St Anthony's Church
Record of Interments
1900 - 1903
MSA Reel M3293-4
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin


Date Name of Person Place of Birth Age Disease Cemetery
1900 Dec 09 HOFSTETTER, Margaretha Germany   heart failure family burial grounds Franklin Ave
1900 Jul 08 JOHNSON, Charles A St Anthony's Park 3 mos cholera infantile St Patrick's Cecile?
1900 Oct 07 KOCH, Catherine Germany 28 confinement diarrhea Most Holy Redeemer
1900 Oct 04 KOCH, John Balto University  Hospital 1 hour penicillin Most Holy Redeemer
1900 Feb 09 LIMOGES, Henry Raspeburg 45 Accident Calvert Bldg Most Holy Redeemer
1900 Mar 09 MEYERS, Andrew John Lauraville 78 old age dropsy Baltimore Cemetery
1900 Feb 08 SMITH, Barbara Bertha Mary Fullerton 1 yr 3 mos spasms Most Holy Redeemer
1900 Jul 16 SULLIVAN, Jerome Lauraville 1 yr spasms Most Holy Redeemer
1900 Apr 22 VOGEL, Regina Rosedale 20 confinement Most Holy Redeemer
1901 Sep  29 GRAUSEE, Wm Oliver St Baltimore   cholera infantile Most Holy Redeemer
1901 May 23 MILCHLING, John Gardenville   Brights Most Holy Redeemer
1902 Jul 15 BERTLING, Rose M Pittsburg PA 3 mo 15 days convulsions Most Holy Redeemer
1902 no date between July and Sept DRESSEL, Mary Baltimore   paralysis Most Holy Redeemer
1902 Dec 13 GUTLERLET?, Effie May Cedarville P. G. County 28 tuberculosis Most Holy Redeemer
1902 Nov 04 NAGENGAST, Andrew Joseph Baltimore 10 days   Most Holy Redeemer
1902 May 29 SCHEIVA?, John Germany 70 miasmas Most Holy Redeemer
1902 May 22 SCHULTZ, Anthony Catonsville 4 weeks spasms Sweet Horne? C
1902 Sep 15 STOCKMAN, Wilhelmina Baltimore 59 paralysis of heart Most Holy Redeemer
1902 May 24 WILLS (nee Gonce) Laura Baltimore 18 yrs appendicitis heart failure Balto Cemetery
1903 no date BILZ, Catherine Lauraville   consumption Most Holy Redeemer
1903 Oct 02 FANGMAN, Bernard St Jos's Hospital 68 general breakdown Most Holy Redeemer
1903 Mar 20 FRISKEY, Elizabeth Rosedale 46   Most Holy Redeemer
1903 Oct 04 GARAND, Theod Lauraville 45 cardiac weakness Most Holy Redeemer
1903 Dec 03 HAMMEL, Albert Clinton Fullerton 5 1/2mos miasmas Most Holy Redeemer
1903 Apr 20 MOORE, Mary Harford Road 37 infection general peritonitis Most Holy Redeemer
1903 May 15 REIDEL, Barbara Rosedale 72   Most Holy Redeemer

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