lab 58 Buren
Malloy Richard, barkeeper, 7 Watson
Malone Columbus, lab, 241 Lemmon al
Malone Danl. Police, 221 n Eden
Malone Danl. Lab, 15 cuba
Malone Frank, driver, 221 Boston
Malone Henry, lab. 15 Green ct
Malone Jas. butcher, Penna av ext
Malone Jas. lab. 5 Bruce
Malone Jas lab15 Green ct
Malone Jas. butcher, Penna av ext
Malone Jas lab. 5 Bruce
Malone Jas. lab 16 Clinton
Malone Jas. W. porter, 54 s Stricker
Malone John, lab 221 Boston
Malone John, watchman, 295 McDonogh
Malone John, lab. 168 McHenry
Malone Mary, grocery, 15 n Poppleton
Malone Mrs Mary, 158 Chesapeake
Malone Mrs. Mary A. fancy goods, 296 McDonogh
Malone Michl. N e cor Penna av and Clifton
Malone Nicholas, lab. 148 chesapeake
Malone Owen, stevedore, 221 Boston
Malone Thos. fireman, 213 Vine
Malone T. & Co. (T. Malone, Wm. O’Connell) china and galss 41 Penna av
Malone Timothy, (T. M. & Co.) 15 n poppleton
Maloney Andrew J. police, 57 Garden
Maloney Danl. Clerk, 69 Garaden
Maloney James M. supt. Bridge building. 719 w Lombard
Maloney Mrs. Elizabeth, 142 Druid Hil av
Maloney John, carp. 18 State, dw 142 Hill av
Maloney John, packer, 12 Greenmount av
Maloney John, lab. 38 Morton al
Maloney John J. horseshoer, 67 n Amity
Maloney Mrs. Margaret, 69 Garden
Maloney Martin, drayman, 67 n Amity
Maloney Michl. Capt. Tugboat, 64 n Washington
Maloney Michl. horseshoer, 166 Dover
Maloney Patk. lab 353 Cathedral
Maloney Patk. lab. Hunter al nr John
Maloney Patk. lab. 166 Dover
Maloney Thos. E. drayman. 67 n Amity
Maloney Timothy, printer, 56 e Lombard
Maloney wm. engineer, 64 n Washington
Maloney Wm. tobacconist, 2 Druid Hill av, dw 69 Garden
Maloney Wm. lab. 77 Battery av
Malooly Mrs thos. grocery, 17 Stiles
Malooly Thos. porter, 17 Stiles
Malach Chas. Cooper, 203 s Sharp
Malster & Donnell, (Wm.T. Malster, Jas M. Dennell) engineers and machinists, foot of Ann
Malster Wm. T. (M. & Donnell) 431 e Baltimore
MALTBY C.S. & CO. (C.S. Matby, Z. C. Tooker, L.S. Ludington, F. Hutchinson) wholesale grocers and commission merchants cor West Falls av and block
MALTBY C.S.  & Co. (G.S.M,. & Co.) Maltby house
MALTBY C. S. dyster and fruit packer and manufr. Of shell lime, foot of West Falls av, dw Maltby house
MALTBY HOUSE, C.R. Hogan, prop’r, 180, 182 and 184 w Pratt
Malthan Adolph, carp, 95 Penna av
Malthan August, clerk, 95 Penna av
Malthan Bertard, driver, 95 Penna av
Malthan Mrs. Elizabeth, confec’y 95 Penna av
Manaca Jos R coal, 61 Pearl, dw 6 Parkin
Manahan John B. clerk, 8 s Greene
Mandelbaum Alex, clerk, 129 n Howard
Mandlebaum Ansel, 39 Pearl
Mandelbaum Geo. 39 Pearl
Mandlebaum, Isidore, clerk, 129 n Howard
Mandelbaum Jeannette, clothing, 129 n Howard and 33 w Baltimore, dw 129 n Howard
Mandelbaum Moses L., clerk, 39 Pearl
Mandelbaum Samuel, 53 n eden
Mandlebaum Seymour, cler, 39 Pearl
Mandleberg Abraham, watchmkr, 35 Harrison
Mandleberg Jacob, clothing, 35 harrison
Mander Catherine, nurse, 187 n Caroline
Mandler Christopher, bootfitter, 59 s Regester
Maneck Otto, fresco painter, 63 Granby
manes Daniel, 20 Hillen
Manes Lawrence, carp. 20 Hillen
Mangan John, shoemkr, 14 Hollins al
Mangano Lazarus, prof, music, 87 n Exeter
Mangela Henry, lab. 69 Thames
Manger Jhn, shoemkr, 90 Pearl
Manger John jr. clerk, 90 Pearl
Manger John F. clerk, 90 Pearl
Manger Mrtin M. butcher, 2 Richmond market dw Penna av
Mangold Henry shoemkr, 565 w Lombard
Mangold Jacob, shoemkr, 18 Gould la
Mangold Wm. tailor, 33 Holland
MANHATTAN FIRE INS. Co. of New York, 9 North
Manhattan Life Ins. Co. of New York, 39 Port office av, Jas. E. Alford agent
Manifold Andrew, carp. 208 n Eden
Manifold Sarah, 208 n Eden
Manion Bernard, porter, 26 n Amity
Manion James, drayman, 178 n Front
Manion James, bodcarrier, 55 York
Manion Martin, mariner, 67 York
Manion Michl. lab. 90 Ramsay
Manion Wm. bricklayer, 55 York

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