1871 Baltimore City Directories
 Page 597-598
Submitted by: Ramona Mizne

Thomas W.W. (A. Thomas&Co.) Hartford Conn
Thomason Wm. sailmaker, 233 s Broadway
Thome Mathias, nailer, 84 Somerset
Thomiz Andrew, locksmith, 50 Light
Thomiz Herman W, bookkeeper, 50 Light
Thomiz John, laborer, 265 s Wolfe
Thomiz Margaret, teacher, 50 Light
Thomiz Mary H, teacher, 50 Light
Thompson Albert, bricklayer McElderry nr Bethel
Thompson Albert E, clerk, 50 Light
Thompson Andrew, hostler, Greenmount av nr point la
Thompson Alex. shoemaker, 33 Milliman
Thompson Alex. bricklayer, 3 Somerset
Thompson A. W. & Sons, (S. Thompson) conveyancers, 32 S. Paul
Thompson Andrew P. painter, 76 Block
Thompson Mrs. Ann M 105 Bank
Thompson Mrs. Ann, laundress, 42 Ramsay
Thompson Arthur, machinist, 25 n Bond
Thompson Arthur, machinist, 145 e Fayette
Thompson Arthur e. wagoner, 145 e Fayette
THOMPSON BROS. (Thos., Wm., Jos., Jos. jr. and John Thompson) wheelwrights & blacksmiths, 27 and 29 Cente

          Successors to JOS. THOMPSON
                      Manufactures of
               of All Descriptions.
27 and 29 W. Centre St., Baltimore
        Repairing performed Promptly on
                   Reasonable Terms

Thompson C. M. telegraphist, 21 s High
Thompson C.S. vinegar, 33 Camden, dw--Lee
Thompson Charles, butcher, 276 e Madison
Thompson Chas. L. engineer, 40 Henrietta
Thompson Chas. M. carp. 208 n Bond
Thompson Chas. S. salesman, 15 Warren
Thompson Chas. 507 w Fayette
Thompson Columbus E. bookkr. Gilmor and Frederick av
Thompson Chas. laborer, 8 Cuba
Thompson Chas. laborer, 118 Cross
Thompson Danl. moulder, 84 Mound
Thompson Darby, tavern and stonemason, 361 Cathedral
Thompson D. Bowly, (Hoffman, t. & Co.) 181 Linden av
Thompson David, jr. laborer, 11 Armistead la
Thompson David, boilermkr, 11 Armistead la
Thompson David, tailor, 84 Mullikin
Thompson David T. cardriver, 51 s Chester
Thompson Mrs. Dorothy A. 15 Fortav
Thompson Edward A. driver, 145 e Fayette
Thompson Edwd. B brklr, 13 n Poppleton
Thompson Elbert, salesman, 16 n Charles
Thompson Elias, bricklayer, 125 n Eden
Thompson elizabeth, seamstress, 81 n Howard
Thompson Elizabeth, 11 Armistead la
Thompson Mrs. Elizab. 276 e Madison
Thompson Mrs Elizab. 130 Hambury
Thompson ellen, 11 Armistead la
Thompson Mrs. Elmira, 98 s Broadway
Thompson, Fleming & Co. (S Thompson, wm. S. fleming) mdse. brokers, 3 Commerce, coffee mills, 93 McElderry's whf
Thompson Francis A. blksh, McHenry nr Mount
Thompson Frank I. clerk, 92 s Broadway
Thompson Geo. W. bricklayer, Penna av nr Northern av
Thompson Geo. W. engnr, 454 w Lombard
THOMPSON GEORGE F. justice of peace, 34 South, dw 92 s Broadway
Thompson Geo. R., Cust. House, 227 e Pratt
Thompson Geo. w. baliff, 71 s Washington
Thompson Geo. W. plasterer, 136 e Monument
Thompson Geo. W brklr, 172 Myrtle av
Thompson Geo. w. mariner, 276 e Lombard
Thompson Geo. R. shoemkr, 340 Aisquith
Thompson Gustavus A. realestate, 6 s Calhoun
Thompsen Harry, carp'r, 197 s Chester
Thompson Harry C. watchman, Harford av nr Biddle
Thompson Henry A. pres't National Bank of Baltimore, 130 St. Paul
Thompson Henry S. millwrt, 52 Fawn
Thompson Henry J., Druid Hill av nr Wilson
Thompson Henry W. clerk, 324 Forrest
Thompson Irvin, attorney, 31 s Calhoun
Thompson Jas. A. clerk, Bolton depot
Thompson James A. carter, 315 Light
Thompson James C. clerk, 333e Baltimore
Thompson James, drayman, Chester nr Fayette
Thompson Jas. F. brassfinisher, 62 Milliman
Thompson Jas. bootmkr, 143 e Baltimore
Thompson Jas. A. shipcarp. 135 Cross
Thompson John, driver, 20 Hammond al
Thompson John, mariner, 230 s Wolfe
Thompson John A. jr. cigarmaker 22 s Republican
Thompson John W. 19 Republican
Thompson John, lab. 6 Washington
Thompson John, mariner, 183 Orleans
Thompson John C. 333 n Eutaw
Thompson John, bookkpr, 18 Brune
Thompson John A. B. clerk, 145 e Fayette
Thompson John, bookkpr, 266 Mulberry
Thompson John S. clerk, 14 Jefferson
Thompson John, carp, 293 Jhnson
Thompson John e. mariner, 276 e Lombard
Thompson John J. police, 267 e Monument

