Baltimore City Directory
Scarff, Wm. T - Ward, John
Submitted by Gayle Triller

Scarff Wm. T. 157 Mulberry
Schieferdecker C.C. cor Hollins an dMount
Schmidt J. 94 n Eutaw
Schwartze Edward 19 Calhoun
Scott Henry c. 66 Mulberry
Shipley Henry, 485 w Lombard
Skinner D.H. 15 s Eutaw
Smith B.B. 89 Saratoga
Smull Wm. G. 25 s Howard
Sparrow & Duvall, 97 s Sharp
Starr Hezekiah, 16 n Liberty
Steiner Lewis H. 48 s Eutaw
Steuart James A. 50 Saratoga
Stevenson James S. 134 n Exeter
Stokes Wm. H. 52 Saratoga
Tarr Wm. H. 178 e Monument
Taylor Mager E. 135 e Monument
Taylor Milton N. 148 Aisquith
Tharp John, 533 w Fayette
Thomas Edwin S. 130 n Exeter
Thomas Jas. Carey, s e cor Sharp & Lombard
Tull J. Emory, 255 Lexington
Van Bibber W. Chew, 106 Saratoga
Van Wyck John C. jr. 325 w Fayette
Wagner Charles F. 88 Henrietta
Wagner Clinton, s w cor Lombard and Greene
Waters Edmund G. 21 Hollins
Wayson George W. 14 Hollins
Wegner Augustus, 101 Lexington
White A.A. 695 w Baltimore
White E.A. 36 s Sharp
White W.H. 86 Saratoga
Whiteford A.H. 27 w Biddle
Whitridge John, 47 n Gay
Wiener Morris, 24 n Eutaw
Wilkins John, over 26 n Calvert
Williams John m. 5 s Ann
Williams John B. n w cor Charles and Barnet
Williams Philip c. 87 n Charles
Williams Wm. J. 54 e Baltimore
Wilson H.M. 306 w Fayette
Wilson H.P.C. 72 n GreenWindwart Henry, 49 1/2 n Eutaw
Winslow J.R. 143 w Biddle
Wiss George Edward, 19 s Liberty
Wolf Simon, 209 s Eutaw
Womble P.M. 203 w Lombard
Wroth Wm. J. cor Eutaw and Biddle
Wyatt Wm. E. 83 Saratoga
Yeates Henry P.P. 117 n Exeter
Yeates John L. 58 n Front

Piano dealers and Manufacturers.

Benteen F.D. 10 n Charles, and 80 w Fayette
Boswell & Co. 5 and 7 s Eutaw
Eggert & Bobeth, 643 w Baltimore
Gaehle Henry, cor Eutaw and Fayette, and 17,
19 and 21 n Eutaw
Huppman George, 28 Hanover
Knabe Wm. & Co. 1,3,5 and 7 n Eutaw
Newmap, Bro. & Sons, 509 w Baltimore
Steiff Charles M. 7 s Liberty
Stirn Louis, 522 W. Baltimore
Stoddard I. T. 4 s Calvert
Tniede W.F. 82 w Fayette
Wise John J. & Bros. 31 Hanover

Pickling and Preserving.

 Baldwin, Myer & Co. West Falls Av
Farrow Joseph & Son, 95 Conway
Hatch, Mann & co. 111 McElderry s wharf
Kensett Thomas, West Falls av
Maltby C.S. foot West Falls av
McMurray & Co.  w Bidddle
Numsen, Thomas & Co. 18 Light
Piper Daniel A. & Co. 38 York
 Price & Taylor, 127 amd 129 McEiderry's whf
Raborg Christopher, jr. 66 s Eutaw
Raborg & Co. 452 and 454 w Baltimore
Rowe Mahoney & Co. corner aliceanna and Chester
Shriver & Fink, 307 w Pratt
Seth Robert L. Albemarle
T????? C. & Sons, n w cor Lexington and ???ch
???d Nicholas L. & Son, 170 Light-st whf, up stairs


Bayley & Lee, 782 w Baltimore
Bechtel John W. 40 St. Paul, and 93 n Eutaw
Brawders & Carey, 31 1/2 Park
Bull & Eyanson, s e cor Saratoga and Park
Chaisty & Quinn, 49 n Calvert
Deal wm. O. 88 North
Fisher & Hunter, 138 w Fayette
Fleming Samuel B. 148 n Eutaw
Foster David B. 7 Eutaw house
Free Milton A. G. 551 w Fayette
Gollery & co. 11 e Pratt
Hibbits Patrick, s w cor Pine and Fayette
Hubball Eben, 8 n Liberty
Hughes Robert, 107 w Fayette
Mc Cahen Daniel, 89 McElderry's whf
McClatchy & Reilly, 60 s Eutaw
Mallalieu & Bro. 61 w Fayette
Nolan John, 96  n Calvert
Ratican Thomas, 1 n Frederick
Reilly James L. & Son, 142 n Calvert
Reilly Francis J. 271 e Baltimore]Roche & Mc Cart, 90 St. Paul
Ward John, 76 Saratoga

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