First Presbyterian Church
 Baltimore, Maryland

Record of burials attended by John C. Backus
Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Baltimore

Submitted by Pattie Causey


Aug. 24 A child of Mr. Rusk.
Sept. 2? Robert Bigland.
Oct. 5 Mr. Biass
Oct. 12 A child of Mr. Ross.
Nov. 7 Mr. Maxwell.
Nov. 16 Asa Dykes.
Nov. 17 Mrs. Catherine Isabella Buchanan.
Dec. 10 Mrs. John Caldwell.
Dec. 19 Capt. Matthias Rich.


Jan. 20 Buried Gen'l. Joseph Sterrett - aged 48
Jan. 22 Ann Hyde aged 18
Feb. 12 A child of Mr. Thomas, age 1.
Feb. 27 Wm. Bowden Esq. of Petersburg Va.
March 3 Francis Purviance age 82
June 3 Mrs. Anderson
June 22 Oliver H. Neilson, age 27
July 2 Robert Watson, age 37
Aug. 1 A child of Thomas Mills, age 1 1/2
Aug. 1 Mrs. Cochran
General John Swan & Mrs. Vonkapff - died in my absence
Sept. 17 Eli Munn, age 30
Sept. 24 Thomas H. Conkling, age 29
Sept. 25 Mrs. Thomas
Oct. 18 A child of Alexander Boyd, age 3
Nov. 20 A child of Robert Thomas
Nov. 22 A daughter of Thomas Dinsmore, age 12
Dec. 21 Robt. Gilmor Howard, aged 7 months


Jan. 15 Buried Robert Gilmor Sen.?, age 74
Feb. 24 A child of Andrew Clopper, age 1
April 13 John Scobey.
Mrs. Dysart died in my absence
May 20 William Brown died in my absence, age 23.
May 27 Buried Mrs. Dumest, age 61
June 13 A child of Mr. Kendall, age 1
June 30 Buried Mr. Costin.
July 24 Mrs. Cashan, age 57.
July 24 Mr. Charles Torrance, age 77.
July 24 Mrs. Edward Clopper - died at Cape May
July 26 Mr. William Turnbull, age 72.
Aug. 14 Miss Burnside of Mr. Duncan's congregation
Aug. 18 A child of Mr. Thorndick Chase
of Dr. Glendy's congregation.
Aug. 23 A child of Mr. Bromwell, aged 3 months.
Aug. 24 A child of Mr. Thorndick Chase
of Dr. Glendy's congregation
Aug. 25 Dr. George Brown, age 68.
Sept. 8 Mr. Andrew Agnew.
Sept. 14 Mr. Ebenezer Finley.
Sept. 24 Mrs. Frances I. Wicks, age 21
Oct. 7 Died John McHenry at Mercersburg Pa., age 32
Oct. 11 Buried Mrs. Maxwell.
Oct. 26 Mr. Robert Patterson.
Dec. 6 Mr. William Winchester, age 35.
Dec. 9 A child of David Harris, 3 months.
Dec. 4 Died at Sea James Delacour, age 50.
Dec. 30 Buried Mrs. Woods, age 73.


Feb. 26 Buried a child of Mr. R.L. Colt, age 6 1/2
Feb. 26 James C. Buchanan, age 24
March 12 A child of Mr. Meredith, age 1.
March 15 Mr. Messonier, age 73.
March 29 Miss Mary Stewart.
April 4 Miss Clarissa Pierce.
April 11 Died Henry Lamson at St. Thomas.
May 7 Buried Mrs. Frink, age 62.
May 26 Dr. Coulter of Dr. Glendy's congregation.
June 6 Mr. John Oliver.
July 6 A child of Mr. Walker.
July 25 Mrs. Esther Elder.
Sept. 3 Died Mrs. Chapman & the Sunday before Mr. Chapman.
Sept. 19 Buried Mrs. Oliver.
Sept. 25 Wm. Harris.
Sept. 26 Mrs. Allen of Dr. Glendy's.
Sept. 28 Mr. Robinson of Dr. Glendy's.
Oct. 5 A child of Mrs. Watson, age 5 yrs.
Oct. 7 Mrs. Courtenay.
Oct. 9 Mr. Thornhill.
Oct. 23 Buried Mr. G. Lawson, age 53.
Dec. 2 A child of Alexander L. Boggs, age 1.
Dec. 12 A child of John T. Barr, age 1
Dec. 17 Mr. Lloyd Buchanan, age 50
Dec. 18 A child of Alexander L. Boggs, age 2.
Dec. 30 Miss Hester Dysart of Mr. Duncan's Congregation.


