St Brigid's Baptism
1858- 1866
Submitted by:  Rose Hatten

The first page on my microfilm is too light to read, so there are no names starting with A or B. Some of the writing is very hard to read, so some names may be wrong.

Conroy, John
Collins, Mary
Cain, Michael
Cawley, Mary
Collins, Patrick
Camp, Mary
Connor, Hugh
Conroy, Patrick
Cunningham, Elizabeth
Cain, Mary Ellen
Conroy, John
Collins, Mary
Connelly, Martin
Clisham, Julia
Clark, Florence
Curly, Elizabeth
Campbell, Alice
Collins, Catherine
Clisham, Catherine
Coomes, Anne
Collan, Elizabeth
Connell, Catherine
Crook, John
Clisham, Ellen
Collins, James
Conry, Hugh
Connolly, John,
Crooks, John
Cadden, Mary
Collins, Anne
Collahan, Catherine
Camp, Elizabeth
Coyne, Bridget
Coleman, Daniel
Connolly, Mary
Cawley, Catherine
Coughlin, John
Clisham, James
Cooke, Margaret
Connolly, Francis
Conroy, James
Coyne, Patrick
Connolly, Mary
Cawly, Thomas
Campbell, Julian
Dinsmore, Thomas,
Dunegan, Catherine, parents Bernard & wife
                                baptized 12 Nov 1858, age 3 weeks
Devlin, Sarah A.
Danaher, Bridget
Dunigan, Barnard, parents Thomas & wife
                             baptized 24 Jul 1859, age 8 days
Dunegan, Bridget, parents Edward & Bridget Fitzpatrick
                            baptized 24 Feb 1858
Dowd, Mary
Downs, Michael
Desmond, Annie
Degan, Timothy
Dougherty, Thomas
Dunegan, Anne, parents Edward & wife
                         baptized 13 Feb 1861, age 5 days
Donohue, John, parents Edward & Bridget Fitzpatrick
                         born 2 Apr 1865
                         baptized 13 Apr 1865
                         sponsors Barnard Connor, Cath. Cavanaugh
Dunegan, Bridget, parents Patrick and wife
                            baptized 24 Jul 1859, age 7 days
Darling, Mary
Degan, John
Degan, Michael
Donnelly, Mary
Davis, Elizabeth
Desmond, Rose
Dugan, Robert
Donohue, Charlotte
Donegan, Mary,  parents Bernard & Elizabeth
                           born 9 Apr 1863
                           baptized 19 Apr 1863
                           sponsors Henry Jackson & Cath. Martin
Donegan, Elizabeth, parents Edward & Bridget (nee) Fitzpatrick
                               born 14 Apr 1863
                               baptized 3 May 1863
                               sponsors Hugh & Catherine Fitzpatrick
Danaher, Mary
Davis, Adelaide
Dune, Joseph
Dougherty, Daniel
Dugan, Michael
Donnelly, Emilia
Doherty, James
Devlin, Patrick
Dugan, Thaddeus
Desmond, John
Danaher, John
Donegan, John, parents Edward & Bridget Fitzpatrick
                         born 2 Apr 1865
                         baptized 13 Apr 1865
                         sponsors Barnard Connor, Cath. Cavanaugh
Denner, Margaret
Dougherty, Michael
Dougherty, Margaret
Edwards, William
Eherne, Catherine
Evelin, Elizabeth
Elliott, Daniel
Flynn, Frances
Filben, Timothy
Fetry, Margaret
Finey, Mary
Fitzpatrick, Mary
Fogerty, Lizzie
Fitzpatrick, Philip
Ford, George
Ford, Cecilia
Flynn, Gers
Furlong, Margaret
Filben, Patrick
Feehely, William
Fretis, Bridget
Filben, Martin
Flynn, Mary Ann
Finley, Mary
Fahey, Michael
Ford, Mary
Feeley, James
Furlong, Philip
Fitzgerald, John
Feehely, Mary Jane
Flynn, Julia
Feehely, Mary
Fitz, Daniel
Flynn, John
Feehely, Timothy
Filben, Charles
Ford, Daniel
Frys, Mary
Fris, George
Flaherty, Mary
Flynn, Catherine
Frawly, James
Feehely, Catherine
Ford, Juliana
Frenah, Margaret
Flaherty, Francis
Furlong, James
Frawley, James
Flynn, James
Feehley, Bernard
Filbin, Ellen
Filbin, Bridget
Glover, Thomas
Gohar, Patrick
Ganna, Sarah
Gillese, Michael
Gallagher, Gene
Gibbons, Margaret
Gillis, James
Gaff, Mary
Garey, Catherine
Gennin??, Mary
Gillis, Thomas
Gaff, Edward
Gillis, Patrick
Gynn, Elizabeth
Greg, James
Goff, John
Gormly, Margaret
Gillespie, Honora
Henerty, Jerome
Henry, Elizabeth
Hope, James W
Higgins, Games
Hinkey, John
Higgins, james
Hervick, Emelia
Hughes, James
Hubbard, Catherine
Hawkins, Patrick
Healy, Julia
Hawkins, Mary Ann
Hubbard, William
Higgins, James
Healy, Pagtrick
Hawlins, Martin
Huber, Adolph
Hyland, Charles
Higgins, Mary
Haslop, Anne
Hubert, Simon
Isaacs, Mary
Ivers, William
Jackson, George
Jubb, Frances
Jeffers, Christina
Jeffers, Sarah
Jeffers, George
Johnson, James
Kelly, Mary Ellen
King, James
Kelly, Michael
Kiggins, Michael
King, Joseph
Kervick, Charles
Kelly, John
Kinsinla, Joseph
Kiggins, Patrick
Kelly, Michael
Kelly, Joseph
Kane, Eleanora
Kenny, Thomas
Kane, Mary
King, Mary
Kirkum, Winifred
Kiggins, Rosey
Kinnich, Isabella
Kelly, John
Kenny, Francis
Keith, Mary
Keith, Sarah
Kelly, Sarah
Kaiser, Catherine
Kelly, Alice
King, Matthias
Kirkum, Christina
Kervick, Mary
Lynch, Elizabeth
Loftus, Catherine
Lahy, Mary Anne
Loftus, James
Levey, John
Levey, John
Lewis, Mary
Lahey, Michael
Lohsfink, John
Lacey, Margaret
Lacey, Alexander
Lynch, Mary
Martin, Margaret
McGee, Anna
McNamara, Frances
McDonough, Michael
Mahoney, Alphonsus
McAsay, Ellen
McGoldrick, Mary
Murphy, Margaret
Martin, Thomas
McDonough, Mary
Malone, Mary
Malone, Thomas
Mullaney, Patrick
McHale, Honora
McDonough, Patrick
McGee, James
Morrow, Mary Anne
McAvoy, Margaret
Murphy, John
Martin, Mary Jane
Malone, Michael
Milholland, Hugh
McNamara, Daniel
McGinnis, James
McGonigle, Catherine
Murphy, John
Martin, Christopher
Martin, Patrick
Morrow, Stephen
Murray, Thomas
McKegney, Francis
Maginnis, John
Maher, Ellen
Murray, Catherine
McGee, William
McDonough, Andrew
McDonough, Thomas
Murphy, Francis
McGee, Mary Ann
McNamara, Galin
Moran, Margaret
Malone, Francis
Miles, Henry
Martin, Patrick
Moran, Mary Anne
Malone, James
Manley, Sarah
McElduff, John
Murry, Mary
Morrin, John
Maher, James
Maloney, Anne
Moran, Owen
McAvoy, John
McDonough, John
Murphy, Bridget
McNamara, Mary
McKenna, Catherine
McGinnis, John
Malone, Mary
McGlyn, Mary Ann
McMahon, Rose
McGoleck, James
McGee, James
Martin, Catherine
McAsey, Honora
Malone, Daniel
Millholland, Margaret
McAvoy, Bridget
Morran, John
Morran, Peter
Malone, Mary
Malone, Teresa
Mullany, Catherine
McNamara, Michael
McNamara, Mary
Mulkerns, Frances
Murphy, Barbara
McAvoy, Mary
Moriarty, Patrick
Moran, Richard
Malone, John
McLeod, Samuel
Murdock, Elizabeth
McHale, Michael
McDonoughe, Anne
Milholland, John
McMinn, robert
McCoy, Elizabeth
Manning, Catherine
McGonigle, John
Morrow, Thomas
Murray, John
McAvoy, Elizabeth
Newcomb, Peter
Noon, Charles
Nohs, George
Noon, Anne
Noone, Mary
Noon, Mary
Noha, Mary
Ohely, John
O'Connor, Elizabeth
O'Day, John
O'Neill, Catherine
O'Dowd, Anna
O'Dee, Peter
O'Donnell, Mary Anne, born 18 Apr 1863
                                     parents Michael & Honora
                                     sponsors Michael Hubbard and Anne Barrett

