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Ludwick Michael – Lynch Ruth C
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Ludwick Michael, drayman, 63 Richmond
Ludwig Andrew, blacksmith, 89 n Poppleton
Ludwig John A., merchant tailor, 111 Saratoga
Ludwig John, tailor, 122 Hamburg
Ludwig John, brewer, 53 n Frederick
Ludus Henry, tailor, 89 s bond
Luetner Franz, shoemaker, 284 Monument
Luft John, 218 s Dallas
Luffinck Lewis, 284 Monument
Luetz Joseph, laborer, 84 Spring
Luinar Lewis, tailor, 15 New Church
Luke Francis, painter, 184 n Caroline
Luke James, carpenter, 137 Franklin
Lukehart John, druggist, 62 Ensor
Lum James. Mate, 348 Eastern avenue
Luman Jacob, 61 McHenry
Luman John, laborer, 29 Philpot alley
Lumber Inspector’s office, 16 e Falls avenue
Lumber Inspector’s office, cor. W Falls av. And Bowly st
Lumbden Thomas, moulder, 73 Raborg
Lumberson John, carter, 173 Hughes
Lumsden John, wholesale grocery and commission, merchant, 41 Cheapside
Lumsden Robert, clerk 8 Albemarle
Lunan Chas., grocer, 2 Harrison, h 80 s Broadway
Luntz Michael, tailor, Cambridge st.
Lunz Conrad, tailor, 99 Eastern avenue
Lutz John, tailor, Cambridge st
Lupton Elisha F., 131 e Baltimore
Lupcar Herman, cabinet maker, 166 Mulberry
Lurdeskey Wm., tailor, 35 s Republican
Lures John, carpenter. Plover’s alley
Lurman Gus. W., (Oelricks & L.) h 63 Franklin
Lurtz Henry, 287 Durham
Lurz Adam, beer brewer, 30 Fell
Lurz George, tavern keeper, 239 e Lombard
lusby Ann, 65 Barre
Lusby Caleb F., tailor, 5 s Spring
Lusby Dorothea Ann, 11 Britton st. or Har. Av
Lusby Edward R., clerk, 41 n High
Lusby Edward, book-keeper, 268 w Lombarad
Lusby Francis, 28 n Poppleton
Lusby John D., ship carpenter, 113 Bank
Lusby Mary, 170 s Greene
Lusby Mrs., 288 w Madison
Lusby Robert H., merchant tailor, 115 German
Lusby William, merchant tailor, 42 s Calvert
Luscum John, sailor, 197 Bethel
Lusey John, 100 Eastern avenue
Lusk John, carpenter, 71 s Eden
Lusk John, bricklayer, 958 w Baltimore
Lusking John, tailor, 62 s Caroline
Lusson Charles, laborer, 33 Fountain
Lustnauer Charles, grocer, 732 Penn. Avenue
Lutar Lewis, tailor, 15 New Church
Luther John C., weaver, Jackson’s court
Luthold Christian S., printer, 160 Pearl
Lutta & Clark, ship joiners, Concord st., near Union dock
Lutts Elizabeth A., 141 w Madison
Lutts John, capt. Watch Custom house, 225 Aisquith
Lutts John F., pr. Ferry house, 49 Thames
Lutz Charles F. E., grocer, 37 Pine
Lutz Charles, ship joiner, 263 Eastern avenue
Lutz Conrad, confectioner, 34 Barre
Lutz Frederick laborer, 22 Calender
Lutz Henry, 31 Shakspeare
Lutz Jacob, tavern keeper, 117 Ross
Lutz James, shoemaker, 146 Front
Lutz John, cooper, 296 Dallas
Lutz John, 58 Durst alley
Lutz John, blacksmith, 31 Shakspeare
Lutz John, shoemaker, 17 Fish market
Lutz John, 385 Saratoga
Lutz Martin, laborer, 62 s Canal
Lutz Martin, carter, 45 Albemarle
Lutz Nicholas, blind maker and painter, 116 n Front, h 150
Lutzen Christ, upholsterer, 334 Mulberry
Lybecker John, laborer, 85 Bank
Lybrand Henry, machinist, 77 Hollins
Lyburn Julia Ann, 96 Harford avenue
LYCETT & BROTHER, book binders, 211 Baltimore
Lycett Patrick, 40 Chapel
Lycett William C., (L. & Bro.,) h 74 s high
Lyell John, machinist, 145 Montgomery
Lyer Stephen, cabinet maker, 241 Eager
Lyeth Andrew H., marble worker, 446 w Baltimore, h Columbia
                  WEST END MARBLE WORKS
                                              WEST OF PEARL,
                  Tombs, Grave Stones
                                       MARBLE MANTELS, &C.,
                                         Made at the Shortest Notice

Lyeth Caroline, 273 Franklin
Lyeth John McF., stone cutter, 227 German
Lyeth Samuel H., carter, 363 Columbia
Lyles Henry, ship smith, Castle al., s of Lomb’d
Lylihan Partick, 20 Morris alley
Lyman Lewis, confectioner, 265 s Sharp
Lyman William O., carpenter, 396 w Pratt, h 451 w Fayette
Lynch Ann, 41 n Frederick
Lynch Daniel, blacksmith, 188 n Eutaw
Lynch Daniel, ash man, 85 s Spring
Lynch Henry, ship carpenter, 310 Canton
Lynch Hugh, furniture wagoner, 15 China al
Lynch James, laborer, 4 Addison
Lynch John, laborer, 135 North
Lynch Joshua, painter, 188 Bank
Lynch Luke, 103 n Exeter
Lynch Margaret, 75 Aisquith
Lynch Matthew, wheelwright, 21 Foundry
Lynch Matthew, laborer, 151 alice Anna
Lynch Michael, iron founder, Hudson e boston
Lynch Mrs., 362 Monument
Lynch Nicholas, sail maker, 94 Gough
Lynch Philip, laborer, 6 s Republican
Lynch Ruth C., 401 n Gay


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