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Miller, John - Miller, Wilhelmina

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Miller John, cabinet maker, 3 Park
Miller John, foundryman, 43 Burke, Canton
Miller John, tailor, 117 McElderry
Miller John, cabinetmaker, 35 n Dallas
Miller John, plasterer, 137 Montgomery
Miller John, cooper, 154 Burgundy al
Miller J. Madison, (Daniel M. & Co.) 40 s Sharp
Miller John, laborer, 93 Penna av.
Miller John, J__coal dealer, n w cor. Paca and German, dw 36 Columbia
Miller John, prevision dealer, n e cor Bank and Washington, dw n e corner Bank and Regester
Miller John E. cigar-maker, 200 Forrest
Miller John, music teacher, 39 Pearl
Miller John, tailor, 30 Chatsworth
Miller John, tailor, 82 n Central av
Miller John, (Grove, M. & Co.) 36 Columbia
Miller John F. constable, 10 New Church
Miller John, tailor, 108 Hill
Miller John M. cabinet maker, 7 Valley
Miller John, cooper, 212 _ Eager
Miller John, P. Lettery office, 144 Penna. av
Miller John D. shoemaker, 133 Peirce
Miller John, laborer, 81 Grindall
Miller John, grocer, m e cor Dover and Paca
Miller John H. lottery office, n w cor Calvert and Baltimore, dw 207 Saratoga
Miller John R. cooper, 91 Dover
Miller John, laborer, 14 Sterrett
Miller John butcher, 330 w Pratt
Miller John, grocer a d prov. deal. 204 Bank
Miller Capr. John A. 174 s Wolfe
Miller John, tailor, 280 s Bond
Miller John, hack driver, 204 s Chapel
Miller John G. shoemaker, 217 s Wolfe
Miller John, carter, 74 Buren
Miller John F. cigar maker, 31 n Schroeder
Miller John, 224 Preston
Miller John P., blacksmith 464 n Gay
Miller John P. shoe dealer, 217 s Broadway
Miller John M. (Daniel Miler & Co.) 40 s Sharp
Miller John, laborer, 11 Lancaster
Miller John, shoemaker, 316 s Bond
Miller John, road master N C Railway, dw 224 Preston
Miller John, laborer, 284 Aliceanna
Miller John H. _ baggage master B. & O. R.R. National hotel
Miller John H. tavern, 3 Camden
Miller J._. S. pressman tabacco warehouse, 360 Lexington
Miller John, tailor, 309 n Central av
Miller John, laborer, 259 Aisquith
Miller John I. 221 Orleans
Miller Joseph, tailor, 169 Ensor
MIller Joseph, porter, 104 Stirling
Miller Joseph, bootfitter, 41 James la
Miller Joseph Henry, teamster, Calverton mills near Almshouse
Miller Joseph, combmaker, 142 McHenry
Miller Joseph, moulder, 94 s Carey
Miller Joseph, laborer, 83 Union
Miller Joseph, tailor, 251 e Eager
Miller Joseph, cutler, 15 Bakers ct.
Miller Joseph, turnkey city jail, dw 454 w Lombard
Miller Joshua, machinist, Mount Royal foot of McMechin
Miller Justice, woodsawyer, 122 s Bethel

Right Column

 Miller Justus, shoemaker, 792 w Baltimore
Miller Kiloh, stone mason, 1 Harmony la
Miller Lawrence, shoemaker, 25 s Bethel
Miller Lawrence, cooper 60 n Schroder
Miller Lawrence, tailor, 57 e Baltimore
Miller Lawrence, laborer, 63 Bank
Miller Lewis, wood turner, 69 Ross
Miller Lewis, laborer, 17 Elizabeth la
Miller Llewellen, clerk, 42 s Eutaw
MILLER LUKE H. manufacturer fire and burglar proof sales and
     patent bank locks, 159 North, salesroom 16 s Charles, dw ne cor
    Carey and Baltimore.--(see p. 34 Advertisements
Miller Ludwig, laborer, 31 Fell
Miller Margaret, victnaler, 330 w Pratt
Miller Maria, 62 Chew
Miller Martin tailor, 53 s Wolfe
Miller Martin, tailor, 22 Walker
Miller Matthew, nail maker, 31 James la
Miller Matthew W. blacksmith, 126 Preston
Miller Mary, grocery, 22 Block
Miller Mary Ann, 100 s Caroline
Miller Mary, 15 Cambridge
Miller Mrs. Mary, (Wm. Guy & Co) 13 s Calvert
Miller Miranda, 233 w Pratt
Miller M.J. 90 Saratoga
Miller Michael, (M. & Co.) 71 e Fayette
Miller Morgan A. (Devries, Stephens & Thomas,) 393 w Fayette
Miller Nicholas, laborer, 191 Montgomery
Miller Nicholas, tabacconish, Broadway n of Thames
Miller Nicholas, fusherman 14 Gold's e
Miller Nicholas, tailor, 14 Walker
Miller NIcholas, shoemaker, 3 Mulberry ct
Miller Nicholas, laborer, 163 s Regester
Miller NIcholas, furniture warerooms, 88 n Howard
Miller Otto, musician, 82 Ensor
Miller Oliver, millwright, 21 s Pappleton
Miller Peter, blacksmith, cor Gay and Caroline
Miller Peter, tailor, rear of 414 Saratoga
Miller Peter, laborer, 171 s Eden
Miller Peter T. shoemaker, 60 s Schroeder
Miller Philip, tailor, 129 n bond
Miller Philip, 6 Preston
Miller Philip, tailor, 51 Diamond
Miller Philip, tailor, 15 Jew al
Miller Philip, butcher, 85 Hoffman
Miller Rebecca S. board house, 256 w Pratt
Miller Richard, boiler maker, 309 Farrest
Miller Robert, birckmaker, 209 Conway
Miller Robert J. cler, 66 e Baltimore
Miller Robert, grocery and prov. store 50 Haw
Miller Robert, milkman, 758 w Baltimore
Miller Robert, policeman, 183 n Exeter
Miller Robert, coachmaker, 151 e Lombard
Miller Samuel, bricklayer, 186 e Fayette
Miller Sarah, dressmaker, 151 e Eden
Miller Sebastian, laborer, 180 s eden
Miller Sophia, butter and cheese dealer, 327 s Bend
Miller Stephen, plumber, 30 Church
Miller Thomas J. painter, 35 Orchard
Miller Theodore A. Clerk, Gilmor house
Miller Tobias G. miller, Calverton Mills, near, almshouse
Miller Valentine, laborer, 5 Stockholm
Miller Valentine, rag cutter, 113 s Chapel
Miller Wilhelmina, Frederick road near toll gate


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