Jan. 24 Buried a child of Samuel McClellan, 1 1/2
Jan. 28 A child of J.W. McCullough, age 2.
Feb. 7 Shorter a colored girl, age 15.
March 9 Mr. John Rich, age 30.
March 13 Mr. Anderson a stranger.
March 28 Mr. Johnson, age 56.
May 24 Died Genl. Wm. H. Winder, age 49.
A child of Ebenezer Finley, age 2.
June 20 Buried a Mr. Ripple
June 24 Mr. Andrew Clopper
June 28 Mrs. Humphrey Pierce
July 4 Died P.B.K.N.
July 25 Buried a child of E.L. Finley, age 1.
Aug. 21 Mrs. Jane McKinley.
Sept. 2 A child of Mr. Dance, age 5.
Sept. 3 Miss Isabella Patterson.
Sept. 17 Mr. Thomas Dinsmore.
Sept. 19 Mr. Benjamin Sterett.
Oct. 18 Mr. Butterfield of Jacketts Harbour.
Oct. 19 Mrs. Millar of Mr. Duncan's congregation.
Dec. 6 Lucy Johnson.


Jan. 5 Buried a child of Samuel, age 5.
Jan. 6 A child of Christopher Johnson, age 1.
Jan. 11 Henry I. Isett, age 19.
Jan. 16 Robert G. Harper, age 61.
Feb. 10 Mrs. Murray, age 16.
Feb. 12 A child of Mr. McGibbon, age 5 mos.
March 4 Mr. A.A. McGibbon, age 28.
April 16 Mr. Penniman of 1st Independent Ch., age 44.
June 24 Genl. John Stricker, age 66.
June 23 Died at Boston Francis Hyde Jr., age 20.
Sept. 13 Buried Mr. George McIlvain
Sept. 26 Mrs. Mayhew of 1st Ind. Ch.
Sept. 21 Died Mrs. Guthrie in Cecil County, age 65.
Nov. 12 Buried a child of Samuel Harris, age 1 1/2.
Nov. 17 Mr. Elder
Nov. 29 A child of Robt. Aitken of Dr. Glendy's Congreg., age 1.
Dec. 9 Mrs. Charlotte C, Beam, age 30.
Dec. 26 Robert M. Henderson, age 26.


Jan. 4 Buried Dr. Nathaniel Andrews, age 67.
Jan. 17 Mr. Felty Nelson, age 86.
Jan. 26 Mrs. Frances McTier, age 59.
Feb. 9 Mr. James Inglis, age 88.
March 18 A child of the Rev. Mr. Duncan, age 3.
March 22 John P. Boyd, age 9.
Died in my absence Isabella Porter, age 14.
Miss Grace Rose.
June 7 Buried William Inglis, age 23.
June 20 A child of Mr. James Stewart, 3 weeks.
June 23 A child of Dr. G.S. Gibson, 5 1/2 mos.
July 19 Died in my absence Josephine Sterret, age 20.
A child of Mr. William Butler, age 1 1/2.
Aug. 1, Died in my absence a child of Mr. Chris. Johnson, 1 1/2.
Aug. 9 Buried Henry L. Williams, age 35.
Aug. 12 Mrs. Ludden.
Sept. 11 A child of Mr. Jas Bian, age 1 1/2.
Sept. 15 A daughter of Mr. Dance, age 4 1/2.
Sept. 20 A Mr. McLean.
Oct. 3 by Mr. Duncan a child of Wm. Hamilton.
Oct. 15 Miss?, age 20
Oct. 30 Mr. Mills.


Feb. 6 Buried John M. Barkley, age 35.
James son of J.M. Barkley, age 10 mos.
Feb. 26 A child of Mr. Bain, 3 yrs.
Feb. 28 Mr. Jacob Schley, age 45.
Apr. 3 A child of Mr. Benty, age 6 mos.
Apr. 14 A child of Mr. Stout, 9 days.
May 9 Died in my absence Mrs. C.C. Edgerton.
June 1 Buried Mr. Ralph Smith of the 2nd church.
April 24 John Hollins of the 2nd church.
June 15 Mrs. White wife of Henry White.
Aug. 15 Carvil Kelly, age 17.
Sept. 15 Mr. C. Blodget, age 46.
Sept. 22 A child of Mr. Bird - Mr. Breck'ge. attended, age 1.
Oct. 8 Buried a child of Mr. C.C. Edgerton, age 1 1/2.
Oct. 13 A son of Mr. P. Oller, age 16.
Oct. 21 Mr. Jacob Williams, age 62.
Nov. 2 Miss Perkins from the Eastern Shore.
Nov. 21 Miss Frances Purviance, age 25.
Nov. 26 Mrs. Blayney, age 65.
Dec. 12 Mr. Alex H. Boyd (service by Mr. Williams)