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Thompson John G. saddler, 228 Columbia
Thompson John A. sec'y and treas, Baltimore city Fertilizing Manuf. co. office 3 Wood, dw 19 n Republican
Thompson John A. pilot, 193 Gough
THOMPSON JOHN W, hominy and spice mill, 1 Granby, dw 41 e Pratt
Thompson John R. pilot, 195 Gough
THOMPSON JOHN T. provisions, s e cor Charles and Hamilton, dw 258 Walsh
Thompson John W. salesman, 163 w Lombard
Thompson John D. clerk, 584 w Lombard
Thompson Jno. (T. Bros.) 47 Front n of Foundry
Thompson John P. Paperhanger, Milliman la nr Frederick av
Thompson Joheph, )T. & Bro.) Eagle hotel
Thompson Jos. jr. (T. Bros.) 9 Greenm't av
Thompson Jos. B. 208 s Eutaw
Thompson Jos. Aged Men's Home
Thompson Jos. R. auctioneer and com. mercht. 28 s charles, dw 389 w Lombard
Thompson Jos. R. coachsmith, Eagle hotel
Thompson Mrs. Josephine, 97 St. Paul
Thompson Mrs. Julia, 60 Milliman
Thompson Kate, chamb'maid, St. Micholas hotel
Thompson Kate, milliner, 98 s Broadway
Thompson Levi S. B. shoemaker, 227 n Eden
Thompson Mrs. Louisa, 167 n Caroline
Thompson Mrs. Louisa 247 e Madison
THompson Margaret, 11 Armiostead la
Thompson Mark w. C. inspector C.H. 43 s Washington
Thompson Mary A. 20 Hammond al
Thompson Melville, clerk, 258 Walsh
Thompson Mary J. 11 Armistead la
Thompson Mrs. Mary A. dressmkr. 479 Lexington
Thompson Mrs. Mary A. 47 Front n of Foundry
Thompson Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 22 n Washington
Thompson Mrs. Mary A. dressmkr. 41 chatsworth
Thompson Owen, mchnst. Stricker & Lemmon al
Thompson Peter,(Trego, T. & co.) 38 Fawn
Thompson Mrs. Rebecca, 316 s Bond
Thompson Mrs. Rebecca, provisions, 13 n Poppleton
Thompson Richard W. clerk, 50 Spring row
Thompson Richd. carriage trmngs. g'c. 143 w Fayette
Thompson R. F. 195 Hanover
Thompson Mrs. R. R. 228 n Calvert
Thompson Robt. boilerm'kr, 11 Armistead la
Thompson Robert jr. drayman, Chester near Fayette
thompson Robt. F. of census bureau, 168 Barre
Thompson Robert, laborer, 57 Scott
Thompson Robert, chief clerk P. W. & B. R. R. ??0 Spring Row
Thompson Robert. painter, 69 w Fayette, dw 47 Druid Hill av
Thompson Salem H. moulder, 175 Conway
Thompson Samuel V clerk, 6 s Calhoun
Thompson Saml. (T., Fleming & Co.) 303 Linden av
THOMPSON SAM'L P. & CO, ( S.P Thompson Chas, F. Woods) com. agents and mdse. ??okers, 69 Exchange pl
Thompson Samuel E.. clerk, 52 Fawn
Thompson Sam'l P. ( S.P.T. 7 Co.) n w cor ???iger and St. Paul
Thompson Mrs. Sarah, 20 Hammond al
Thompson Mrs Sarah, boarding, 50 n Liberty
