St. Brigid's Confirmations
July 21, 1862

Submitted by:  Rose Hatten

Male Department
Name and age

Berry, Michael, 12
Bosian, Robt. (can't read last name), 10
Butler, Henry Francis, 12
Ryan, John Robert, 16
Campbell, Michael, 26
Caton, John, 41
Cawly, John, 11
Clisham, William, 45
Clisham, Wm John, 12
Coffee, John, 15
Coleman, Michael Henry, 26
Comas, John (can't read last name), 35
Coyne, Michael, 12
Callan, Francis Jos., 12
Devlin, John Edward,11
Dugan, Jos. Michael (can't read middle name), 16
Dugan, Jos. Timothy, 13
Duffy, Joseph Henry, 14
Elwood, Joseph Michael, 14
Filben, Ths. (Thomas?) Patrick, 14
Filben, John G (can't read middle initial), 20
Filben, John M (can't read middle initial), 11
Ford, Patrick, 35
Flynn, Jas. Thomas, 11
Fisher, George, 13
Fogarty, John James, 10
Flynn, Patrick, 35
Higgins, Philip charles, 35
Jackson, Patrick Andrew, 10
Kelly, John, 11
Loftis, John, 12
Maginnis, Arthur, 11
Mullany, Ths. (or Jas.) Patrick, 18
Murphy, Morgan Cornelius (can't read 1st name), 32
Mullany, John, 45
Meahl, Patrick Donald (can't read last name), 30
McLaughlin, John Christopher, 18
Malone, John Joseph, 20
Malone, Ths., 22
McClure, Alan Joseph, 27
McAvoy, Joseph Edward (can't read 1st name), 10
McDonald, Martin, 45
Nolan, Peter, 14
O'Brien, Andrew, 14
Reiter, John Joseph, 12
Reiter, Nicholas, 14
Rinby, William (can't read last name), 37
Russell, John Henry, 14
Shmuck, Jacob Edward, 29
Sloan, Pat. William, 14
Sloan, John Charles, 14
Schoor, Francis Joseph (can't read last name), 14
Sullivan, Michl. Robt., 35
Tully, Bartholomew, 16
Walsh, Martin Jos., 15
Walsh, Michael Francis, 14
Wallace, Michael, 12
Young, Joseph Simon (convert), 27
Zinkerd, Henry (can't read last name), 12

Female Department
Name and age
Curry (could be Convy), Mary Ellen, 17
Campbell, Rebecca Jane, 16
Clisham, Ellen Matilda, 17
Camp, Margaret, 32
Cavanaugh, Annie Eliz., 15
Caton, Margaret, 37
Connell, Mary Eliz., 15
Coleman, Ellen, 60
Connelly, Mary, 55
Dilmore, Ellen, 24
Doyle, Luray (can't read 1st name), 35
Deigan, M. A. Eliz., 15
Deigan, Cath. Monica, 18
Ford, Mary, 35
Flynn, Margaret Cecilia, 19
Filben, Bridget Ann, 18
Flaherty, Cath. Angela, 9
Fallon, Mary A. Cath. 12
Flaherty, Mary Anastasia, 12
Flaherty, Margaret Agnes, 11
Flaherty, Mary Jospeh, 40
Fleming, Agnes Mary, 18
Feehely, Mary Agnes, 12
Fogarty, Mary Agnes, 19
Fogarty, Hanna Cecilia, 17
Fogarty, Cath. Emma, 10
Frawly, Ellen (can't read last name), 32
Flynn, Marg. Eliz. Jane, 12
Gallager, Ann Teresa, 18
Hays, Honora Cath., 17
Hunt, Mary Joseph, 17
Hamilton, Cath. Ellen, 15
Ivers, Margaret Anne (not sure of last name), 14
Kelly, Marg. Ellen, 30
Kenswilow, Maria (can't read last name), 32
Kelly, Cath. M (can't read middle name), 12
Lahey, Catherine, 35
Lawrence, Anna, 90 ?
Mallony, Ann Mary, 12
Mahar, Ann Cath. (can't read last name), 14
McDonough, Bridget, 36
McCarthy, Cath. Valerianne, 11
McGonigle, Cath. (can't read middle name), 12
McNamara, (can't read first or middle name, no age given)
O'Dea, Margaret, 35
O'Dowd, Lizzy Bridget, 11
Petings, Ann Cecilia (can't read last name), 12
Ryan, Irma Matilda, 14
Young, Borsini Eliz. Sr.(can't read 1st name), 50 convert
Young,Borsini Eliz. Jr. (can't read 1st name), 12 convert
Young, Mary Anne, 22 convert

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