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Miller, Christopher - Miller, Jerome
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Miller, Christopher, shoemaker, 8 Water
Miller, Conrad, carter, 249 Columbia
Miller, Conrad, laborer, 284 Aisquith
Miller, Conrad, carpenter, 147 Raborg
Miller, Conrad J., taylor, 57 n Frederick
Miller,______, currier, Cross between Hanover and Leadenhall
Miller, Daniel, brickmaker, 32 Haubert, L.P.
Miller, D. shoemaker, 386 Light
MILLER & CO. , lottery and excahnge office, cor St. Paul and Baltimore
Miller, D.H. (J. Heald & Co.)nw cor Monument and Cathedral
MILLER DANIEL, & CO. importers and jobbers of dry goods, 329 w Baltimore
Miller Daniel (D.M. & Co.), 40 s Sharp
Miller, Danford, painter, 89 Mount
MILLER DANIEL, tabacconish, 22 e Pratt
Miller, David S.K. butcher, 754 Penna. Av.
Miller, Dominic, shoemaker, 48 Raborg
Miller, Edgar G. (Samuel Bevan & Co.) 113 w Monument
Miller, Dr. Edward A. 179 Saratoga
Miller, Edward T. bricklayer, 210 n Eden
Miller, Edwin A., clerk, 96 s Sharp
Miller Eleanora, 230 Franklin
Miller, Eliza, Falls road near city limits
Miller, Elizabeth, tailoress, 30
Miller, Elizabeth, midwife, 70 n Fremont
Miller, Elizabeth, 40 n Central av.
Miller, Elizabeth, dry goods store, 230 Franklin
Miller, Elizabeth, tabacconish, 53 Biddle al.
Miller, Mrs. Elizabeth, dry goods and trimmings dealer, 169 e Baltimore
Miller, Elizabeth, 35 Orchard
Miller, Enoch, tailor, 25 s Washington
Miller, Enoch, carpenter, 67 Albemarle, dw 68
Miller Ernest, laborer, 140 Eastern av
Miller Eliza Ann, tailoress, Falls road near Northern av
Miller, Ernest, labor, ne cor. Eastern av and Spring
Miller, Ernst, carpenter, 19 Albemarle
Miller Esther, nurse, 171 e Fayette
Miller Francis, A. bricklayer, 116 Mulberry
Miller Frederick, tobacconist, 21 s Liberty
Miller Frederick, tailor, 6 s Caroline
Miller Frederick, laborer, 33 Elizabeth la
Miller Frederick, cooper 154  Burgundy al
Miller Frederick, basket maker, 185 s Chapel
Miller F. W. tailor, 5 s Caroline
Miller Ferdinand, laborer, 232 Aliceanna
Miller Folden, drayman, 4 Portal
Miller Frederick, sawyer, 101 Eastern av
Miller Fredk. T. shoemaker, 529 w Lombard
Miller George, tobacconist, 43 Mc Elderry, dw 171 n Eden
Miller George, varnisher, 29 Rock
Miller George K. coal dealer, 96 Hill
Miller George T. grocery, 29 Rock
Miller George W. edge tool manufacturer, 7 Camden, dw 142 Barre
Miller Geroge W. (Harris & M) 102 s Caroline
Miller George E., gas fitter, 36 n Spring
Miller George, cabinet maker, 85 Harrison
Miller George, laborer, 181 West
MILLER GEORGE C, cashier Bank of Commerce, 23 s Exeter
Miller Geo. W, stone cutter, 109 Pine
Miller Geo. C. carpenter, 241 w Biddle
Miller George, 431 w Pratt
Miller Geo. Shoemaker, 172 s Wolfe
Miller Geo. Shoemaker, 172 s Wolfe
Miller Geo. Huckster, 4 Hull’s la
Miller Geo. Foundryman, 1 Patapsco
Miller George, laborer, 24 n Oregon
Miller Geo. H. (Coffroth & M.) 151 Mulberry
Miller Geo. Shoemaker, 494 Penna av
Miller Geo. Laborer, 276 s Ann
Miller Geo. Cabinet maker, Harrison n of Baltimore
Miller Geo. Carver, 64 n Gay
Miller Godfrey C. cooper, 41 Philpot
Miller Gotleib, carter, 47 Burke, Canton
Miller Gotleib P. cooper, 88 Greeenmount av
Miller Geo. W. cigar maker, 142 e fayette
Miller Georgiana R. saleswoman, cor Central av and McElderry
Miller Gertrude, midwife, 151 e Pratt
Miller Harman, cap manufacturer, 235 Light
Miller Harman, 255 s Sharp
Miller Harman, tailor, 244 n Central av
Miller Hannah, 177 Henrietta
Miller Hartman, teamster, Calverton mills, near Almshouse
Miller Henry, shoemaker, 258 Montgomery
Miller Henry, cooper, 14 s Central av
Miller Henry G. boot maker, 183 n Eden
Miller Henry, grocer, 110 Bank
Miller Henry, shoemaker, 248 s Broadway
Miller Henry, cigar box maker, 225 s Eutaw
Miller Henry, tailor, 203 s. Charles
Miller Henry C. tavern, 96 s Eutaw
Miller Henry, tailor, 55 Williamson al
Miller Henry, cooper, 175 s Caroline
Miller Menry, morocco dresser, Farmers hotel, 150 Forrest
Miller Henry, tailor, 212 Stirling
Miller Henry, laborer, 38 s Exeter
Miller H. Clay, clerk, 40 s Sharp
Miller Henry, shoemaker, 792 w Baltimore
Miller, Henry, carter, cor Grundy & Northern avenue
Miller Henry, butcher, 69 Preston
Miller Hesur 171 e Fayette
Miller Jacob G. mail agent N.C. Railway, dw 173 n High
Miller Mrs. Jacob, 156 w Lombard
Miller Jacob, carter, 226 Harford av
Miller Jacob, laborer, 7 Montgomery
Miller Jacob, 151 e Pratt
MILLER JACOB F. & CO. general commission merchants,
  83 South, dw J>F>M> 85 St. Paul
Miller Jacob, rigger, 274 s Broadway
Miller Jacob, shoemaker, 306 Canton av
Miller Jacob P. miller and flour merchant 31 n Republican
Miller Jacob, blacksmith, 239 Hollins
Miller Jacob, shoemaker, 47 President
Miller James H. carpenter, 439 w Lombard
Miller Capt. Jas. Mud machine, 225 Conway
Miller Jacob P. 347, Lexington
Miller Jacob, marble polisher, 25 Henrietta
Miller James W. (Wm. M. & Son,) 159 w Lombard
Miller James, Painter, 92 n Eden
Miller James, messenger Custom house, 251 Franklin
Miller Jeremiah, bricklayer, 234 n Eden
Miller Jesse, carpenter 58 Josephine, dw 231 Saratoga
Miller Jerome N. (Wilson & M.) 231 Saratoga

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