Thompson Susan b. 23 s Exeter
Thompson Steptoe (A.W.T. & Son) 29 w Biddle
Thompson Susannah A. 350 e Fayette
Thompson Thos. T. jr. 316 e Madison
Thompson Thos E. millwright, 98 s Washington
Thompson Thos. g. carp, 74 Albemarle
Thompson Thos. N. clerk, 260 Franklin
Thompson Wallace, engineer, 59 Warren
Thompson W. S. 130 St. Paul
Thompson Wilber F. clerk, 98 s Washington
Thompson Wm. 29 n High
Thompson Wm. clerk, 43 s Washington
Thompson Wm. farmer, 156 Harford av
Thompson Wm. E. clerk, 167 Cathedral
Thompson Wm. A. pliot, Washington nr Hampstead
Thompson Wm. Baxter, clerk, 12 McCulloh
Thompson Wm. brickmaker, 187 Clifford al
Thompson wm. porter, 149 Harford av
Thompson Wm. D. jr. 228 n Calbert
THompson Wm. A. jr. tinner, 208 n bond
Thompson Wm. O. clerk, 43 s Washington
Thompson Wm. H. H. brakeman, 51 s Oregon
Thompson Wm. J. (Thompson Bros.) 212 e Madison
Thompson Wm. A. sr. biks'h, 208 n bond
THOMPSON W. W. & CO. (W. Winfield Thompson) coal, 9 South, yd. 167 North
Thompson W. Winfield ( W. W. T. & Co.) Barnum's hotel
Thompson Wm. Silver (Andrews & T.) Waverly, York rd
Thompson Capt. Wm. H. 276 e Lombarad
Thompson Wm. H. laborer, 34 n Bond
Thompson Wm. H. engineer, 280 Mchenry
Thompson Wm. mariner, 114 Albemarle
Thompson, Wm. C. K. firm'n, 20 n Schroeder
Thompson Capt. Wm. A. mariner, 207 Bank
Thompson Wm. J. M. J. dep. collector Int. Rev. 169 s Sharp
Thompson Wm. H. shipsmith, 1 Joppa la
Thompson Capt. Wm. H. mariner, 10 Irvine pl
Thoms John b. (Eccles, T. & co.) 107 s Broadway
Thoms Peter, (Eccles, T. & co.) 95 s Washington
THOMSEN, LILLY & CO. (J. J. Thomsen, Alonzo Lilly, jr., John P. Muth) imps. drugs and chemicals, 26 Hanover
Thomsen Chas. E. clerk, Eutaw pl nr Townsend
Thomsen Henry, clerk, Eutaw pl nr Townsend
Thomsen John J. (T. Lilly & Co.) 18 McCulloh
THOMSEN LAWRENCE & CO.     ( L. Thomsen) imps. liquors and cigars, 114 w Lombard
Thomsen Lawrence (L. T. & co.) Eutaw pl nr Townsend
Thomsen Wm., Eutaw pl nr Townsned
Thomson Curtis H., U.S.N. 193 w Fayette
Thomson Edw'd H. carp. 172 Druid hill av
Thomson Mrs. Fanny, 2 s Calhoun
Thomson Dr. I. D. 306 Madison av
Thomson ____, Carpenter, 36 n Greene
Thomson Jas. S. Brushmaker, 186 w biddle
Thomson Jas. W. brakeman. 235 Columbia
Thomson Jas H. clerk, 226 w Pratt
Thomson John D. & co. (J.D. Thomson) prod. com. merchts. 131 Franklin
Thomson John D. (J.D.T. & co.) 125 German
Thomson Thos. moulder, 133 n High
Thomson wm. ex-sheriff, 193 w Fayette
Thomson Wm. J., U.S.N. 193 w Fayette


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