1845 City Directory
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Name Occupation


Clendenin Dr. Wm. A   32 N. Calvert St
Clendenin Dr. Wm. A.   h.c Mulberry and Cortland sts.
Clendenin Robert cabinet maker 4 N. Charles st.
Clendenin Dr. Alexander   62 E. Baltimore st
Clermon Madame corset maker 129 Saratoga st.
Cleveland George V. Supt of Telegraph 152 McHenry st
Clezy Geo. wheelwright 164 Light st.
Cliffe Henry clerk 72 Aisquith st
Clifford Edward   266 Fleet st
Clifford Sylvester lottery and exchange dealer 178 Lexington st
Clifford Sylvester grocer 209 W. Pratt st
Clifford James grocer 175 Columbia st.
Clifford A. & Co. furniture store 29 Light st
Cline Michael paver 59 Harford av
Cline Jacob C pattern maker 21 Montgomery st
Cline Anthony brick maker 231 Alice Anna st.
Cline Henry brick maker 250 Fleet st.
Clock Matalina   230 S. Strawberry alley
Clopper Mrs. Ann   47 N. Calvery st.
Closs Nicholas huckster 165 S. Bond st.
Clotworthy Alexander furniture store 80 N. Howard st.
Coud Mrs. Catherine   117 S. Green st
Cloud Jesse   137 N. Front st.
Cloud Robert M. firm of Pratt, Cloud & Bro 39 Jackson st.
Cloud Charles F. firm of Pratt, Cloud & Bro 34 South st.
Cloud Mrs C. F. tavern keeper 34 South st
Clougherty John shoemaker 46 Henrietta st
Clover L.P. portrait painter 3 Barre st.
Coakley P. H. broker over 83 W. Lombard st
Coale Mrs. Mary Ann teacher 45 Mulberry st
Coale Dr. S. H.   131 Fayette st
Coale Mrs. Eliza   60 Franklin st
Coale E.H. dry goods mer 229 Franklin st
Coale S. Chase att'y office ov. 5 Court House la.
Coates Robert E. painter 196 N. Eutaw st.
Coates Francis grocer 29 Grant st
Coates & Glenn Lumber mers 345 W. Pratt st
Coates John of firm h. 113 Conway st
Coath Wm. tavern keeper 164 E. Baltimore st.
Coath & Sargeant tavern keepers 44 E. Lombaard
Cobb Mrs. Daniel   84 N. Eutaw st.
Cobb Josiah grocer 31 N. Liberty st.
Coburn James dry goods mer 193 W. Balto. st
Coburn James   h. 51 N. Gay st.
Coburn Wm. bricklayer 93 N. Eden st
Cochran J. E. oyster dealer 187 Aisquith st.
Cochran John D. pattern maker 190 Aisquith st
Cochran David domestic manuf. 56 Preston st
Cochran S. M. att'y office ov. 5 Court House la.
Cock Wm. fish dealer 237 Biddle st.
Cockey Mrs. Elizabeth   145 N. Front st.
Cockey Dr. Joseph C.   28 Exter st
Cockey Dr. J. P.   22 E. Lombard st
Cockey Edward livery stables 76 N. Howard st
Cockey Edward livery stables h. 214 N. Howard st
Cockey Charles E. ship joiner 94 Wilk st
Cockey & Gambrill grocer and com. mers. 59 S. Calvert st
Cockey J.G. of firm h. 60 Camden st
Cockey Joshua magistrate h. 175 Park st.
Cocksil Dr. James J.   75 Thames st.
Cocksil Mrs. Reeccaa   28 Philpot st
Codman Capt. Frederick   205 N. Howard st
Coe A. Bemon clerk in county clerk's office h. 242 Lexington st.
Coe John cutter 112 Lancaster st.
Coels Mrs. Mary Ann   150 Orleans st.
Coffey Capt. James   38 S. Sprint st.
Coffin Capt. Charles E.   70 Block st.
Cofiled Jeremiah fruit dealer 73 E. Monument
Cofield Mrs. Elizabeth Ann   10 Salisbury st.
Coggins Thomas carpenter 34 N Church st.
Cohen B.I. & Son exchange brokers 118 W. Baltimore st.
Cohen B. I. of firm h. 64 Franklin st.
Cohen David I exchange broker 1 North st
Cohen David I exchange broker h.43 N. Calvert st
Cohen Dr. Joshua J   115 N. Charles st.
Cohen E.P. com. mer. 68 Bowly's wfr
Cohen E. P. com. mer. h. 36 Courtland st
Cohen Samuel tailor 128 Light st. whf
Cohen Moses dry goods mer. 43 W. Balto. st
Cohen J.I. Jr.   115 N. Charles st.
Cohen Nathan optician 181 Alice Anna st
Cohen Lewis J. trader 70 E. Lombard st
Chon David tailor 39 Enser st
Colan Edward cabinet maker 44 Biddle st.
Colbert Lewis A. carpenter 155 Potter st
Colbert Lewis A. carpenter h. 153 Potter st.
