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Thomas, Mrs. Margaret - Thompson, Darby
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THOMAS, Mrs. Margaret 819 Lexington
THOMAS, Mrs. Margaret 201 S. Regester
THOMAS, Margaret (M. & R.T.) 180 Madison Ave.
THOMAS, Mrs. Martha 208 Peirce
THOMAS Martin, ship’s carpenter, 88 S. Wolfe
THOMAS M. & R. (Margaret. & Rebecca Thomas), milliners, 186 Madison Ave.
THOMAS, Mary (T. and Cullen) 178 Hanover
THOMAS, Mary E., dressmaker, 290 Saratoga
THOMAS, Mrs. M.M. 208 Franklin
THOMAS & MOON (A.M. Thomas & J.S. Moon), flour & feed, 76 German
THOMAS Mrs. Melvina 86 Myrtle Ave.
THOMAS and MOON (J.B. Thomas & A. D. Moon), stoves & tin & sheet iron workers, 121 Franklin
THOMAS, Morris A. (James P. T. & Son) 170 McCullah
THOMAS, N. Clark, confectionery, 361 W. Baltimore dw 332 W. Fayette
THOMAS, Nicholas H., lab, 255 McHenry
THOMAS, Norbourne (N.T &Co.) 196 N. Gay
THOMAS, Nellie 88 Raborg
THOMAS, N. & Co. (N. Thomas), curriers,  9 Ensor
THOMAS, O.T.,  clerk, 266 Penna Ave.
THOMAS, Owen 214 W. Lombard
THOMAS, Patrick, lab, Mt. Vernon
THOMAS, Peter, cigar maker, 75 Montgomery
THOMAS, Philip J., paperhanger, 709 W. Baltimore
THOMAS, Pierre, shoemaker, 23 Barnet
THOMAS, Raney (?), collector, 39 S. Paca
THOMAS, Rebecca (M. & R.T) 186 Madison Ave.
THOMAS, Mrs. Rebecca, boarding, 214 W. Lombard
THOMAS, Richard P., bookkeeper, 362 W. Lombard
THOMAS, Richard, bricklayer, 538 W. Lombard
THOMAS, Richard, watchman, 68 Johnson
THOMAS, Richard O.,  miller, 172 N. Central Ave.
THOMAS, Robert H.,  lab, 136 Battery Ave.
THOMAS, Robert H., clerk, 210 Hollins
THOMAS, Robert S., clerk, 437 W. Fayette
THOMAS, Robert S., carpenter, 437 W. Fayette
THOMAS Rollo C. 82 W. Chase
THOMAS Mrs. Rosa 70 Pearl
THOMAS, Rudolph F., stonemaker, Millington La (Lane?)
THOMAS, Samuel, carpenter, 43 S. High
THOMAS, Samuel K., clerk, 227 W. Hoffman
THOMAS, Samuel,  miller, 80 Greenmount Ave.
THOMAS, Samuel W., grocery, S.W. Corner Broadway and Madison
THOMAS, Mrs. Sarah A., grocery, 37 Wyeth
THOMAS, Seth S., stevedore, 57 S. Choptank
THOMAS, Sterling W., butcher, 41 Centre, 12 Lexington, 51 Hanover, 69 Belair, and 19 Richmond Markets, sw Harford rd, or Darley Park
THOMAS & THOMPSON, (J.B. Thomas & A. E. Thompson), pharmacists, S. E. (south east) Corner Druid Hill Ave. and Dolphin
THOMAS, Thomas, lab, Canton Ave or Regester
Thomas, Thomas D., ironworker, 144 Chesapeake
THOMAS, Walter, salesman, 54 McCulloh
THOMAS, William, fireman, 201 Pierce
THOMAS, William J., carpenter, 37 Wyeth
THOMAS, William, plane maker, 28 Lemmon
THOMAS, William B., clerk, 89 E. Biddle
THOMAS, William N.,  police, Ramsey St. Ext.
THOMAS William N., police, Millington La. Or  Frederick Ave.
THOMAS, William H., salesman, Fountain Hotel
THOMAS, William N., student, Hollins
THOMAS, William W., plasterer, 289 Fayette
THOMAS, William D., conductor, 88 McHenry
THOMAS, William H., lab, 9 Putuxent
THOMAS, William H.,  lab,  217 Battery Ave.
THOMAS, William C., ship’s carpenter, 104 Jackson Sq. Ave
THOMAS, William H. oyster and fruit packer, North west. corner of Charles and Camden dw Hollins and Stricker
THOMAS, William H., cooper, 56 Stiles
THOMAS, William L., tinner, 186 S. Regester
THOMAS, William H., beater, 150 S. Bond
THOMAS, William, carpenter, 408 Orleans
THOMAS, William B., lab, 209 S. Regester
THOMAS &Warfield, (A.V. Thomas & Conillius (?) Warfield), wholesale liquor dealers, 2 Water
THOMIS, Andrew, locksmith, 50 Light
THOMIS, Herman, salesman, 50 Light
THOMIS, Margaret, teacher, 50 Light
THOMIS, Mary H., teacher, 50 Light
THOMPSON, Albert E., (Thomas & T.) South East corner of Druid Hill Ave. and Dolphin
THOMPSON, Alex., bricklayer, McElderry or Bethel
THOMPSON, Alex., shoemaker, 33 or 89
THOMPSON, Alex., bricklayer, 3 or 8 Somerset
THOMPSON, Mrs. Almira D., Baltimore Broadway
THOMPSON, Andrew, painter, Eagle Hotel
THOMPSON, Andrew P., painter 72 Block
THOMPSON, Mrs. Ann M., 105 Bank
THOMPSON, Arthur D., printer, 52 Fawn
THOMPSON, Arthur, machinist, 181 Jefferson
THOMPSON, Arthur E., wagoner, 181 Jefferson
THOMPSON, Mrs. Augustus (?), seamstress, 80 Warner
THOMPSON, A.W. &Son, (A.W.T. and Steptoe Thompson), conveyenteers, 38 St. Paul
THOMPSON Brothers, (Thomas, William J., Joseph, and Jo Thompson), wheelwrights, and blacksmiths, 27 and 29 W. Centre
THOMPSON, Caleb A., telegrapher, 468 S. Lombard
THOMPSON, Charles R., 80 W. Chase
THOMPSON, Charles R., proprietor, Maryland House 582 W. Baltimore
THOMPSON, Charles C., carpenter, 26 Columbia
THOMPSON, Charles J., lab, 218 Orleans
THOMPSON, Charles W., can maker, 50 Spring Row
THOMPSON, C., spokes (spokesman?), 114 Franklin
THOMPSON, Charles, stevedore, 25 Williamson Alley
THOMPSON, Charles L., engineer, 40 Henrietta
THOMPSON, Charles M., carpenter, 401 N. Gay
THOMPSON, Charles S., tonic beer, 261 Hanover
THOMPSON & Co., (John A. B. Thompson) merchants, 4 Bowly’s Warf
THOMPSON, Daniel, blacksmith, North Ave. near Charles
THOMPSON, Daniel, moulder, 87 Oak
THOMPSON, Darby, tavern and stonemason, 351 Cathedral


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