Jan. 27 Buried Edward P. Moody, age 9.
Feb. 2 John Nisbet, age 8.
March 5 Mr. Sinton, age 45.
March 7 Ephraim Hammond, age 19.
March 28 A child of Mrs. Wood, age 6 mos.
June 6 Mr. Dougherty of St. Paul's Church, age 79.
June 7 Miss Chaffee of Mr. Duncan's cong'n., age 37.
June 12 Mr. John Barron of 2nd Pres. Church, age 47.
June 18 Mr. Gilbert of 3rd Pres. Church, age 42.
July 1 Died Mrs. McGibbon (Mr. Morrison attended the funeral)
July 7 buried a child of Dr. G.S. Gibson, age 1.
July 12 a child of Mrs. Coonrod, age 1.
July 14 Mr. Whitelock.
July 18 Mr. JJohn Montgomery of Duncan's Congregat., age 66.
July 27 A child of Mr. Geo. Y. Kelso, age 2 mos.
Aug. 1 Died Mrs. Eliz'th A. Gill (Mr. Breckinridge attended), age 27
Aug. 14 Buried a child of Mrs. Scott, age 1.
Aug. 24 Died Charlotte Stricker (Mr. Breck'ge. attended), age 29.
Sept. 23 Buried Mr. William Butler, age 34.
Oct. 2 Mr. Wm. Barksdale (a stranger), age 76.
Oct. 2 E.R. Phillips, age 23.
Oct. 4 Mr. Alexander Coulter, age 67.
Oct. 14 Miss Mary Ann Mosher, age 24.
Oct. 17 A child of Mr. Wilkinson (of 2nd Pres. Ch.), age 2 mos.
Nov. 6 Mr. West from the infirmary, age 45.
Nov. 24 Mrs. Rich, age 69.
Nov. 26 A child of Mr. Crawford (of 2nd Pres. Ch.), age 1
Nov. 28 A child of Mr. R.L. Colt, age 1 1/4.
Nov. 29 Mr. George Gray, age 88.


Jan. 20 Buried a daughter of Mr. Mark of 3rd Pres. Ch., age 12.
Jan. 29 Mr. Andrew Boyd, age 50.
Feb. 7 Died Mr. Edward G. Williams at Williamsport, age 39.
Feb. 16 Buried Mr. George Sterret, age 32.
March 5 Mr. Peachim of Norfolk, age 70.
March 17 A child of Mr. B.C. Howard, 1 mo.
March 18 Mr. Edward Toogood, age 78.
March 21 A child of Mrs. Ruark, age 6.
May 25 Buried a child of Eliz'th. Haggerty, age 1.
May 25 Mrs. Torrance, age 71.
June 15 A child of Mrs. Bayard, age 6
June 26 A child of Mrs. Johnson, age 1.
July 19 A child of Mr. Mopps, age 7.
Aug. 9 Died at Hagerstown Mrs. Inglis, age 85.
Died in my absence Mrs. Dinsmore, age 80.
Robert Thomas, age 43.
Sept. 2 Buried a child of Mr. P. Neff, age 1 week.
Sept. 8 Mr. William Gilmor, age 54.
Sept. 12 A child of D. Cunningham Jr., age 5 weeks.
Sept. 14 Mr. Thomas Francis, age 23.
Oct. 22 Mrs.?
Nov. Died Mrs. Joanna Delacour.
Nov. 24 Buried Miss Sarah Carroll, age 21.
Dec. 17 Mr. John Swan, age 39.
Dec. 17 Mrs. Mary Young, age 71.
Dec. 30 Died at Montgom'ry Alabama Mr. James Inglis, age 23.