Colbert Robert seaman 35 Block st.
Colbert Mrs. Sarah   199 Aisquith st.
Colburn Hervey bookseller & stationer 216 W. Baltimore st
Colburn Hervey bookseller & stationer h. 88 N. Paca st.
Colburn Edmund W. teacher 151 Park st.
Cole Mrs. Rebecca seamstress 79 Holiday st.
Cole Hinson H. clothier NW e Marsh Market sp. and Pratt st.
Cole Hinson H clothier h. 98 E. Baltimore st
Cole Wm. A   90 Paca st.
Cole Jeremiah tea dealer 166 N. Howard st
Cole James bricklayer 58 Richmond st
Cole Craft & Co. hatters 5 S. Calvert st.
Cole Wm. P of firm 140 N. High st
Cole Frederick sawyer 218 S. Charles st.
Cole & Howard wholesale dry goods mers 339 W. Baltimore st
Cole Abraham G of firm h. 216 w. Lombard
Cole Lewis H. tobacconist 395 w. Balto st.
Cole Wm J. att'y 10 St. Paul st
Cole Wm. J. att'y h. 445 W. Baltimore st.
Cole John R. grocer 48 N. Eutaw st.
Cole Cornelius H. livery stable keeper h. 65 Columbia st
Cole Lewis H. clk at R.R. depot h. 103 S. Sharp
Cole John   195 Lombard
Cole Wm. tailor 35 Potter st.
Cole Dr. Merryman   158 Potter st
Cole Selah carpenter 180 Potter st.
Cole Dr. G.W.A.   37 Second st
Cole Samuel grocer 54 Aisquith st.
Cole Cornelius M   117 N. Exter st
Cole James laborer 201 Alice Anna st
Cole Eliza tavern keeper 150 Wilk st
Cole James   295 Wilk st
Cole & McBriety ladies boot and shoe makers 45 e Balto st and 32 W. Balto st
Cole Mrs. Rebecca   42 Hillen st
Cole  Mrs. Hannah seanstress 41 N. Spring st
Cole John Henry tailor 129 Forrest st
Cole Wm. plasterer 97 E. Monument st
Cole Catherine   10 Lewis st.
Colehouse Wm. H. mer tailor 10 Fayette st
Coleman Morgan grocer h. 221 Franklin st
Coleman & Rogers druggist 178 W. Baltimore st
Coleman Charles clerk in Merchant's Bank 75 S. Paca st.
Coleman Ellis bootmaker 88 1/2 W. Baltimore st.
Coleman Ellis bootmaker h. 77 Granby st
Coleman Mrs.   97 E. Lombard st
Coleman Salisbury butcher 61 N. Eden st.
Coleman Edward carpenter 115 S. Eden st
Coleman Capt. George A.   132 Thames st
Coleman Wesley carpenter 14 Comet st
Coleman Mrs. Julia   255 Wilk st.
Coleman Samuel shipsmith 313 Wilk st.
Coleman Thomas blacksmith 329 Wilk st.
Coles Wm. ladies shoemaker 28 W. Baltimore st.
Coles Wm ladies shoemaker h. 109 Pitt st.
Coles Mrs. Mary   22 Forrest st.
Collett George   94 Dugan's whf.
Colley John W. carpenter 64 Raborg st
Colley John porter 91 S. Eutaw st
Colliday Joseph S. carpenter 264 W. Lombard
Collier Levin D.   48 Lee st
Collier Wm James blacksmith 62 York st.
Collier Ralph tin and coppersmith 26 W. Lombard st.
Collier Ralph tin and coppersmith h. 5 French st.
Collier Henry blacksmith 150 Hollins st.
Collingswood George shoemaker 184 Park st.
Collins James L. hardware mer 74 s. Charles
Collins Mrs. Ann   246 S. Charles
Collins Thomas laborer 254 S. Charles
Collins Lee merchant tailor 56 Hill st
Collins Mrs. Elzabeth   63 Hughes st.
Collins Wm. H merchant tailor 212 W. Pratt st.
Collins Chares S. clerk 67 Columbia st.
Collins Mrs. Catharine   19 West st.
Collins Noah R. merchant tailor 85 W. Lombard st.
Collins Wm. H att'y 5 Court House la
Collins Wm. H. att'y h. 36 N. Calvert st
Collins Dr. Stephen   office and h. 36 N. Calvert st
Collins James E. tavern keeper 81 Thames st
Collins Mrs. Mary   27 Lancaster st
Collins Wm. butter dealer 21 Apple alley
Collins Margaret washer 222 Raborg st.
Collins Patrick clothier 24 Harrison st.
Collins Peter   57 Harrison st
Collins J.W. scrivener and referee 6 Barnet st
Collins J. W. scrivener and referee h. 50 N Charles st
Collins John F.M.   at Custom House
Collins John F.M.   h. 2 New Church st.
Collins Thomas   379 Saratoga st.
