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Cassady Bernard - Caughey John H.
Submitted by:  Rose Hatten

Cassady Bernard, 1 Willow st
Cassady John, teacher, 10 Jefferson
Cassady Owen, grocíy and liquor dealír, 91 Pine
Cassard Gilbert, butcher, Lombard, w of Carey
Cassard Gilbert, (Lewis & G.C.) 82 e Balto.
CASSARD LEWIS & GEORGE, commission merchants and provision dealers, 46 south house L. C., 604 w Fayette
Cassard  Thomas, (G.C. & Son,) h 25 Aisquith
Cassell Abraham, bricklayer, 23 McHenry
Cassell Edward A., bricklayer, 233 Biddle
Cassell George R., bricklayer 231 Biddle
Cassell Henry P., bricklayer, 272 Mulberry
Cassell  Jos., carpenter, 280 Saratoga
Cassell John S., painter, 106 n Schroeder, house 468 Saratoga
Cassell Leonard, carpenter, 138 Preston
Cassell Samuel C., bricklayer, 116 Barre
Cassen Robert, laborer, 49 s Frederick
Cassidy Andrew, huckster, 1 New
Cassidy James, grocer and liquor dealír, 231 e Monument
Cassidy James, shoemaker. 32 w Pratt
Cassidy Elizabeth, 39 Camden
Cassidy Margaret, boarding house, 18 C. markít
Cassidy Patrick, grocer, 52 s Frederick
Cassidy Patrick, huckster, 234 Lexington
Cassidy Patrick, laborer, 114 Duganís wharf
Cassilly Thomas, grocer, 60 s Spring
Cassin Wm. D., attorney, 17 St. Paul
Cassman Christian, tailor, 3 Maiden lane
Casson Robert, property agent, 116 Lexington
Castiar Francis, 262 s Dallas
Caster Earnest, laborer, 9 Leadenhalf
Castlas Thomas, laborer, 262 s Dallas
Caster Mary, 187 Hanover
Castine Moses, house 187 n Eden
Castner Adolph, laborer, 42 Fell
Casy James, blacksmith, 31 Boyd
Cate Amon, lumb. Dealer, e Falls av., house 148 w Lombard
Cathcart Robert, 119 s Ann
Cathcart Robert & W.H. block and pump makers, 115 Smithís wharf and 113 Thames st. h Wm. H.C., Briadway; house Robt., Ann st
Cathcart Wm. H. (R. & W.H.C.) in 129 Ann
Cathel Michaeol, boiler maker, 44 Eager
Cathel Priscilla, 22 Lloyd
Catheril Elizabeth. 52 Philpot
CATHERS JOHN & BRO., booksellers, 102 Baltimore
Caton Racheo, 40 Second
Cator Benj. F. (Armstrong, C. & co.) house 16 Columbia
Cator John L, brickmaker, 100 Barre
Cator L. mate, 58 William
Cator Robinson w., (firm Armstrong, c. & Co.) house 18 Columbia
Catrup Samuel H., carpenter, 60 Jefferson
Carizenstine Moses, tobacconist, 128 Aisquith, houe 187 Eden
Caufman, Joseph, saddler, 336 w Pratt
Cauderer (John) & Goatz, (John) tinners, 241 Hanover
Caughey John H. (Noah Walker & co.) house 12 Aisquith


O.K. Chamberlinís
No. 127 Baltimore Street,
This institution presents unsurpassed facilities to Young Men desirous of obtaining a Through and Practical business Education.
Book Keeping by Double Entry, as applied to the Management of Mercantile, Bank, Manufacturing and Steamboad Books;  Mercantile Calculations, embracing Interest, Discount, Loss and Gain, Equations, Exchange, &c. &c.
The exercises under this head combine rapidity of execution, with beauty of construction.  Familiar Lectures on Commercial, Law and Mercantile Science, upon various and important subjects.  Business hours both Day and Evening.
For Particulars, Call at the Rooms and get a Circular. 


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