Baltimore City Directories
Lucas Peter – Lynch John
Submitted by:  Rose Hatten

Lucas Peter, Laborer, 266 Bond st
Lucas Charles Z. attorney at law, 19 North st. dw corner Saratoga and St. Paul sts
Luchesi F. professor of music, 64 Holliday st.
Luckett J. H. firm neale & Luckett, dw n Charles st, no. 85
Luckey Mrs. A. M. dress maker, 60 s Caroline st
Ludd Wiliam, millwright, 222 Madison avenue
Ludden Lemuel, importer of hardware, 301 w Baltimore st. dw 3 n Liberty st
Ludekin  J. P. harness maker, 8 n Paca st
Ludwig H. baker and confectioner, 25 Pine st
Lufrayer Capt. John, mariner, 131 s High st
Lumberson John, laborer, s e corner Boston and Chesapeake sts
Lumbright Christopher, painter and glazier, 246 Canal st
Lumsden Rev. William O. Methodist Protestant, William st. dw 29 G. Montgomery st
Lundy John, bricklayer, 254 Monument st
Luke Francis, painter, 282 Monument st
Lukins E. 74 n Front st
Lumber Inspectors’ office, 27 e Pratt st up stairs
Lumpster William, brickmaker, 28 Gittings st
Lurman Gustavus, shipping merchant, 68 Franklin St
Lusby William, merchant tailor, 7 South st
Lusby John, carpenter, 119 Bank st
Lusk John, carpenter, 73 s Eden st. shop 141 s Caroline st
Luskenberg William T. Carpenter, Ross st near no. 75
Lusler ____butcher, Fairmount Hill
Luss Michael, carpet weaver, 7 Albemarle st
Lutheran Book Room, 7 s Liberty st, Rev. B. C. Kurtz sup.
Luthers Mrs. Joshua, Harmony lane, between Fremont and Poppleton sts
Luthold Catharine, 146 Pearl st
Lutts John F. proprietor of Baltimore and Philadelphia House, 33 e Pratt st
Lutz Frederick, carpenter, no 1 Jew’s alley
Lutz Frederick, shoemaker, 119 s Howard st
Lutz Nicholas, venetian blind maker, and house and sign painter, 116 n Front st
Lutz Thomas, shoemaker, 156 Orleans st
Lutz John, shoemaker, 15 Fish Market Space,

Lutz Charles, carpenter, Cambridge st opposite Canton avenue, Canton
Lybrand H. millwright, 77 Hollins st
Lyburn Christian, fisherman, 62 Cross st
Lycett Edward, bookbinder, 122 Baltimore st. dw 61 Biddle st
Lyeth S.H. carpenter, opposite 135 Perry st
Lyeth Samuel, carpenter, 142 Pine st
Lyford William, G. publisher Price Current & c. dw Baltimore st we of Charles, s side
Lyle Samuel, grocer, 111 e Baltimore st
Lyle Henry, ship smith, 126 Spring st
Lyan Mr. 20 Grant st
Lyneh Daniel, blacksmith, 141 n Eutaw st
Lynch Stephen, carpenter, 259 Canton avenue
Lynch John, silversmith, 194 Franklin st. dw 42 State st

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