Baltimore City Directories
Yeates Dr. John - Zimmerman John
Submitted by:  Rose Hatten

Yeates Dr. John L. 45 n Frederic st
Yeates William, boarding house, 23 s Gay st
Yeates J.C. commission mer. 53 Lombard st. Exchange place
Yeatman John, saddler, 281 n Gay st
Yekel Conrad, laborer, 48 Hoffman st
Yellman Henry, 45 Marion st
Yellman Miss M. milliner, 134 Lexington st
Yellott Coleman, attorney at law, 33 Fayette st
Yeo Alexander, painter, 102 Gough st. and 161 Canton avenue
Yerk Conrad, shoemaker, 3 Slemmer’s alley
Yerkes Elijah W. 38 Maiden Lane
Yerman John H. Shoemaker 250 Wolf st
Yewell John, ship smith, 127 Light st wharf, dw Light st. 4 doors from Henrietta st
Yost William, carpenter, 132 e Fayette  st
Yost William, shoemaker, 357 w Pratt st
Yost John, carpenter, 80 Pine st
Youck Christian, tailor, 1 Albemarle st
Youndt Mrs. Sarah M. 118 s Paca st
Youndt Leonard , hatter, 13 Mercer st
Young & Percival, com. Mer. 66 South st. Bowly’s wharf
Young Mrs. Harriet, 52 Fremont st
Young William, merchant, dw 219 n Howard st
Young Mrs. Fancy goods dealer, 39 n Eutaw st
Young George W. 39 n Eutaw st
Young Geo. Cabinet and chair mak. cor. Lexington & Eutaw
Young Jacob, turner, 213 Louisiana st
Young John b. firm Baughman, Tiffany & Co. dry goods merchants 100 n Paca st
Young John, carpenter, 169 Mulberry st
Young William G. tinner, 111 Biddle st
Young Maria, 62 Vine st
Young Mrs. R. 78 Lexington st
Young Martin, 62 Vine st
Young Philip, blacksmith, 126 French st
Young Miss Mary, 128 French st
Young Jehu, keeper Farmer’s Hotel, cor. Forrest and Hillen sts
Young John, carpenter, 145 e Fayette st
Young James L. carpenter, 145 e Fayette st
Young  George, boot and shoemaker, 160 e Fayette st
Young Henry, comb maker, 90 Eden st
Young James, 9 n Caroline st
Young George, laborer, 59 n Spring st
Young John B. fur blower and grocer, dw 144 n Exeter st
Young Willia, 74 Aisquith st
Young Saml. Scrivener, 61 Lexington st. dw 11 Barnet
Young A.L.H. printer, 53 Stirling st
Young Henry N. baker, 118 Orleans st
Young Mrs. Melinda, 102 s Greene st
Young Joshua A. ship joiner, West Falls avenue, s end, dw 93 Eastern avenue
Young Jas. Book and job printer, 1 1-2 s Gay st; dw 96 n Eden
Young John, tailor, 19 Mercer st
Young & Talbot, grocers, 80 Light at wharf
Young J. Healy, dw 74 Aisquith st.
Young Frederick, furniture carter, 125 William st
Young Frederick, furniture wagoner, 159 s Eden st
Young Mrs. Sarah, 65 Henrietta st
Young John C. boot and shoe maker, 167 e Baltimore st
Young Mrs. Elizabeth, 26 s Caroline st
Young George, laborer, 318 Bond st
Young Capt. George, 153 Ann st
Young Charles, laborer, 132 s Canal st
Young Walters, mariner, 192 Wolf st
Young Capt. William, mariner, 1 Argyle alley
Young Mrs. Rebecca, 70 Argyle alley
Young Michael, laborer, 145 Alice Anna st
Young Mr. Cambridge st. near Canton avenue, Canton
Young Richard, bricklayer, 268 w Lombard st
Young Daniel K. clerk, 5 Fawn st
Youngman William, laborer, 68 Preston st
Youngman Jhn, laborer, 68 Preston st
Youngman John, laborer 85 Franklin st
Youngs J. B. grocer, 157 n Gay st
Younker Mrs. Elizabeth, 96 n Caroline st
Yunker Albert, chair maker, 84 Orleans st
Zachariah M. M. dry goods dealer, 111 Lexington st
Zachariah Dr. J. 111 Lexington st
Zachary William, surveyor, 144 Bond st
Yackra John, pilot, 15 Bethel st
Zan Augustus, tailor, 39 Secondst
Zane Peter, cooper, 35 Commerce st
Zane A. V. dry goods dealer, 175 w Pratt st. dw 65 Hill
Zeigler William, shoemaker, 289 n Howard st
Zeigler G.W. dry goods dealer, 13 e Baltimore st. dw 10 Exeter
Zeigler John, confectioner, 38 Saratoga st
Zelburg George H. butcher, 19 Elizabeth st
Zell Ridgely & Cook, police officers, 15 Mercer st
Zell Peter, feed store, 149 n Howard st
Zell Peter, feed store, 149 n Howard st. dw Monument, 2 doors from Howard
Zell Mrs. M. A. Y Co. dry goods dealers, 155 Lexington st
Zell Mrs. Margaret M. grocer, 137 Madison st
Zeller C. tavern keeper, 10 Pennsylvania avenue
Zeller A.J. boot and shoemaker, 35 n Frederick st
Zellers George, tobacconist, 36 Marion st
Zepp Reuben, car driver, 47 McHenry st
Zerkel Peter, tavern, 30 Thames st
Zerwek Daniel, butcher, 101 G. Montgomery st
Zetzener John F. book and job printer, 21 1-2 s Liberty st
Ziegelmeier L. shoemaker, 24 Jasper st
Zieginfelder F. cabinet maker, 67 Camden st
Ziegler Joseph, Macinist, 493 Saratoga st
Zieler George Jacob, laboarer, 64 jasper st
Zigler John, carpenter, 199 Biddle st
Zigler L. 67 Conway st
Zigler Joseph, piano maker, 48 Liberty st
Zigler Elizabeth, upholsterer, 49 n Frederick st
Zigler John, carpenter, 116 Aisquith st
Zimmerman John, carpenter, 40 George st


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