Baltimore City Directory
Fleming, John Perkins -
Sappington Thomas
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Fleming John Perkins 120 n Green
Fonderden John, Maryland Hospital, Monument near Broadway
Frick Charles, 103 Park
Friedhoffer John G. 79 n Central av
Fulton Robert, 53 s Sharp
Gallagher Charles R. 116 St. Paul
Galt John M. 146 e Pratt
George Archibald, 71 Mount Vernon Place
Gibson Goerge S. 116 Park
Gilman Judson, 54 s Greene
Golder George, 127 w Fayette
Goldsborough Howes, 443 w Baltimore
Goldsborough Leander, 173 Penna av
Gough Dixon, 70 s Sharp
Graves John J. 36 s Charles
Gunn John P. s w cor Lombard and Sharp
Hamilton James, 119 n Gay
Jenkins Felix, 145 w Fayette
Handy Wm. W. 221 w Pratt
Hank J. W. P. 83 w Biddle
Harris George, 83 n Howard
Harris W.A. 94 Saratoga
Harrisen Samuel A. Charles 2 doors n of Eager
Hartman Andrew, 176 Aisquith
Healey James E. n w cor Baltimore and Eden
Heldmann A. J. 120 Pearl
Helsby Thomas H. 771 w Baltimore
Henderson C.B. 61 s Caroline
Herring Julius, 103 Pearl
Hess Frederick, 61 n Front
Heuser Charles F. 201 Hanover
Haynel Adolphus F. 90 n Eutaw
Hilbert Henry, sr 279 w Fayette
Hillyard Benjamin R. 144 Aisquith
Hintze Frederick E. B. 21 s Gay
Hoffman D. P. 279 w Fayette
Hollins John G. 185 Franklin
Houck Jacob W. 10 n Front
Howard Cornelius, 229 n Charles
Huet Augustus, 15 n Frederick
Hunt Henry S. 204 Eastern av
Hunter & Williams, 52 1/2 n Charles
Inloes Henry A. 92 s Broadway
Jamison T. W. 95 w Baltimore
Johnson Edward, 97 Lee
Johnson Thomas F. 246 Madison av
Johnston Christopher, 98 Saratoga
Johnston John M. 7 s Frederick
Jones Buckler, 94 s Broadway
Jones C.H. 378 w Fayette
Jordan R.M. 1 Waverly Terrace
Keech Henry H. 1 n Eutaw
Keene John, 46 e Lombard
Keener Wm. H. 16 n Charles
Kemp Wm. M. 55 n Greene
Kennard Joseph M. 83 s Greene
Ker John, 430 w Fayette
King J.T. 556 Lexington
Kinnemon Perry S. 73 e Pratt
Kloman W.C. 65 s Eutaw
Knight Samuel T. 112 n Green
Knowles Wm. G. 55 s Sharp
Koechling Charles W. 95 s Broadway
Koener Ernst, 84 n Eutaw
Kolb W.W. 153 Hollins
Lane Franklin, 505 w Fayette
Larkins Wm. D.F. 229 w Baltimore
Lawrence Dan. H. 91 s Broadway
Lee Richard C. 260 w Pratt
Littell Jacob, Franklin house
Lynch J.G. sw cor Calhoun and Fayette
 Lynch T.A. 25 n Calvert
Mackenzie John P. 35 Lexington
Mackenzie James S. 35 Lexington
Mackenzie John C. 118 Park
Magruder Addison, 141 w Fayette
Mahon Ormsby S. 134 m Cjar;es
<artom Ka,es S/ 69 e Pratt
Mass Frank, 17 Warmer
Maund Frederick  n Greene
McCulloh James H. 101 w Fayette
McCulloh John R. 101 w Fayette
McManus Felix R. 27 s Sharp
McNemar M.R. Charles near Hill
McSherry Richard, 189 n Howard
Mercer J. 630 w Baltimore
Middleton John D. 33 s High
Milholland E.F. 55 n Front
Miller Edward A. 179 Saratoga
Miltenberger George W. 152 w Lombard
Monkur John C. S. 129 s Broadway
Montgomery James, 134 n Eutaw
Moore Charles Henry, cor Charles and Barnet
Morawetz Leopold F. 125 w Fayette
Morgan Gerard E. 66 n Calvert
Monmomer John F. 225 e  Baltimore
Morris John , 21 s Gay
Morrison Elijah, 192 Penna. av
Morrison James M. 72 Harford av
Morrison J. M. 21 s Gay
Muller John R. 181 e Baltimore
Murdoch Jas. h. 102 Hanover.  (see pp. 8, 26,37, Advertisements.)
Murray Wm. H. 37 McCulloh
Neff  John, 407 w Lombard
Nickerson Charles E. 40 n Charles
Norris Wm. H. 179 Aisquith
O'Donnell D.A. 39 n Gay
O'Donovan Charles, cor Franklin and Park
O'Donovan John H. sw cor Franklin & Park
Oliver Joseph L. 226 Mulberry
O'Neal John W.C. ne cor Eutaw Y Saratoga
Orrick John C. 107 n Paca
Owens Thomas, 125 Conway
Owings Thomas, 103 w Fayette
Panetti Jacob, 121 s Bond
panetti Philip, 88 e Lombard
Pape E. 83 n Eutaw
Patterson John H. 80 St. Paul
Paerkins Elisha H. 110 St. Paul
Perkinson J.W. ne cor Vine and Fremont
Raborg C.H. s e cor Lombard and Eutaw
Radcliffe S.J. 440 w Baltimore
Reed James A. s e cor Baltimore and Exter
Rich Arthur, jr. 29 n Liberty
Richardson c.C. 95 Columbia
Richardson S.S. 315 w Fayette
Rider Wm. G. 87 Mulberry
Riley Wm. 47 Lexington
Roberts G.C.M. 114 Hanover
Roberts Wm. H. 135 Hanover
Robinson Alexander C.. 56 n Charles
Robinson Alexander E. 56 n Charles
Roby Joseph, 35 McCulloh
Rose John, 57 s Sharp
Ross Wm. H.T. 293 e Pratt
Sands Wm. 42 s Eutaw
Sappington Richard, 12 Jefferson
Sappington Thomas, 207 Franklin


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