Baltimore City Directory
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Thompson D. Bowly (Hoffman, T. & Co.) 181 Linden av
Thompson David, boilermaker, 11 Armistead la
Thompson David jr. laborer, 11 Armistead la
Thompson David, tailor, 84 Mullikin
Thompson David T. cardriver, 59 s Chester
Thompson Edward, painter, 72 Block
Thompson Edward A. driver, 54 Woodyear
Thompson Edward B. brklayer, 13 Poppleton
Thompson Edward, machinist, 52 n Poppleton
Thpmpson Mrs. Eleanor, 175 Conway
Thompson Elias, bricklayer, 125 n Eden
Thompson Mrs. Eliza, trimmings, 228 Columbia
Thompson Mrs. Eliza M. notions, 121 e Eager
Thompson Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 84 Mound
Thompson Mrs. Elizabeth, 130 Hamburg
Thompson Mrs. Eliz’th, dressmkr, 237 Lexington
Thompson Mrs. Ellen 64 e Lombard
Thompson Eustace, 130 St. Paul
Thompson Fields, lieut. police, 150 n Exeter
Thompson Francis A. plumber, 157 n Carey
Thompson Francis A. blacksmith, 327  McHenry
Thompson Geo. C. (Little & T.) Guy’s Monument House
Thompson Geo. W. laborer, 4 Hillen
Thompson G. A. clerk, 90 Mulberry
Thompson Geo. F. gas fitter and plumber, and
 fire commissioner, 7 St. Paul, dw 157 n Carey
Thompson Geo. R. storekeeper C.H. 470 e Fayette
Thompson Geo. R. shoemkr, 340 Aisquith
Thompson Geo. stonecutter, 34 e Baltimore
Thompson Geo. W. engineer, 34 s Schroeder
Thompson Geo W. bailiff, 71 s Washington
Thompson Geo. W. plasterer, 436 e Fayette
Thompson Geo. W. bricklayer, 108 Walsh
Thompson Geo. W. mariner, 276 e Lombard
Thompson Grafton, engineer, 60 s Oregon
Thompson Harrison, brakeman, 60 s Oregon
Thompson Harry, carpenter, 70 e Biddle
Thompson Harry, clerk, 64 e Lombard
Thompson Harry, messenger, 167 n Caroline
Thompson Henry, watchman, Merchants Nat. Bank
Thompson Henry A. prest. National Bank of
 Baltimore, 130 St. Paul
Thompson Henry F. 78 w Monument
Thompson Henry W. clerk, 62 Greenmount av
Thompson Isaac, laborer, Hull nr Fort av
Thompson Jas. bookkpr, cor Brune and George
Thompson James, bootmaker, 123 e Baltimore
Thompson Jas. clerk, cor Gilmor and Brune
Thompson Jas. H. blacksmith, North av
Thompson Jas F. stevedore, 7 Cambridge
Thompson Jas. W. carpenter, 301 e Lombard
Thompson Jas., Mt. Vernon mills
Thompson Jas. drayman, 68 n Chester
Thompson Jas. mariner, 131 s Regester
Thompson James, 76 Lexington
Thompson James, clerk, 200 Division
Thompson Jas. A. carter, 301 Charles
Thompson Jas. A. clerk, 54 s Schroeder
Thompson Jas. A. shipcarpenter, 16 West
Thompson Jas. C. clerk, 333 e Baltimore
Thompson Jas. F. brassfinisher, 62 Milliman
Thompson Jas. H. clerk, 642 Lexington
Thompson Jas. W. watchman, 37 Scott
Thompson John, brakeman, 136 s Poppleton
Thompson John, fireman, 59 s Oregon
Thompson Mrs. John H. boarding, 44 s Sharp

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Thompson John M. salesman, 234 w Baltimore
Thompson John M. salesman, Three Tuns  hotel
Thompson John, driver, 166 Canton av
Thompson John, engineer, North av nr Chrles
Thompson John, laborer, 72 Perry
Thompson John, mariner, 52 s Regester
Thompson John, laborer, 42 Ramsay
Thompson John, bookkeeper, Ogston nr Clarke
Thomspon John, carpenter, 97 Fort av
Thompson John A. jr. clerk, 22 s Republican
Thompson John A. B. (Bell & T.) 179 Jefferson
Thompson John C. 333 n Eutaw
Thompson John E. mariner, 276 e Lombard
Thompson John J. police, 267 e Monument
Thompson John T. bootfitter, 167 n Caroline
Thompson John G. saddler, 228 Columbia
Thompson John A. sec’y and treas’r Baltimore
 City Fertilizing Manuf. Co. office 3 Wood,
 Dw 19 Republican
Thompson John A. pilot, 195 Gough
Thompson John R. pilot, 195 Gough
Thompson John W. salesman, 163 w Lombard
Thompson John D. 660 Saratoga
Thompson John (T. Bros.) 447 n Central av
Thompson John P. lab. Millington la nr Fred’k av
Thompson John T. police, 167 n Caroline
Thompson Joseph, laborer, 301 e Lombard
Thompson Joseph A. clerk, 67 s Eden
Thompson Joseph B. 12 McCulloh
Thompson Joseph, clerk, Lombard and Chester
Thompson Joseph jr. (T. Bros.) 317 n Eden
Thompson Joseph R. 389 w Lombard
Thompson Jospeh R. coachsmith, Eagle hotel
Thompson Levi S. B. shoemkr, 227 n Eden
Thompson Mrs. Louisa, 167 n Coroline
Thompson Mrs. Margaret, trimmings, 20 n Schroeder
Thompson Mrs. Maria, 122 Gough
Thompson Mark W.C. insp. C.H. 38 s Choptank
Thompson Mrs. Martha, trimmings, 62 Greenmount av
Thompson Mary A. 323 Eastern av
Thompson Mrs. Mary, 60 St. Paul
Thompson Mary A. dressmaker, 534 Saratoga
Thompson Mrs. Mary, confect’y, 1 s Front
Thompson Matthew, drayman, 68 n Chester
Thompson Otis, letter carrier, Parkin and Lombard
Thompson Owen, machin’t, Pratt nr Stricker
Thompson Peter (Trego, T. & Co.) 38 Fawn
Thompson & Randall (S. Thompson, J.T. Randall)
 supts. Baltimore Coffee Polishing Co.
 over 79 Exchange pl
Thompson, Rebecca, grocery, 13 n Poppleton
Thompson Mrs. Rebecca, 199 e Madison
Thompson Richard W. clerk, 50 Spring row
Thompson Mrs. R.R. 80 w Chase
Thompson Robt. br’klayer, Wolfe nr Belair av
Thompson Robert, drayman, 68 n Chester
Thompson Robert, grocery, cor Light and Cross
Thompson Robert, boilermkr, 11 Armistead la
Thompson Robert F. of Census bureau, 198 Division
Thompson Robert, laborer, 186 Scott
Thompson Robert painter, 69 w Fayette,
 dw 140 Druid Hill av
Thompson Samuel V. clerk, 90 Mulberry
THOMPSON S.P. & CO. (S.P. Thompson,
 Chas. F. Wood) com. agents and merchandise
 brokers, 69 Exchange pl

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