Baltimore City Directory
Stebbins Wallace - Steinkamp J.
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Stebbins Wallace, foreman at stove works, dw 77 Hollins
Stechele Peter, marble worker, 4 n Front
Steck Charles A. blacksmith, s w cor Orleans and Broadway
Steck George P. baker, 83Orleans
Steck Lewis, blacksmith, 108 Greenmount av
Stacker Christian, blacksmith, 3 Abbot
Steeger Charles, tailor, 22 Preston
Steeher Charles, tailor, 58 Pearl
Steel Mary, 129 n Spring
Steele Benjamin F. collector, 68 n Poppleton
Steele I. Nevett, (S. &Tagart,) 259 w Madison
Steele John, toll gate keeper, Calverton road near Almshou.e
Steele Mrs. Mary Ann, watch and clock store, 8 w Lombard
Steele Robert, laborer, 11 Callendar
Steele Samuel, cigar maker, Eutaw betw. Lee and Montgomery
Steele & Tagert, attorneys at law, 82w Fayette
Steeler Henry, laborer, Fremont or Penna. av
Steeler Thomas, machinist, 60 Ensor
Steen Eliza A. 9 Spring ct
Steen David, laborer, 85 Warner
Steen George, lottery dealer, 9 Spring ct
Steen Geo. W. (Schley & S.) 62 s Howard
Steen Isaiah, attorney, 69 s Howard
Steen James, porter, 151 L. Greene
STEEN SAMUEL I., lottery dealer, s e cor Howard and Camden
Steen Mrs. Sarah E, boarding house, 23 n Calvert
Steer Francis, 69 Chew
Steer Wm. butcher, 258 e Fayette
Steever E. W., clerk Ericsson line steamboats, l4 n Fremont
Steever Hamilton, tavern, Philad. road, near city limits
Steffe Daniel, painter, 404 Lexington
Steffe, George, carpenter, 505 Saratoga
Steffe Lewis, carpenter, 49 n Amity, dw 11 n Fremont
Stegmair George, laborer, 31 Lancaster
Stegmair Jobs, dentist, 81 Eastern av
Stegman Fred. cigar store, 232 Hanover
Stehl Henry, tavern, 193 Lexington
Stehl John, apothecary, 31 n Eutaw
Stehl John, jr., clerk, 31 n Eutaw
Stahl Justus, German apoth’y, 287 n Gay
Stehli Anthony,shoe findings and leather dealer 47 Harrison
Stehlpring Frank, foundryman, 61 Center Market space
STEIBEL AUGUST, picture frame establishment, 119 Lexington nr Park, dw 121 Saratoga
Steible George, grocer, 378 Penna, av
Steidel Frederick, tailor, 215 Light
Steidel Harman, painter, 236 w Biddle
Steiffel John J., carpenter, 456 Saratoga
Steigelman Abraham, porter Bank of Commerce, dw 176 Cathedral
Steiger Leonard, tailor, 49 Harrison
Steigers Ellen, 38 George
Steigerwald Conrad, tinner, 16 Fountain
Steigerwald Dorothy, 8 Shakspeare
Steigerwald Mayer, brick maker, Canton, dw 245 e Baltimore
Steigleman Abram, porter, 179 n Central av
Steigleman Jeff. bricklayer,267 n Eden
Stein Alexander W., prof music, 34s Sharp
Stein Attila E. watchmaker and Jeweler, 119 s Broadway
Stein Brothers, wholesale clothiers, 295 w Baltimore
Stein Caroline, cook, 113 s Sharp
Stein Conrad, laborer 157 Stirling
Stein Edward, 9 ˝ n Eutaw
Stein Edward, trunk maker, 52 Harrison
STEIN E. A. bar iron dealer, 99 w Lombard, dw 13 n Exeter
Stein Frederick, cabinet maker, 94 Raborg
Stein George, laborer, 42 Booth
Stein George, drayman, 155 e Lombard
Stein George, shoemaker, 144 s Caroline
Stein George, shoemaker, 10 Orleans
Stein Henry, shoemaker, 186 Cross
Stein Henry, wagoner, 54 Preston
Stein Jacob, baker, 217 Montgomery
Stein Joseph, horse dealer, 40 n Spring
Stein Joseph, peddler, 190 s Broadway
Stein Joseph, tailor, 75 e Lombard
Stein John, furniture dealer, 198 Canton av
Stein John, tailor, 109 n Spring
Stein John, grocer, 1 Hoffman
Stein John, shoemaker, 69 Thames
Stein Julius, trunk maker, 66 s Howard
Stein Leopold, (S.& White), 109 n high
Stein Meyer, (S. Bros.) 72 n Pace
Stein Meyer, (Long & S,) 128 e.Lombard
Stein Meyer, watchman, 72 Harrison
Stein Mary. grocery, 87 Greenmount av
Stein Michael, laborer, 43 Preston
Stein Peter, carter, 183 Stirling
Stein Samuel, ship carpenter, 462 Canton av
Stein Samuel, (S. Bros.) 42 n Liberty
Stein Solomon, (S. Bros.) 42 n Liberty
Stein & White, hat manufac’s, over 35 German
Steinbach Christian, saddle and harness mak. 344 ˝  w Pratt
Steinbach Gotleib, tailor, 259 n Bond
Steinbach George, cabinet maker, 307s Sharp
Steinbach G. P. fancy goods and notion dealer, 79 w Baltimore, dw 56 s Bond
Steinbacher Adam, paver, 109 n Bethel
Steiner Bridget, 29 s Front
Steiner Jacob, provision dealer, Biddle near Madison, dw 196 Madison av
Steiner Jacob F. clerk, 196 Madison av
Steinbach Robt. watchmaker, 209 s Charles
Steinbrink Frederick, 350 William
Steinburger Frederick, laborer, 70 Lancaster
Steiner Betsey, 247 w Lombard
STEINER BROTHERS & CO. wholesale clothiers, 344 w Baltimore
STEINER DAVD C. provision store, 200 w Biddle
Steiner Frederick B. clerk, 17 Penn
Steiner George C, blackimith, 11 Painter’s ct
Steiner John, painter, 21 French
Steiner John, whitewasher, 136 French
Steiner John M. pickler, 132 West
Steiner Lewis, (S. Bros. & Co.) 25 n Paca
Steiner Michael, laborer, 131 West
Steiner Moses, (S. Bros. & Co.) 132 w Fayette
Steinhauser Dame, gilder, 28l Hanover
Steinhauser Dominious, gilder, 303 e Madison
Steinhauser Henry, artist, 303 e Madison
Steinhoff Adolphus, varnisher, 121 Vine
Steinhoffer Louis, apothecary, 73 Hanover
Steinkamp Frans,  tailor, 212 Lexington
Steinkamp John, laborer, 8 Watson ct.
Steinkamp J., cooper, Knox al near Lexington

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