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Gardner, Wm., shoe maker, Howard between Lombard st. and Whiskey alley

Gardner, H., teacher, 15 George Street, F.P.

Gardner, Caleb, mariner, 5 Thames street, F.P.

Gardner, captain Timothy, 12 Queen street, do.

Gardner, captain, 2, do., do., do.

Gardner, James, boarding house, 20 Bond street, do.

Gardner, captain Timothy, 68 Market street, do.

Gardner, Mrs., young ladies’ academy, 49 E. Alisanna st., F.P.

Gardner, Thomas, carpenter, Wolf street, near Pitt st., F.P.

Gardner, George, ship carpenter, Happy alley, F.P.

Gardner, James, storekeeper, 87 north Howard street

Garish, F. B., teacher, 82 High street, o.t.

Garrett, John, carpenter, Lumberd, between Howard and Eutaw streets

Garts, Charles, sugar refiner, 9 Water street

Getman, Nicholas, tobacco spinner, 13 Green street, o.t.

Gassaway, Henry and George, 39 Baltimore street

Gassaway, Henry and Co., merchants, 171 Baltimore street

Gabhardt, John F., baker, 5 Fayette street

Gauline, Mr., professor of music, Duleany, near Carolina st.

Geddes, David, storekeeper, corner of Fleet and Market streets, F.P.

Geddes, Wm, Montgomery street

Gembrill, Augustine, ship carpenter, 4 east Lancaster st, F.P.

George, Archibald, storekeeper, 87 north Howard street

German, Philip, sen., Store keeper, 100 Howard street

German, Philip, jun., storekeeper, 40 north Howard street

Gedding and Pope, shoe store, 85 Baltimore street

Getting, Jacob, merchant, 228 Baltimore street

Gettic, John, merchant, 44 Bridge street, o.t.

Ghequiere, Charles and H. Kunckel, merchants, 10 south Charles street

Gifford, Alexander, carpenter, Albermarle street

Giberdu, L., rigger, Arguile alley, F. P.

Gibbson, Wm, block maker, 15 Thames street, F.P.

Gibson, Mary, (black woman), 7 Ruxton lane

Gibson, John, carpenter, Duke street

Gibson, Capt. James, 48 Ann street, F.P.

Gibson, John, dwelling, north Charles near Mulberry street

Gibbs, George, waterman, York street



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