St. Brigid's Confirmations
May 13, 1860

Submitted by:  Rose Hatten


Adams, Charles (not sure of 1st name)
Borkins, Mary Thomasa Cecila (can't read last name)
Bowers, Halter (can't read 1st name)
Bowers, Wm Boneventure
Byrnes, Catherine
Cain, Patrick
Cavanaugh, Patrick
Crawley, Peter
Curry, John
Donegan, Bernice
Donnelly, Mary Gane
Elwart, John
Flynn, Catherine
Hagerty, Ann
Hawkins, Lawrence
Higgins, Rosanna
Hines, Catherine
Hubbard, Michael
King, Michael
King, Patrick John
Lahy, Patrick
Lahy, stephen
Levy, Michael
Malone, Mary
Malone, Mary Eliza
Malone, Peter Francis
McCarty, Jessica Cecilla (can't read 1st name)
McCarty, John
McDonough, Julia Agnes
McDonough, Patrick James
McKenna, David
McKenna, Eliza Ellen
Milholand, Bernard
Milholand, Robert

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