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Lowther James - Lyeth Andrew H.
Submitted by:  Rose Hatten

Lowther James, carpenter, 167 Hollins
Loyd Margaret, 340 Eastern av
Loyd Thomas, trunnel borer, 348 Canton av
Loyd Samuel, ship carp. 348 canton Av
Loyola College, cor. Calvert and Madison
Lubecker Anna, grocery, 274 s Bond
Lubecker John, porter and mineral water, 274 s Bond
Luberker Henry, laborer, 128 thames
Luburg Charles E. blacksmith, 142 canal
Luby Thomas, grocery, 7 Hamilton
LUCAS CHARLES Z. attorney at law, 46 St. Paul, dw 59 Saratoga
LUCAS BROTHERS, publishers, stationers and type founders, 170 w Baltimore (See Advertisement)
Lucas Bros. type foundry, 7 bank lane
Lucas Edward B. shoemaker, 287 e Eager
Lucas Edward C. (L. Bros.) 135 Park
Lucas eliza M. 59 Saratoga
Lucas Francis, butcher, 752 Penn. Av
Lucas Francis M. 270 w Fayette
Lucas Henry A. (L Bros,) 43 St. Paul
Lucas Jacob, laborer, 186 regester
Lucas James B. machinist, 307 Eastern av
Lucas James  & Son, book and job printers over 15 s calvert, dw 96 n Exeter
Lucas J. Sands, grocery and feed store, 406 Harford av
Lucas John w. paper hanger, 149 s bond
Lucas Major c. 10 williamson al
Lucas Osburn, laborer, 17 n Republican
Lucas Thos. w. shoemkr. 50 s Republican
Lucas Wm. F. (L Bros.) 59 Saratoga
Lucchesi Fredk. Prof. of music, 68 Holiday
Luchman Conrad, 336 s Charles
Luckett James H. & co. produce commis. Merchts. 119 w Lombard
Luckett James H. (J.H.L. & Co.) Baltimore county
Luckett Roger C. (Clark, L & Lee) 267 w Lombard
Ludeking Phil. Saddler, 453 w Baltimore
Ludher Christian, huckster, 3 Jackson ct
Ludley Jacob, brickmaker, 150 McHenry
Ludley Wm. livery stable, 81 s Fremont
Ludlow Augusta, 70 McCulloh
Ludlow Thos. ostler, 174 Ramsey
Ludluff Jacob, ship carp. 203 Wolfe
Ludvigh Samuel, publ. “Torch, “ 89 s Eden
Ludwic Edward, shoemaker, 69 e Lombard
Ludwig Andrew, tailor, 24 barnes
Ludwig Andw. Blacksmith, Bank nr Canal
Ludwig John, shoemaker, 51 Orchard
Ludwig John, tailor, 163 West
Ludwig John A. mht. Tailor, 111 Saratoga
Lube Charles F. tavern, Hampstead near Choptank
LUKBERT REV. ERNST, 185 e Fayette
Luke Francis, painter 184 n Caroline
Lukehart Mary, 250 e Eager
Lumback Henry, laborer, Clinton n of boston, Canton
Lumbay George, laborer, 28 Philpot
Lumbeck Christian, painter, 74 s Canal
Lumber Inspectors office cor West falls av and Bowly
Lumberson John, carter, 249 Light
Lummerman John, blacksmith, 179 Pierce
Lumsden Robert, grocery, 41 Cheapside, dw 90  s Bond
Lupton Wm. H. agent, 13 s Fremont
Lunt George, clerk, 25 s Broadway
Lunt Joseph, silversmith, 264 e Madison
Lunt Thomas H. machinist, 28 Willow
Luntwell Henry, wagoner, Franklin road near Pratt
Luntz Michael, tailor, Cambridge, Canton
Lurch Ewell, wheelwright, 126 e Fayette
Lurman Gustav W. (Oelricks & L.) dw 59 Franklin
Lurz Adam, beer brewer, 24 Fell
Lurz Frederick, laborer, 140 Durham
Lurz John, cooper, 17 Durham
Lutez Henry, butcher, 69 Thames
Lutz Frederick, carp. 109 Sarah Ann
Lusby Amelia, 35 s Ann
Lusby Ann, 129 Hanover
Lusby Caleb F. tailor, 5 s Caroline
Lusby Dorothy Ann, 6 Neighbor
Lusby Edward, bookkeep’r 269 w Lombard
Lusby Henry W. painter, 45 North
Lusby John D. (Wingate & L.) 113 Bank
Lusby Mary c. 288 w Madison
Lusby Mrs. Wm. mt. tailor, 477 w Fayette
Luscum John, tailor, 62 s Caroline
Lusk John, carpenter, 71 s Eden
Lusk John, bricklayer, 952 w Baltimore
Lusking Thos. lab’r, 87 Mcelderry’s whf
Lussky Gotthard, glass stainer, 7 n Albemarle
Lustnauer Charles, grocery, 712 Penn. Av
Lutheran Church, )English Evang.) Chesapeake, Canton
Lutheran church, (German,) Eastern av e of Broadway
Lutherbach John, rag and old iron dealer, 87 Orchard
 Lutge Christian, upholst’r, 66 n Fremont
Lutman Wm. shoemaker, 6 Emory
Luttgerding Chas. H. shoemkr. 311 w Pratt
Lutts Elizabeth A. 148 w Madison
Lutts John, capt. Watach custom house, 225 Aisquith
Lutts John F. Ferry house, 49 Thames
Luttus John, shoemaker, 167 s Eden
Lutz Charles, blacksmith, 286 s bond
Lutz Charles, ship joiner, 163 Bank
Lutz Charles F. E. grocery, 73 Pine
Lutz David, grocery, 414 n Gay
Lutz George, laborer, 71 n Spring
Lutz Jacob, shoemaker, 146 n Front
Lutz John, shoemkr. 17 Fish Market space
Lutz John, carpenter, 276 n canal
Lutz Joseph, tanner, 89 n Spring
Lutz Martin, carter, 50 President
Lutz Michael carpenter, 67 n Spring
Lutz Nicholas, blind maker and painter, 116 n Front, dw 150
Lutzsinger Joseph, engineer, 175 n Paca
Lybrand Henry, machinist, 77 Hollins
Lybrand Capt. John, 483 Light
Lyburn Samuel, carter, Hollins al
Lycett Geroge, bookseller, 36 n Greene
LYCETT WM. C. book binder, over 211 w Baltimore, dw 292 Penn. Av
Lyden James, laborer, 200 Raborg
Lyell John, machinist, 145 Montgomery
Lyeth Andrew H. marble worker, 446 w Baltimore


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