Baltimore City Directory
Herring, Origonal - Fields P.S.

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Herring Origonal, 80 w Baltimore
Holland Wm. 72 n Howard
Holtz Emanuel, 107 n Howard
Howard Henry, 203 e Baltimore
Hulls John, 128 n Gay
Hynson Benj. T. 52 n Howard
Jacobs Samuel, 17 s Sharp
Keenan Thomas J. jr. 469 n Gay
Mann & Bro. 122 w Baltimore
Mann J. M. cor Liberty and Marion
Michael & Bro 122 w Baltimore
Muller Louis, 87 w Baltimore
Myers John W. 42 n Howard
Noyes David C. 262 n Gay
Robinson Edward 32 w Baltimore
Sinclair & Purvis, 5 n Charles
Smith Asa H. 476 w Baltimore
Thomas Philip J. 709 w Baltimore
Tumbleson Chas. H. 121 s Broadway
Williams Chas. 167 Hanover
Wilson Joseph E. 109 n Howard

Paper Stock
Blacklock Nicholas F. 118 Light-st whf
denson Isaac am. & Buck, 100 Light -st whf
Fisher & O'Connor, 123 Hillen

Paper Warehouses.

Baker & McCracken, 120 w Lombard
Blacklock Nicholas F. 118 Light-st. whf
Dushane J.A., 40 s Charles
Fisher & O'Connor, 123 Hillen
Hollingsworth Alex. 181 Lee
Knight A.L., 5 s Charles
Maryland Paper Works, John H. Spinning,
agent, 122 North
Robinson Jas, S. 24 s Charles
Turner Samuel E. 3 s Charles
Wheelwright, Mudge & Co. 14 Hanover


Benjamin Levi, 22 n Gay
Benjamin Jacob, cor Gay and Harrison
Lobe Isaac, 15 s Gay

Addison John, 44 Conway
Adler Lewis, 15 s Liberty
Adolphus Philip, 77 Lexington
Aiken George, 272 Saratoga
Aiken Lewis, 15 s Liberty
Aiken Wm. E.A. 25 Hamilton
Albers Henry, 237 w Pratt
Aldridge John, 124 n Charles
Amos Corbin, 145 n Paca
Amthor Robert, 181 n Central av
Armitage Jas. ne cor paca and Fayette
Arnold Abraham, 7 s High
Atkinson Archibald, 509 w Fayette
Atkinson Robert, 211 n Eutaw
Baakee Dr. 74 Lexington
Baldwin Edwin C. 137 Exeter
Baltzell Wm. H. 90 Hanover
Barry Wm. J. 166 Preston
Bartscher Francis, 192 Aisquith
Battee J. S. s w cor Hanover and Welcome al
Baxley Henry W. 185 w Fayette
 Baynard George, 7 Cathedral
Beard John W. nw cor Barry and Hanover
Benson George W. 199 Hanover
Berney James, 16 Hollins
Boehm Ad. 205 Hanover
Bordley James, 39 Lexington
Brashears Robert, 144 e Madison
Brewer G.G. 160 Penna av
Brooks Joseph D. 166 Aisquith
Brothers Rufus S., Maltby house
Brown Richard W. 91 William
Brown Septimus, cor Preston and Garden
Brownley Joseph, 3 s Exter
Buckler John, 135 n Charles
Buckler Riggin, 135 n Charles
Buckler Thomas H. 41 Lexington
Buckner Charles S. 12 Cathedral
Bull Benjamin H. D. 260 w Pratt
Busk Thomas M. 59 s Broadway
Bussey B.F. sw cor Hillen and Exeter
Butler James, H. S. n Greene
Butler John, 8 n Greene
Carr R. Wilson, 80 Camden
Chabot Lawrence J. 230 e Madison
Chaisty E. J. 158 Mulberry
Chatard F. E. 30 n Charles
Chew Samuel, 70 n Paca
Chew Samuel C. 67 n Paca
Chunn James T. 181 w Madison
Clendinen Ales. 60 e Baltimore
Clendinen Wm. H. 91 n Greene
Cochrane Robert J. C. 47 Albermarle
Cockey J. G. 2 s Exeter
Cockey J. Paul, 24 e Lombard
Cockrill J. J. 23 s Broadway
Cohen Joshua I. 115 n Charles
Colardeau S.F. 55 McCulloh
Colburn A.W. 166 s Paca
Cole George W.A. 459 Lexington
Collins G.T. 46 Richmond
Collins Stephen, 36 n Calvert
Cooke Theodore, n w cor Charles and Conway
Coskery Felix S. 117 n Calvert
Coulter Henry S. 164 w biddle
Creager J.P. 558 w Baltimore
Cunningham C.T.D. cor Pratt & Central av
Dalrymple Augustus, 330 e Pratt
Dalrymple Wm. D. 143 n Eutaw
Dammann Lewis H. 137 n Fremont
Dare George H. se cor Paca and Warner
Dashiell Nicholas L. 207 s Broadway
Davidson Samuel A. 67 s Charles
Davis Wm. H. 43 Lexington
Dedias E. 16 Garden
Dehn Theodore, 55 Conway
Delaney Robert, 8 Centre Market space
Deloughery Edward, 138 Saratoga
Dickson John, 261 w Madison
Diffenderffer Michael, 1 s High
Diffenderffer Wm. 41 s Sharp
Donaldson Frank, 32 Franklin
dorsey Robert R. 29 n Calvert
Doyle John A. 21 s Gay
Durlin alex. F. 16 n Charles
Dunbar John R. W. 151 w Lombard
Duvall Philip B. 68 Sharp
Duvall & Sparrow, 97 s Sharp
Dwinelle James E. 117 S. Broadway
Eastman Lewis M. 11 n Entaw
Emory A.W. 44 e Pratt
Emory J.R.B. 18 Courtland
Eschbach Joseph A. 217 Aisquith
Farnandis George G. 130 w Fayette
Fields P.S. 309 w Lombard

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