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Hutchinson, Thomas - Ijams, Jacob

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Hutchinson Thomas, Cigar maker, 55 Pearl
Hytnall, Mild.  colar maker, 512 w Fayett
Huts Thomas, stevedore, 217 Aliceanna
Hutson Edward, blacksmith, 83 Gough
Hutson Elizabeth, 72 Lancaster
Hutson Joseph, 90 Bank
Hutson John, Wheelwright, 756 w Baltimore
Hutson M.P.,Milner, 756 w Baltimore
Huttman, Michael, tailor, 307n Central av
Huttman Michael, tailor, over 68 Somerset
Hutton Andrew, policeman, 368 Canton av
Hutton Andrew, brickmaker, 129 West
Hutton Mrs. Ann, 167 Stirling
Hutton George N., blacksmith, 366 Cantor av
Hutton Jane, 123 Park
Hutton Job, cattle dealer, 703 w Baltimore
Hutton, John Henry, ship carpenter, 363 Canton av
Hutton John J. letter carrier, 222 e Monument
Hutton Joseph G. Gun fitter, 328 Aisquith
Hutton Thomas, sawyer, Heath near Light
Hutton Wm, gardener, 244 w Biddle
Huttonberger Wm., cooper, 243 Forrest
Hutz Wm., tailor, 14 Anthony
Hutzler A.G. (M.H. & son,) 14 n Howard
Hutzler Charles F. clerk, 619 w Baltimore
Hutzler M & Son, embroidered trimming and fancy goods, 71 n Howard
HUTZLER MOSES ,dry goods dealer, 649 w Baltimore
Huxford David, painter, 25 Somerest
Huxford Elizabeth 266 e Monumont
Huxly John, merchant tailor, 92 n Gay
Huzza Albert J. resturant, n e cor Gay and Central av
Huzza Charity, 99 Ensor
Huzza Columbue, printer, 410 n Gay
Huzza Luther, carpenter, 99 Ensor
Huzza John, moulder, 132 s Spring
Hyam Abram, paper yanger, 171 Gough
HYAMS SOLOMON, tobacconist, 68 n Howard
Hyatt Alpheus, (H. U Stump,) s w cor Schrooder and Franklin
Hyatt C.C. & R. H. grocers and commission merchts, 147 w Pratt, dw R.H.H. to Barre
Hyatt Charles, horseshoer, 17 Perk
Hyatt C. G jr. clerk, 60 barre
Hyatt Edward,(Griffinth, H. & co.) 38 Courtland
Hyatt & Stump, wholesale grocers 56 South
Hybeweth Adolph, goldsmith, 438 w Baltimore
Hyde Arnold S. clerk, 26 Pleasant
Hyde Catherine, 177 w Biddle
Hyde Francis, 26 Pleasant
Hyde George, clerk, 165 French
Hyde Henry R. (Guyton & H.) 52 Hanover
Hyde James, attorney, 56 w Fayette dw Mansion house
Hyde James, furniture dealer, 251 Light
Hyde Jacob W. grocer, 65 e Fayette
Hyde J. W. (Grandcell & H.) 138 e Fayette
Hyde John, moulder, 236 Hanover
Hyde John, second hand furniture dealer, 175 Montgomery
Hyde Kate, 177w Biddle
Hyde Margaret, 116 n Exter
HYDE MOSES, fancy soap maker, 210 e Monument dw 71 Chew
Hyde Oliver, 51 n High
 Hyde Richard H. shoe store, 218 w Pratt, dw 65 e Fayette
Hyde Samuel G. 26 Pleasant
Hyde Samuel N. dry goods and carpet dealer, 146 e Broadway, dw 144
Hyde Wm J. clerk in City Collector's office, dw 87 Chew
Hyde, W. clerk, 105 n Front
Hyler John, cigar maker, 28 Albemarle
Hyland George H. (H. & Woods,) 184 Hoffman
Hyland Mrs. Harriet, 169 Lexington
Hyland Henry, wheelwright, 30 Mount
Hyland Jacob, of Jacob 74 South, dw 420 w Lombard
Hyland Jacob, clerk, Mann's hotel
HYLAND J. & CO. livery stables, 24 Conway, dw J. H. 124 w Baltimore
Hyland Mary, 97 n Charles
Hyland Michael, laborer, 11 s Bethel
Hyland Washington, clerk, 23 n Republican
Hyland & Woods, general merchandise brokers, 71 Exchange place
Hyman Christopher, foreman distillery, Clinton s of Boston, Canton
Hyman Henry, trunkmaker, 220 s Sharp
Hyman Julius, peddler, 231 Durham
Hyman Wm. C. coach maker, 57 n Pine
Hymen Emanuel, umbrella and parasol maker, 13 Ensor
Hymen Teresa, tailoress, 216 e Lombard
Hyndes, Mary, dry goods, 200 Columbia
Hynes Benjamin F. fireman, 16 Walker
Hynes Catherine, washerwoman, 55 Conway
Hynes Edward, ship carpenter, 183 n Chester
Hynes Caleb B. hay and feed dealer, Aliceanna, btw Chester and Boston
Hynes C. W. & Bre, flour, feed, lime and hair dealers, 726 w Baltimore
Hynes Joseph, (C.W. H. & bro.) 726 w Baltimore
Hynes John, laborer, 14 n Amity
Hynes Thomas, property agent, 227 e Baltimore
Hyson Benjamin T. paper hanger. 52 n Howard, dw 182 Mulberry
HynsonJohn Ringold, officer at penitentiary, dw 343 n Gay
Hyser Augustus, laborer, 52 n Spring
Hyson Charles F. tavern, 203 s Howard
Hyson Edward, boiler maker, 6 Abbey al
Hyson John H. 96 Hamburg
Hyson Sarah 74 Hamburg
Hyson Wm. moulder, 210 Light


Ianis Wm. blacksmith, 28s Poppleton
Iddings Wm P. (B.S. & W. A. Loney & co.) 28 Holline
Idle Mary, confectionery, 26 Leadenhall
Ieman Charles, carter, 15 Mott
Iglehart G. L. (Duvall & I.) 82 Camden
Igo Michael, grocery, 48 Douglas
Ihde Henry, tobacconist, se cor Central av & Baltimore
Ijanis Alfred, (I & Hutchins,) 2 Aisquith
Ijams Charles, carpenter, 17 n Caroline
Ijams Franklin F. 485 w Fayette
Ijams Gustavus P. carpenter, 485 w Fayette
IJAMS & HUTCHINS, grocers n w cor Gay and Front
Ijams Jacob, painter, 582 w Lombard

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