St Anthony's Church
Record of Interments
1886 - 1889
MSA Reel M3293-4 
  Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin
Date Name of Person Place of Birth Age Disease Cemetery
1886 Jul  01 KLEIN, Mary Germany 56 Dropsy Most  Holy Redeemer
1886 Oct 04 WELSH, Mary Ireland 57 Bright's Disease Holy Cross
1887 Jul  25 NUTH, Wilhelmina Gardenville 9 days Cramps Most Holy Redeemer
1887 Dec 31 RAVADGE, John Germany 68 inflammation of stomach On their own property
1888 July 29 BAUER, Frederic Gardenville 2 dysentery Most Holy Redeemer
1888 May 07 BECKMAN, Teresa Bavaria 64 tumor Most Holy Redeemer
1888 July14 BIELMAYER, Jacob Bavaria 42 dysentery Most Holy Redeemer
1888 Sept 10 FRISKEY, Frank Gardenville 1yr 1mo 10days inflammation of brain Holy Redeemer
1888 Aug 06 FRISKEY, Rose Gardenville 1yr 2mo 6days dysentery private property of Ravadge
1888 Aug 14 MAENNER, Catherine Gardenville 10mo 13 days pleurisy Most Holy Redeemer
1888 July 02 MAENNER, John Gardenville 2 dysentery Most Holy Redeemer
1888 Feb 20 RAY, Richard Martin Baltimore 34 consumption Most Holy Redeemer
1888 Oct 08 WENKER, Mary Emerentia Gardenville 2 mos spasm Most Holy Redeemer
1889 May 02 LUTZ, Henry Gardenville 7 days inflammation of brain St Jos. Cemetery Belair Road
1889 June 27 GRAF, Mary Caroline Gardenville 7 mos cholera infantile Most Holy Redeemer

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