St Anthony's Church
Reels MSA 3290-3294
Births 1886

Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

Name: Maria Elisabetha Bauer
Born: 30 Aug 1886//Baptized: 05 Sep 1886
Residence: Balto Co
Parents: Jacobus Bauer//Maria R. (rest of page missing)

Name: Francisca Ann Beckman
Born: 10 Nov 1886//Baptized: 14 Nov 1886
Residence: Balto County
Parents: Peter Beckman//Catherina Bouder?

Name: Catherina Klein
Born: 06 Jul 1886//Baptized: 18 Jul 1886
Residence: Baltimore County
Parents: George Klein//Margaret Meyer

Name: Maria Catherine Lewis
Born: 20 Oct 1886//Baptized: 31 Oct 1886
Residence: Baltimore County
Parents: Charles B Lewis//Catherine Scharf

Name: Joannes Maenner
Born: 02 Apr 1886//Baptized: 11 Apr 1886
Residence: Baltimore Co
Parents: Joseph Maenner//Margaretha Butt

Name: Franciscus Milchling
Born: 15 Oct 1886//Baptized: 24 Oct 1886
Residence: Baltimore County
Parents: John Milchling//Cath. Ware…(rest of page missing)

Name: Petrus Joannes Scharf
Born: 01 Jul 1886//Baptized: 04 Jul 1886
Residence: Baltimore County
Parents: Peter Scharf//Rosa Coomes


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