March 20 Buried Margaret McMillan.
April 6 Mr. White.
April 22 Alex. Son of A.L. Boggs, age 10.
April 23 A child of G.W. Everitt, age 5 mos.
May 13 A child of Capt. Wm. Owen, age 2.
May 17 A child of Mr. Clarke, age 3.
May 24 Mr. John McElderry (of 2nd Pres. Ch), age 42.
June 13 A son of Mr. Petticore.
July 26 Mrs. Rebecca S. Brien, age 23.
June died in my absence a child of Adam Barker, 1 wk.
Aug. 1 Buried a child of Mr. W. Barr of Duncan's congrg., age 9 mos.
Aug. 6 Mr. Hatch (a stranger)
Aug. 6 A child of Mr. Kaufman of the 3rd Pres. Ch., 3 mos.
Aug. 12 Mr. Samuel Keep? of Washington D.C., age 26.
Aug. 14 A child of Mr. John Sands, age 2.
Aug. 20 Eliza S. Buchanan, age 30.
Aug. 21 Emily G. McKim (attended ? Mr. Brekenridge), age 22.
Aug. 25 A child of Mr. Dabney Carr, age 2.
Aug. 26 A child of Mr. W.L. Gill, age 4.
Aug. 30 A child of Mr. W.F. Murdoch, age 1.
Sept. 10 A child of Mrs. Barret, age 4.
Sept. 22 Elizabeth daughter of Geo. Brown, age 10.
Sept. 28 John P. son of Mr. W.L. Gill, age 6.
Oct. 1 Eben La Fayette don of S.L. Finley, age 5.
Oct. 15 Buried a child of Mr. James Stewart, age 20.
Oct. 19 Mr. John McKay.
Oct. 20 Elizabeth Colhoon, age 13.
Nov. 23 Attended with Mr. Henshaw the funeral of
Harriet and on Nov. 27 the funeral of James
E.B. children of Mr. W.H. Murray.
Dec. 7 Buried Mrs. Mary.
Dec. 10 Leah Blue, a slave of Mrs. Finley, age 50.
Dec. 31 Agnes C. Wirt, age 16.


Jan. 8 Buried a child of Mr. Akn. Coulter, 4 mos.
Jan. 13 a daughter of Mr. Geddes, 4 1/2 yrs.
Jan. 14 A daughter of Mr. G.T. Dunbar, age 3.
Jan. 17 Mr. Hollins Carr, age 19.
Jan. 31 Mr. Peter Edes, age 45.
Feb. 10 A son of Mr. Henry Carroll, age 7.
Feb. 25 Mr. W. Gardner, age 18.
March 19 A son of Mr. Westerman (of Sunday School), age 15.
March 24 A child of Mr. M. Knight, age 7 mos.
April 22 Mr. James Stewart, age 44.
May 25 A Miss Jackson of the 3rd Pres. Ch.
June 3 A child of Mr. Sullivan of 3rd Pres. Ch., 10 mos.
June 8 Mrs. Hannah Winchester.
June 18 Mr. McDonald.
July 3 A child of Mr. Riddle, age 4.
July 6 A child of Mr. Gardner, age 1.
July 12 Elizabeth Ann Amey.
Aug. 2 W.H. Poe, age 24
Aug. 18 A child of Mr. Geddes, age 4 mos.
Sept. 3 Mrs. J.P. Thompson, age 32.
Sept. 10 Mr. James Ramsay of 2nd Pres. Ch., age 54.
Sept. Died in my absence Mrs. Sarah Y. Edes, age 29.
Oct. 11 Buried J. Adrian Dumest, age 32.
Oct. 17 Mrs. McIlhenny of 3rd church.
Oct. 24 Mrs. Elizth. M. Hopkins.
Nov. 8 A son of John McFadon, age 13.
Nov. 15 Mrs. Nathaniel Smith, age 82.
Nov. 27 A child of Mr. F.H. Smith, age 1.
Dec. 4 Mr. Alexander Mactier, age 73.
Dec. 12 Mr. James P. Boyd.
Dec. 18 Catharine Taggart (Mr. Bain Attended)
Dec. 25 Died Mrs. Catharine Stockton (Mr. Henshaw attended)
Dec. 30 Buries a child of J.W.C. Conine, age 4.


