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Yearly – Younker John
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YEARLY (Thos. C.) & AIKIN (Robert E.,) property agents, 15 St. Paul
YEARLY (Alexander) & SON (Thos. C.,) property agents, h T.C.Y. 277 Lexington, office 13 St. Paul
Yearly Ann, 62 n Greene
Yearly John Summerfield, tobacconist, 107 s Bond
Yearly Thomas C., (Alex. Y. & Son,) h 277 Lexington
Yeates John W., clerk, 201 Aisquith
Yeates Dr. John L., 58 n Front
Yeates Dr. Henry P.P., 117 n Exeter
Yeatman John W., saddler, 19 n Exeter
Yeatman & Stevens (James,) saddlers, 28 Light

Saddles, Trunks
Barness & Collars,
Wholesale and Retail,
As cheap as they can be purchased any where

Yedden Harron, tavern keeper, 359 s Ann
Yeisly Jacob, carpenter, 330 e Pratt, shop 89 Bank
Yellott Coleman & Washington, attornies, 46 Lexington
Yellott Coleman, attorney at law, 6 Lexington, h 199 n Howard
Yelman Mary, 250 Light
Yenling Christian, butcher, 249 s Ann
Yenth George Adam, wheelwright, s e corner Mullikin and Canal
Yerby Mrs., 298 Madison
Yerkenhide Henry, 7 Church court
Yerkes David a., grocer, 38 Maiden lane
Yert Philip, laborer, 153 William
Yettize George, laborer, Cambridge
Yewell John, ship smith, 185 Light, h 176 Montgomery
Yoast William carpenter, 159 n Canal
Yockle Frederick, porter, 421 Baltimore
Yoe Alex., painter, 185 Caroline, shp. 4 Thames
YOE BENJAMIN F., lawyer, 328 w Pratt, h 99 Conway
Yogle Christopher, cabinet maker, 81 Jefferson
You John, laborer, 29 Jordan alley
Yost John, 90 Warner
Yost John, blind maker, 84 Pine
Yost Stephen, 27 Elizabeth
Youle Thomas, laborer, 38 s Frederick
Youndt Sarah N., 254 Mulberry
Young A.L. Hanson, printer, 171 Aisquith
YOUNG (Wash. K.) & CARSON, (Wm.T. wholesale grocers, 77 Lombard, Ex. Place
Young Chas., turner and sawyer, 242 s Caroline
 Young Conrad, tailor, 181 e Pratt
Young Eliza, 76 Courtland
Young Elizabeth, 32 s Caroline
Young Francis, 337 Franklin
Young Frederick, printer, 36 n High
YOUNG GEORGE W., millinery, silk and starw goods, 332 Baltimore, h 192 n Eutaw
Young George, tailor, 51 James Lane
Young George, moulder, 2s Schroeder
Young Henry N., biscuit baker, 14 Albemarle
Young Hiram, machinist, 17 s Oregon
Young Jacob, laborer, 220 s Dallas
Young James G., book agent, 16 Constitution
Young James, moulder, 396 w Lombarad
Young James, book and job printer, over 102Baltimore, h 96 s Eden.  See card next page
Young James L., grocer, 120 e Lombard
Young John, blacksmith, High, h 497 n Gay
Young John, 1 Wills
Young John, ship carpenter, 178 s Wolf
Young John, tailor, 48 Raborg
Young John, pr. “Black Bear,” 140 Saratoga
Young John, carpenter, 426 n Gay
Young John, mariner, 17 n Spring
Young John, 704 Baltimore
Young John, gro. And liq. Deal., 114 Dugan’s wf.
Young John carpenter, 201 Hollins
Young John, mariner, 17 n Spring
Young John, 704 Baltimore
Young John, gro. And liq. Deal., 114 Dugan’s wf.
Young John, carpenter, 201 hollins
Young Joseph, Clinton st, s of Boston
Young Joshua A., ship joiner, w Falls av. S end, h 287 e Baltimore
Young Margaret, 439 Lexington
Young Margaret, fancy g. deal., 248 Broadway
Young Mary, 100 Saratoga
Young Martin, carpenter, 290 Franklin
Young Mary, 75 Somerset
Young Michael, laborer, 165 Alice Anna
Young Peter F., laborer, 13 Holland
Young Rebecca, dry good dealer, 78 Lexington
Young Robert, grocer, 174 s Howard
Young Robert, nailer, 142 Camden, h Howard
Young Susan, baker, 772 Baltimore
Young Sarah, French artificial flowers dealer, 240 Baltimore
Young Solomon, clothier, 290 alice Anna
Young Tracey, 20 Chesnut
Young William, mariner, 15 Fell
Young William, 5 n Poppleton
Young William, 111 Regester
Young William T., (Young & Carson,) h 309 w Fayette
Young William G., man. Ofcamph. And ethereal oil, lamps, &c., 16 n Howard, h 167 Hanov
Young William, 82 Aisquith
Young Wm. H., attorney at law, 8 C. H. lane, h 82 Aisquith
Young, Wm. H., gas fitter, 21 Holland
Younger Adam, 22 Elizabeth
Younger Daniel K., agent, 20 s Ann
Younger George, butcher, 294 Fayette
Younger Jeffries, carpenter, 59 Beuren
Younger John, laborer, 211 Cross
Younger Richard, bricklayer, 350 w Lonbard
Younger Robert, carpenter, 127 Hamburg
Youngman John R., shoemaker, 55 Preston
Youngeman John, wheelwright, Cambridge st
Youngs John b., fur blower, 170 e Monument
Younk Adam, tailor, 49 Eastern avenue
Younker John, machinist, 4 e Chase


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