O'Connor, James
O'Donnell, Thomas
O'Dowd, Edward
O'Boyle, John
O'Donnell, Mary
Pedden, Elizabeth
Pierce, Michael
Petinger, Mary
Prendergast, Mary Elizabeth, baptized 1 Mar 1863
                                             parents Thomas & Eliza
                                             sponsors Julia Murphy & Jacob Welestein
Patterson, John
Patterson, Isabel
Preston, Emma
Power, Agnes
Patterson, Michael
Regan, Mary Anne
Rundles, Bersans
Randregan, Alice
Ringrose, David
Ringrose, Frances
Rowly, William
Shane, Margaret
Sullivan, James
Shane, Mary Ellen
Smith, Laura
Scanlon, Mathias
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Mary
Shield, Mary
Sherwood, Henry
Sullens, Mary
Slaide, John
Simmons, John
Shepherd, Victorianne
Smith, John
Shepherd, Benjamin
Snyder, Ellen
Simmons, John
Sheilds, Francis
Strong, Andrew
Todd, Charles
Tohey, Ellen
Trainor, Margaret
Trotell, Leila
White, Anna
White, Mary Ellen
Walsh, Margaret
Walsh, Brigid
Walsh, John
Williams, John
White, Mary
Wlash, Mary
Walsh, Honora
Walsh, Anne
Wheeler, Sylvester
Williams, Rebecca
Wolf, Samuel
White, Edward
Walsh, Lawrence
Walsh, Barbara
White, Cecilia
Will, Richard
Walsh, John
Whitaker, August
Waldmann, William
William, Elizabeth
White, Michael
Young, Josephine
Young, Mary Anne
Young, Emma
Young, Bersine
Young, Joseph
Young, James
Yarnell, Elizabeth

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