Jan. 14 Buried Mrs. Elizabeth Isett, age 62.
Jan. 27 a child of J.W. Conine, age 2.
Jan. 31 Mrs. Ruth McDowell (Mr. Musgrave attended), age 59.
Feb. 22 A child of Mr. Parker, age 3.
March 14 A child of Mr. Alex Forsyth, age 2.
March 15 Mr. John Torrance, age 38.
April 3 Mr. George Aikin, age 66.
May 18 Mr. Wm. F. Small, age 35.
May 19 A child of Wm. Crawford Jr. of 2nd ch., age 1.
June 6 A child of Mr. Bolton of 2nd Ch., age 6.
June 30 Miss Rachel Graham of 2nd ch.
July 15 Miss Leahy (of Frederick), age 35.
July 19 Mr. Humphrey Buckler of 2nd Ch., age 72.
July 26 Mrs. Lyon in the country, age 67.
Aug. 13 Mr. William W. Taylor, age 63.
Aug. 14 Mr. Donaldson (of cholera).
Aug. 15 A child of Mr. Carlock, age 2.
Aug. 24 Mrs. Dr. Allison, age 74.
Aug. 27 Mrs. McNeal (of cholera).
Aug. 28 Mr. Chambers (of cholera).
Aug. 31 Mr. Elliot, age 72
Sept. 2 Mrs. Edes (of cholera) (Mr. Williams Attended), age 75
Sept. 3 Mr. William Stewart of 2nd church (of cholera), age 21.
Sept. 4 Mrs. Mayer (of cholera), age 42.
Sept. 4 Mr. James Nicholson (of cholera), age 30.
Sept. 4 Mr. William Phillips, age 54.
Sept. 5 Mr. Benjamin Edes (of cholera).
Sept. 7 Mrs. Sarah Brown (of cholera), age 81.
Sept. 17 Mrs. Capt. Myers, age 52.
Sept. 10 Miss Anna M. Lyon (of cholera), age 22.
Sept. 22 Mrs. John Spear Smith, age 42.
Oct. Died Mrs. Jane Hollins, age 70.
A child of M. Knight, age 5.
Nov. Mr. Stewart Brown, age 63
Dec. 15 Buried Miss Zelah Carvan.
Dec. 29 Mrs. Selvige of 3rd church.
Dec. 10 Died at N. Orleans Mrs. Dance.


Jan. 24 Buried Mrs. N.B. Woodward, age 20.
Jan. 26 Mrs. Rosanna Prentice, age 72.
Feb. 4 A child of Mr.Waite, age 4.
Feb. 13 Buried Mr. Edward Pannel Jr, age 40.
Feb. 22 Mrs. Ellen Kelso, age 32.
April 5, Dr. Dunan, age 72.
April 7, Mr. Stephen S. Wilson, age 31.
April 9 Mrs. Turnbull.
April 15 Andrew Hazlehurst, age 17.
April 20 Thomas O. Kean, age 28.
April 29 Died a child of F.H. Smith, age 5.
May 12 Mr. Isaac Caustin, age 75.
May 14 Died Mr. C.C. Egerton
June 7 A child of Wm. Lemmon of Christ's Church, age 1.
June 14 A child of W.C. Conine, age 1.
June 24 Mr. Archibald Stewart, age 76.
June 30 Mr. James Sloan, age 84.
July 2 A child of Mr. John Spence, age 3 mos.
 July 7 Buried Mr. Dubois Martin, age 91.
July 9 A child of Mr. Perry, age 1/2.
July 9 A child of Mr. Warley, age 1 1/2.
July 11 A child of Mr. J.C. Moale, age 1/4.
July 13 Mr. Samuel Sterett, age 77.
July 19 A child of Mr. Elisha Lee, age 1.
July 24 A child of Mr. Fred K. Dugan, age 1/4.
Oct 18 A child of Mr. Armour, age 6.
Oct 18 A child of Mr. Hardesty, age 1.
Oct. 23 Susan Kelly, age 24.
Nov 10 A Mr. Hutchinson of N. York, age 27.
Nov. 11 Benj. May Clopper, age 24.
Nov 22 Mrs. Margaret McHenry, age 72.
Nov 27 Mrs. Mary Rogers.
Dec. 4 Mr. Selvage of 3rd church.

Jan. 17 Mrs. Eliza Barker, age 33.
Jan 21 Mary S. Inglis, age 21.
Jan. 23 A child of Mr. Thos. Johnston, age 1 1/2.
Jan. 28 Mr. David Polk.
Feb. 18 Died at Wash. D.C. William Wirt, age 62.
March 12 Buried Miss Mary Walker.
March 18 A child of David Stewart, Esq., age 1.
March 20 A child of Mr. O. Kellog, age 2.
March 22 Died Dr. Moor Falls, age 80.
March 31 Buried Miss Jane Stirling, age 50.
April 5 Buried J.W. Barkley, age 14.
April 6 Alexander Brown, Esq., age 70.
April 6 Died a child of James Ferguson, age 2.
May 8 Buried Mrs. David Stewart - Harris officiated, age 27.
May 11 Mr. Robert Miller, age 67.
May 25 A child of Wm. Egerton (Mr. Stone attended), age 3.
June 8 A child of Jas. Geddes (Mr. Musgrave attended), age 1. Died in my absence
Mr. Wm. Moody
Mrs. Hardester.
Sept. 30 A child of Mr. Dungan (Mr. Owen attended).
Oct. 1 A child of Mr. Dungan (Mr. Owen attended).
Oct. 1 Frederick Wilson (Mr. Williams attended)
Nov. 3 Mrs. McKonkey.
Nov. 8 Died Mrs. M.H. Nevins, age 33.
Miss Agnes Bryson
Dec. 18 Mrs. Ann Key, age 62.
Dec. 27 Buried Mrs. Elizabeth Pearson, age 86.
Dec. 29 Mrs. Robert Watson, age 34.
Dec. 31 Robert Oliver, Esq., age 77.

