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Fisher Wm. A. Ė Fitzpatrick Wm
Submitted by:  Rose Hatten

Fisher Wm. A. (Marshall & F.) 106 Park av
Fisher Wm. F. varnisher, 8 Pearl
Fisher Wm. H. huckster, 165 Bank
Fisher Wm. H. (Weilson & F.) 1 Whatcoat
Fisher Wm. H. printer, 238 Park av
Fisher Wm. H. (F. & Hamilton.) 31 n Pine
Fisher Wm. J. sail maker, 42 Williamson al
Fisher Wm. L mariner, 44 Montgomery
Fisher WM. & SONS, (H. and Parks Fisher) bankers and stock brokers, 32 South
Fisher Wm. T. carpenter, 377 Franklin
Fisher Wm. T. canvasser, Waverly, York rd
Fisk Azariah, saddler, 33 s Oregon
Fisk Chas F., sewing machines, 128 Mulberry
Fisk Chas. Lab. 39 Milliman
Fiske Jos. H. 233 Franklin
Fisse Wm. porter, 9 New Church
Fislein John, blacksmith, 304 n Caroline
Fislein John, blacksmith, 21 Lancaster
Fissler Mrs. Rosina, beer, 188 Canton av and 157 Eastern av
Fisterer John, shoemaker, 112 s S[ring
Fister George, carp. 524 Fleet
Fitchett John, tinner, 24 s Bond
FIte Mrs. Conrad, 87 n Charles
Fite Conrad R. real estate broker, 18 n Charles dw 87
FITEMAN (Feichtman) S. house furnishing goods, china, stoves and tinware, and genagt. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. 80 n Eutaw
Fitler John, lab. 19 Port
Fitler Michael, hammerman, 298 Eastern av
Fitscher John, shoemaker, 16 Ramsay
Fitser Jonathan, carpenter, 164 Columbia
Fittner George, shoemaker, 323 e Lombard
Fitton John, salesman, 287 McDonogh
Fitzberger Fred. Tinner, 87 park av, dw 116 Linden av
Fitzberger Henry, locksmith and bellhanger, Park av nr Clay, dw 116 linden av
Fitzberger John, tinner, 116 Linden av
Fitzberger Martin cooper, 72 Bank
Fitzberger Mary, 72 Bank
Hair Dressing and childrenís Hair Cutting.
No. 200 Madison av., dw. 118 Linden av.
All kinds of Hair Work neatly arranged at
reasonable terms.
Fitzberger Wm. cooper, 73 Bank
Fitzenberger Henry, lab. 7 Winter al
Fitzenberger John, lab 22 Cross
Fitzgerald Andrew, lab 6 Fall
FITZGERALD BOOTH & CO. (W. Booth,) com and shipping merchants, 6 s Gay
Fitzgerald David, clerk, 20 Macubbin
FITZGERALD EDWIN, genl. Agent Baltimore and Southeran Steam Trans. Co. office 50 South, dw Howard nr Cathedral
Fitzgerald Frank, engineer, 159 Johnson
Fitzgerald James, lab. 184 Ramsay
Fitzgerald James H. clerk, 99 n Ann
Fitzgerald James, manuf. Looking glass and picture frames, 419 Front
Fitzgerald Jeremiah, lab. 263 Forrest
Fitzgerald John, clerk, 104 Daganís whf
Fitzgerald John, grocery, 114 North
Fitzgerald John, tavern, 67 thames
Fitzgerald Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 167 n Eden
Fitzgerald & Moale, (t.B. Fitzgerald, F.L. Moale,) bankers and brokers, 23 South
Fitzgerald Peter, clerk, 74 Eutaw
Fitzgerald Thomas, train dispatcher Three Tuns hotel
Fitzgerald Thos. lab. 135 ellicott
Fitzgerald thos. A. Lient. Police, 97 n Fremont
Fitzgerald Thos. B. (F & Moale) 86 Franklin
Fitzgerald Thos. W. printer, 106 w Baltimore
Fitzgerald Wm. clerk, 43 Lexington
Fitzgerald W. H. agt. Atlantic Coast Line, 7 German, dw 47 Lexington
Fitzgerald W.B. clerk, 338 n Eutaw
Fitzgibbon Michael e. engineer, 86 Stirling
Fitzgibbons Gerald, lab. 168 Mchenry
Fitzgibbons Patrick, lab, 75 s Poppleton
Fitzhugh A. W. salesman, Howard house
Fitzmorris James, lab. 105 Hollins
Fitzmorris Martin, lab. 105 Hollins
Fitzmorris Walter, lab. 41 York
Fitzpatrick Barney, brass finisher, 5 Webb
Fitzpatrick Bernard, drayman, 277 n Front
Fitzpatrick Mrs. B. grocery, Oliver and Hudson al
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Bridget, Dolphin and Foster al
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Cathís, dressmkr, 288 n Howard
Fitzpatrick Chas. Clerk,84 n fulton
Fitzpatrick Dennis, 29 Chew
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Elzabeth, 93 Harford av
Fitzpatrick Hugh, wagoner, 26 McKim
Fitzpatrick Hugh, porter, 58 e Baltimore
Fitzpatrick James, lab. 4 Wilcox
Fitzpatrick James, tinner, 93 Harford av
Fitzpatrick James, lab. 1 Friendship
Fitzpatrick James machinist, 57 Warren
Fitzpatrick James, liquors, Eager and McKim
Fitzpatrick James a. watchman, 57 Warner
Fitzpatrick Jane, 209 Park av
Fitzpatrick Jeremiah, lab. 179 Vine
Fitzpatrick John, printer, 1 Frendship
Fitzpatrick John stonecutter, 211 park av
Fitzpatrick John stonecutter, 3 s Oregon
Fitzpatrick John lab. 146 dover
Fitzpatrick John P. cigarmaker, Oliver and Hudson al
Fitzpatrick Michael, lab. 179 vine
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Mary, 160 chesapeake
Fitzpatrick Mary, dressmaker, 112 w Biddle
Fitzpatrick Nicholas, public weigher, 54 Fulton
Fitzpatrick Peter J. painter, Oliver and Hudson al
Fitzpatrick Patrick, foreman, 240 german
Fitzpatrick Patrick lab. 5 Webb
Fitzpatrick Patrick coremaker, 42 Hillman
Fitzpatrick Peter, liquors, Charles st av nr Oliver
Fitzpatrick Peter, buckster, 31 Valley
Fitzpatrick Philip, lab, 7 Grace ct.
Fitzpatrick Philip, lab, 160 Chesapeake
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Susan, 110 Duganís wf.
Fitzpatrick Thos. driver, Oliver and Hudson al
Fitzpatrick Thos clerk, 54 Fulton
Fitzpatrick  Thos tinner, 83 Cross|
Fitzpatrick Thos. lab. 70 Warner
Fitzpatrick Wm. lab 98 York
Fitzpatrick Wm. canmkr, 371 e Monument

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