Collins Samuel varnisher & finisher 188 S. Eutaw
Collins Henry brickmaker 197 S. Eutaw st
Collins George C. grocer & com. mer 83 light st. whf.
Collins George C. grocer & com. mer h. 44 N. Front st.
Collins Benjamin painter 49 E. Monument st.
Collins Samuel seaman 8 McClderry st.
Collins David seaman 231 Apple alley
Collinson Wm. merchant tailor 5 S. Sharp st
Colmus Levi pedler 3 Mott st
Colt Charles finisher 14 S. Liberty st
Colton Wm. stocking weaver 282 N. Gay st.
Colton Wm. boot and shoe maker 48 W. Pratt st.
Colton Wm. boot and shoe maker 240 Broadway
Colton John stone cutter 43 Clay st.
Colton & McAlleer blacksmiths and bell hangers 99 Harrison st.
Colvin Miss Rachel   77 E. Baltimore st
Colvin R. lottery and ex dealer 152 W. Balto st
Comfort Mrs. Catharine milliner 39 E. Balto st
Comly & Brothers agt. Maryland print works 19 Cheapside
Commercial and Framers Bank   S.W. c Howard and German sts
Compton Rev. R. pastor Baptist Church Madison st.
Compton Rev. R. pastor Baptist Church h. 161 N. Eutaw st
Comte Mrs. Ann   81 S. High st.
Conain Louis firm of Denison Conain & Co. h. 53 Granby st
Conant Samuel W. clock repairer 59 Harford av.
Conaway Carrville blacksmith & wheelwright E. Falls av. S. of Pratt st
Conaway Carville blacksmith & wheelwright h. 198 Albemarie st
Conaway Jas. R. shoemaker 216 Gough st
Conaway Solomon carpet weaver 26 Centre st.
Conaway Charles laborer 14--st., E of William and W. of Johnson st
Condan Conrad cabinet maker 41 McElderry st
Condon Maruice liquor store 114 Dugan's whf
Condon John R. boot and shoe maker 14 North st
Conine Wm. C. broker 24 N. Frederick st.
Conklin Capt. Wm H. shipping merchant 175 Broadway
Conlan John contractor 139 N. Paca st
Conly Mrs. Hannah grocer 8 Jasper st
Conly John cooper 236 h. 234 German st
Conn Mrs. Jane   51 N. Canal st
Connelly Patrick millwright 94 Holliday st.
Connelly Michael teacher . 60 N. Green st
Connelly John cooper 523 W. Baltimore st
Connelly Mrs. Margaret   24 S. Front st
Connelly Richard teacher Public School No. 3 h. 49 albemarie st
Connelly John laborer 38 Granby st
Conner John watchmaker and Jewller 46 W. Baltimore st
Connolly Miss M. Milliner 124 Saratoga st.
Connolly John F. stone cutter 346 N. Gay st.
Connolly Thomas carpenter 348 N. Gay st.
Connolly Felix cooper 542 W. Baltimore st
Connor Patrick laborer 183 S. Bond st
Connor Berhard laborer 19 Bank st
Connor Thomas carpenter 41 N. Poppleton st.
Connor Mrs. Hannah b.H> 27 E. Baltimore st
Conoway James R. boot and shoe maker 153 Lexington st
Conrad John Portor 106 N. Eden st
Conradt Geo. J. music dealer 205 1/2 W. Balto. St
Conradt Mrs. E.   97 Albemarie st
Conradt GEorge carpet manuf 42 Albemarie st
Conradt Christian G. carpet manuf 25 Granby st
Conradt Christian G. carpet manuf h. 54 Alvemarie st.
Conradt Philip carter 185 S Sharp st
Conry Thomas ladies shoemaker 96 N. Exter
Conry Mrs. M. dress maker 90 Park st
Conry Matthew tanner 6 Ensor st
Conry Mrs. M milliner 6 Ensor st
Conway Robert   208 S. Bond st
Conway Frances Ann   178 Potter st
Conway Mrs. Frances   178 Potter st.
Conway Patrick laborer 152 Pearl st
Conway & Armstrong grocers and com. mers. 56 South st
Conway John R of firm h. 53 Barre st.
Conway Alfred shoemaker 108 Columbia stq
Conway Mrs. Elizabeth   2 Cross st
Conzy Lewis boot and shoe maker 239 Light st
Cooble Charles millstone maker 15 S. Canal st
Cooch Zebulon H. com. mer h. 42 Lexington st
Coogan Andrew J. boot and shoe maker 20 S. Eutaw st
Coogan Andrew J. 20 S. Eutaw st h. 23 Carpenters alley
Cook James H. bacon mer 19 commerce st
Cook James H. bacon mer h. 106 Hillen st
Cook Benjamin M. shoemaker 68 Orleans st
Cook Allen tailor 85 N. Eden st
Cook John mariner 21 Shakespeare st.
Cook Henry carpet weaver 77 Wilk st.
Cook Henry cooper h. 23 lea
Cook Isaac P. bookseller and stationer 76 W. Baltimore st

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