Jan. 15 Buried Miss Jane S. Purviance, age 29.
Jan. 22 A child of R.L. Colt, age 3.
Jan. 22 A child of P. Neff, age 1.
Feb. 9 William Patterson, age 83.
Feb. 10 William Buckler, age 73.
Feb. 24 Edward Pannell, age 83.
Feb. 24 Thornhill
Feb. 24 Stockton
May 24 A child of Dr. Robinson, 21 mos.


Oct. Holstein
Oct. 14 Susan Anderson, A.E., age 31.
Dec. 4 A child of Mr. Parker, A.E., age 11 mo.
Mary Copeland
Lawrence Tyrrel
Julia A. Foxwell, A.E., age 41 yrs.

(Finley Jackson centered under year)
March 17 Ehalynda Towson Coakley d. of P.H. & S.C. 2 yrs. 2 mo.
April 8 Ann P. Boyd, W.
April 18 Mary M. Williamson, W., A.E., from hospital.

Feb. Child of Mr. A. Clarke Susannah M. Dowell, A.E., age 6.
March Child of Mr. Geddes.
April 2 Mr. Christopher Johnson, W., Mr. Musgrave.
May 5 Janetta Sophia Scrivener. orphan Asylum, 11 yrs. 1 mo.
July 13 Mr. Jos. Sterret, age 57.

Feb. Child of Mr. & Mrs. Obrien
Feb. 27 Child of Mr. & Mrs. Cunningham
Mar 27 Child of John Watts.
May 11 Child of Thomas Johnson.
June 24 Gertrude Winder - died in New Haven, buried in Baltimore.
Aug  Elizabeth Turnbull.
Nov. 8 William Taylor Jr.
Nov. 15 Mrs. George Morris.


 Jan. 31 Mr. Lyon, in the country.
Feb. 28 Frances Harrison
March 15 John T. Brown - died at Norfolk - buried Balto.
March 26 Pearson son of Joseph.
March 26 Child John & Ann Fulton.
Apl. 16 John C. Moale & Son, blown up in the Medora.
June 3 Daughter of Mrs. Tyrrel.
June 3 Martin
Sept. 27 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Dunn - S.S. Scholar.
Sept. 27 Miss Carter - sister of Rev. I.P.C.
Sept. 27 Mr. Lee Nov. Robert Smith
Dec. 24 Mrs. Genl. Smith
Dec. 30 Mrs. Robert Smith

Jan. Mr. Alexander Brown.
Jan. 26 Mrs. Elizabeth Conkling
Jan. 26 Mr. Dunbar
Feb. 20 Mr. Hall - Killed on R.R. - buried in Balto.
Apl. 6 Romeyn Armstrong
May 19 Miss Polly Coxe
May 22 Mr. Clarke
May 22 Mr. John Bradford
June 21 Elizabeth, D. of H.C. & Ann Turnbull, Died Phila., b. Balt.
Aug Son of Mr. Ely
Sept. 27 Mr. Matthews Miss Reigart
Oct. 6 Mrs. Latimer
Oct. 12 Mrs. John Haskell
Oct. 17 Mrs. Jones
Miss Sidney Montgomery

Jan. Mrs. Ralph Smith
Jan Mary - d. of Robert & Caroline Davis
Feb. 7 Col. Harris
Feb. 7 Mrs. Miller, Lexington St.
Feb. 17 Mrs. Jones
Feb. 22 Mr. Sidney Winder
Apl. 5 Mrs. Robinson
Apl. 14 Miss Boyd
July Mr. James Coxe
Aug. Mr. Robinson of Louisville
Aug. 22 Child of Mr. Glenn
Oct. 27 John Spence, Sexton 1st ch.
Oct. 27 Child of James & Sarah Garland.
Nov. Mrs. Miller.
Dec. 3 Mr. Spencer
Dec. 12 Mr. Tyrrel
Dec. 26 Mrs. Clarke - carried to Washington.

