St Anthony's Church
Reels MSA 3290-3294
Births 1900


Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

Name: Johannes Jacobus Beckmann
Born: 17 Sep 1900 Baptized 23 Sep 1900
Residence: Rosedale
Parents: John H Beckmann//Barbara Reidel

Name: Guiliolius Buttino
Born: 4 Feb 1900 Baptized: 4 Mar 1900
Residence: Rosedale MD
Parents: Frank Buttino//Annie Maria Nollert?

Name: […?...] Collins
Born 15 May 1900 Baptized: 27 May 1900
Residence: Bream’s Lane, Georgetown MD
Parents: William Collins//Sallie A Philbice?

Name: Michael Doerfler
Born: 9 Jan 1900 Baptized:14 Jan 1900
Residence: Golden Ring MD
Parents: John Doerfler//Anna Krubinek?

Name: Helen Barry Gatch
Born: 03 Oct 1900 Baptized: 21 Oct 1900
Residence: Raspeburg
Parents: Harry L Gatch//Martha Barry

Name: Margaretha Maria Grauer
Born: 24 Mar 1900 Baptized: 8 Apr 1900
Residence: Georgetown
Parents: George Grauer//Mary Landergold?

Name: Cecilia Florence Hofstetter
Born: 27 Jun 1900 Baptized: 15 Jul 1900
Residence: Franklin Ave Gardenville MD
Parents: Fred J Hofstetter//Florence Ellen Council

Name: Carolus Andrew Johnson
Born: 15 Apr 1900 Baptized: 22 Apr 1900
Residence: near Gardenville MD
Parents: Charles T. O. Johnson//Mary Scott

Name: Marie Barbara Kahler
Born: 7 Jan 1900 Baptized:28 Jan 1900
Residence: Golden Ring MD
Parents: Charles Christopher Kahler//Elizabeth Julia Weineroth?

Name: John Frederick Kraus
Born: 28 Oct 1900 Baptized: 11 Nov 1900
Residence: Golden Ring
Parents: John Kraus//Elizabeth Bauer

Name: Theresa L Reitz
Born: 6 Aug 1900 Baptized: 12 Aug 1900
Residence: 2506 Hoffman St MD
Parents: John H Reitz//Sophie Kliapenopios?

Name: Guikielius Henricus Plumer
Born: 22 Apr 1900 Baptized: 29 Apr 1900
Residence: near Gardenville MD
Parents: Fred Plumer// Margareth Schneider


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