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Carter Matilda – Caufman John H.
Submitted by:  Rose Hatten

Carter Matilda  W. 185 Vine
Carter Miskel, clerk, Calvert near Baltimore
Carter Patrick, blacksmith, 3 Grace’s court
Carter Rebeca, 71 n Canal
Carter Thomas, 31 McCulloh
Carter Urban, shoemaker, 134 Raborg
Carter Wm. watchman Camden station, 156 s Eutaw
Carter Wm. stevedore, 121 York
Carter Wm. harness maker, 185 Vine
Carter William, plasterer, Washington s of Lombard
Carter Wm. steamboat hand, 31 Bevan al
Carter Wm. A. basket manuf. And variety store, 105 n Gay
Carvalho Emanuel N. auctioneer, 32 North
Carvalho R. N. child’s clothing store, 116 Lexington
Carvalho S. N. artist, 35 s High
Carver Mary, 67 Pine
Carver Wm. V. bricklayer, 77 Pine
Cary John, carpenter, 52 n Dallas
CARY WILSON M. notary public, 51 Second, Exchange buildgs, dw 128 Madison
Cary Wm. F. Umbrella store, 51 n Gay
Case Capt. Thos. D. 44 Hanover
CASEY ABRAHAM, coachsmith, 309 Harford av. Dw 235 Aisquith
Casey Ellen, Bloodgood ct
Casey Geo. H. coachman, 67 Garden
Casey James, laborer, 164 Canton av
Casey Jere. laborer, 17 French
Casey John, laborer 5 Camden lane
Casey Michl, boatman, 87 Mcelderry’s whf
Casey Patrick, laborer, Canton
Casey Peter, coachman, cor Cathedral and Madison
Casey Samuel, cor Boston and Windsor, Canton
Casey Thos. moulder, 4 Scott
Casey Thos. trader, 314 Raborg
Casey William, grocery and flour dealer, 84 Hillen
Casey Wm. grocery, 65 French
Cashmyre August, cooper, 9 s Eden
Cashmyre Peter, laborer, 5 s Eden
Caskey David w. daguerreotypist, 72 Jefferson
Caskey John W. ship carp. 71 Hamburg
Caskey Jos. Carpenter, Grundy near Preston
Caskey Samuel, boiler maker, Cathedral near Hoffman
Caspear Wm. laborer, 53 Chapel
Caspari Ferdinand A. bookseller, 98 N Howard
Caspari Wm. J. (Wm. J. & chas. C.) cor Biddle and Penn av
CASPARI WM. J. & CHAS. Apoth. And chemists, 44 n gay and 70 Penn av
Caspear John, cooper, 60 s Paca, dw 413 w Lombard
Casper Harriet, 446 Lexington
Casper John, cedar cooper, 431 w Lombard
Cass Moses T. broom factory, cor Monument and Harford av. Dw 18 McElderry
Cassady Bernard, grocer, 4 Green Nt. Av
Cassady John G. teacher, 10 Jefferson
Cassady Owen, grocery, 91 Pine
Cassady Patrick, laborer, 103 n High
Cassan Adam, tailor, 219 Aliceanna
CASSARD GILBERT & SON, provision dealers, 407 and 409 w Baltimore, dw G. C.119 German
Cassard George, com.  Merch. And provision dealer, 46 South, dw 82 e Baltimore
Cassard Lewis, 427 w Baltimore
Cassard Thomas (G.C. & Son) 25 Aisquith
Cassell Abraham, bricklayer, 23 McHenry
Cassell Geo. R. bricklayer, 231 Biddle
Cassell Henry P. bricklayer, 272 Mulberry
Cassell John S. painter, 106 n Schroeder, dw 468 Saratoga
Cassell Jos. Carpenter, 280 Saratoga
Cassell Leonard, carpenter, 89 w Biddle
Cassell Peter, blacksmith, 187 Raborg
Cassidy Andrew, huckster, 4 New
Cassidy Francis, grocer, cor Bethel and Mullikin
Cassidy James, shoemaker, 32 w Pratt
Cassidy Louisa, grocery, 231 e Monument
Cassidy Luke, grocery, 49 Harford av
Cassidy Martin (McDevitt & C.) 37 Hillen
Cassidy Patrick, grocer, 52 s Frederick
Cassilly Thos. grocer, 60 s Spring
Cassin Mrs. Mary, 137 w Madison
Cassin Wm. D. attorney, Masonic Hall
Caste Ernest, laborer, 8 Leadenhall
Castell William g. baker, Harford av n of Point lane
Castine Moses, tobacconist, 75 McElderry
Castle John, desk maker, 422 w Fayette
Castle Wm. engineer, 358 Eastern av
Caswell Robert, ship carp. 151 s Ann
Cataline Frederick, blacksmith, 64 Orleans
Cate Amon (Griffiss & C.) 148 w Lombard
Cathcart Eleanor, 87 Granby
Cathcart Robert, 51 ˝ s Broadway
Cathcart Robt. & W. H. block and pump makers, 115 Smith’s whf and 113 Thames
Cathcart William H. (R. & W. H. C.) 83 Broadway
Cathedral (Roman Catholic) cor Mulberry and Cathedral
Cathell Mitchell, boiler maker, 44 Eager
Cathell Platt M. machinist, 42 e Eager
Cathell Priscilla, 52 e Lombard
Cathers Jas. (J.C. & Bro.) 14 s Calvert
CATHERS JOHN & BRO. booksellers, 102 w Baltimore
Cathers John (J.C. & Bro) and proprietor of cancer cure, 102 w Balt. Dw 14 s Calvert
Catholic Institute Room, 28 St. Paul
Caton John, blacksmith, 27 Fawn
Caton Rachel, 40 Second
Caton Thos. drayman, 227 n Howard
Caton Wm. w. clerk, 112 w Calvert
Cator Benj. F. (Armstrong, C. & Co.) 68 barre
Cattan L. millinery and trimmings, 153 Lexington
Catterton Wm. J. shipsmith, 79  York
Cartzenstine Moses, tobacconist, 128 Aisquith, dw 175 McElderry
Caufeel John, laborer, 61 clifford
Caufman John H. live stock dealer, 9 Pearl

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