Jan. 2 Mrs. Parker
Feb. 13 Mrs. Winder
Feb. 14 Mr. Dunlaps child.
Feb. 15 Mrs. Sears brought from Mr. McCullough, Washington.
Mar. 4 Boggs youth
Mar. 15 Mr. Machins child.
Mar. 15 Mrs. Jenkin - Mr. Coles d. memb xt ch.
Mar. 29 Col. Mosher.
Mar. 30 Mrs. McClelland July Francis Meigs. Mr. Williams attended.
Aug. Mr. Alexander Robinson. Dr. Musgrave attended.
Aug. Mrs. Dinsmore, (Dr. Musgrave , Mr. Williams attended?)
Aug. 20 Genl. McDonald , 2 ch, no Pastor
Sept. 5 Mrs. Schaeffer
Sept. 10 Watts (S.S. Scholar)
Sept. 24 Mr. Jacobs
Sept. 29 Mr. Rankin, Mr. Dunlap's ch.
Nov. 4 Miss Austin, Epicopalian.
Nov. 9 James Elder White, 3 yrs old.
Nov. 12 Margaretta Baker,  30, wife Wm. Geo.
Nov. 25 Sidney Bliss, M. Epicopalian.
Nov. 27 Mrs. Quin?
Nov. 29 Mrs. Mary Cole.

Jan. 1 James Buckler.
Jan. 10 ____ Harvey of Henry D. & Harriet Harvey.
Jan. 23 ____Harvey of Henry D. & Harriet Harvey
Feb. 13 Glunet - child
Feb. 25 Sparhawk - child
March 8 Mrs. Dr. Brown.
March 8 ____Canfield of Ira Canfield
March 29 Conway youth.
Mrs. Murray,
James Campbell,
George Morris - during Pastors absence in Europe.
Nov. 2 Mrs. Alverda Waters.
Dec. 9 Parkhill - child
Dec. 29 Miss Gould.

Jan.1 Mr. Barclay - bro. of Mr. Trull.
Jan. 2 ____Turnbull, son of Alexander & Fanny.
Feb. 8 Reynolds Finley, son of Thomas.
Feb. 15 Elizabeth Brown, daughter of George.
March 4 Mr. Samuel Purviance, bro. of Judge P.
March 15 Boyd child.
March 17 ___Stuart, granchild Dr. Baer.
March 23 ___Johnston, daughter of Thomas.
Apl. 25 ____Baer, son of Dr. Baer (pastor absent)
May 7 Elizabeth Chester Backus, d. of John C. & Letitia.
Sept. 3 Willie Baker S. of Wm. Geo. & Margaret.
Sept. 23 Mr. Torrance (died at Hospital).
Oct. 14 Gill child
Oct. 19 Mrs. Stewart - most aged member of the church.
Nov. 25 ___ Fisher, child of James & Mary.
Dec. 10 Mr. J. McHenry Boyd, accidentally Shot himself.

Jan. 7 Dr. Maxwell McDowell - most aged elder of the church in minute session.
Jan. 11 ____ Dunkin, daughter Capt. D. out of Town.
Jan. 31 Mrs. Armstrong, widow of James.
Jan. 26 Miss Matchett
Feb. 10 Miss Bailey sister of Dr. McDowell.
Feb. 18 Mr. Lanahan father of Mrs. Geo. Brown.
Apl. 13 Mrs. Abby Purviance wife of Judge P.
Apl. 21 ____ Sterling son of Archibald.
May 17 ____Fisher child of James I.? & Mary.
June 3 _____Pearson child Joseph Jr.
June 5 Mrs. Calhoun
June 17 Mr. Ely son of John.
June 27 Mrs. Lewis wife of Willoby.
July 11 Mrs. (Hulton?) Cushing wife of Judge.
July 11 Mr. Cornelius Clopper.
Aug. 9 ____Dennison son of Marcus.
Aug. 8 Sparhawk child.
Aug. 21 ___Carson, daughter of Thomas. Mrs. Nicholas Barney (New Castle)
Aug. 27 Miss Taylor, niece of Joseph
Oct. 25 Miss Eliza Dinsmore
Oct. 28 child of Mrs. Torrance (Episcopal ch)
Nov. Mrs. Mitchell, 2nd ch
Nov. 28 Mr. Geo. Torrance.
Dec. 3 Mr. Robert Gilmor.
Dec. 5 Miss Mary Hall.
Dec. 5 Miss Dorcas Torrance.
Dec. 18 Mr. Samuel Harwood.
Dec. 29 Eugene Craig

Jan. 1 Mrs. Somers (stranger) Glannets
Jan. 7 Mrs. Nicholas daughter of John Smith one of the founders of the church.
Jan. 11 Miss McClelland, County one of the oldest members.
Jan. 12 Mrs. John Barney
Jan. 15 Miss Hyde deaf and dumb daughter of Francis Hyde.
Jan. 18 Mrs. Sinton.
Jan. 18 Mr. Stewart, 2nd Pres. church.
Feb. 10 Rev. Mr. Austin & Daughter Jane.
Feb. 20 Daughter of Mr. Doyle. S.S. Scholar
Feb. 28 Baley Robinson - nephew Dr. McDowells.
March 1 Miss Eliza Buckler.
March 7 Mr. Dan Holts child. Died at Sea,
Mr. John Finley son of Thomas on way from N.O.
March 8 Mrs. Roach. Mr. Dennisons mother in law.
May 7 Mrs. Rosa Robinson
Sept. 10 Mr. Charles Findlays child
Sept. 10 Mrs. Ellen Findlay
Oct. 2 Mrs. William grandchild.
Nov. 29 Mr. Pleasants.
Dec. 19 Alexander Turnbulls child.

Jan. 23 Mrs. Letitia McCreary
Jan. 28 Mrs. Clopper.
Jan. William Murdoch Jr. Franklin St. ch.
Feb. 15 Sally infant daughter of Joseph Pearson.
Feb. 8 Edward son of Dan. Holt.
March 26 Commodore Turner, Reburied stranger
April 4 Kate Jameson.
April 22 da of H. & E. Whitridge. da of Alex Robinson.
July 5 Mr. Dr. Goey (old organ blower)
Aug Mrs. Calhoun (of Eutaw in Co. Mr. Halls mother)
Aug. Alex McDonald infant A. Sterling.
Aug Miss Eliza Harris, Dr. ___ attended
Aug. Mr. Sterlings child, Dr. ___ attended, Pastor absent.
Sept. 20 Mrs. Saml. Harris.
Nov. 22 Miss Rich.
Dec. 17 Miss Buchanan, last survivor of those who.

1851 March 29 Mrs. Porter
June 27 Mr. Thomas Johnston.
August Mrs. Brobson (Pastor absent)
Nov. 23 Mr. Irvine - Mr. Williams attended funeral being Sab. P.M. service.

1852 Jan. 4 Sophia Alexander Robinson.
Jan. 7 Mrs. Stephen Williams.
Jan. 8 Ralph S. James Childs
Jan. 17 Mrs. Dorsey - from Mr. Douglas.
Jan. 22 James Armstrong.
March 3 d. of James Childs.
June 17 s. of Mr. Lefferman.
June 19 Mrs. Dugan.
June 20 Florence son Dan Holt.
June 20 Mr. McTavish.
Aug. Mrs. Dunn.
Aug. Isabel d. Wm. & Isabel Graham.
Aug. Child of Mr. Montague.
Sept. 18 Mr. Logan
Sept. 19 Son of Moses Hyde.
Oct. 19 Calhoun Buchanan.
Oct. 27 Mrs. Harriet Childs
Nov. 19 Mrs. Baldwin
Nov. 26 Mrs. McCulloch.
Dec. 1 Mr. Ware.
Dec. 1? Mr. Turner.
Dec. 1? Mr. Finley.
Dec. 27 Mrs. Gilmor

Jan 3 Child of Mr. Fitzsimmons.
Jan. 28 Mr. Bradford.
Feb. 28 Mr. Spreckleson
March 11 child of Mr. Latimer Hoffman
March 30 Dan Holt
Apr. 7 Mr. Sweets child.
Apr. 25 Mr. Moses Hydes infant.
May 18 Mr. Neely (infirmary)
May 21 Miss Calhoun
May 27 Dr. Miller
June 16 Mr. Canfields child
Sept. 21 Miss Scott
Dec. 8 Mrs. McKean

Jan. 14 Mrs. McFaddon.
Jan. 22 James Stewart son Mr. S., Liberty St.
Mar. 12 Charles Turnbull, S. Alex.
Mar. 5 Mrs. Philpot.
Apl. 3 Miss Molly Boyd.
Apl. 14 Miss Mary Carroll
Apl. 20 Miss Finleys child
Apl. 24 Miss Culbertson
June 19 Mr. Glenns child
Sept. 2 Mrs. Nisbet, country
Sept. 24 Judge John Purviance.
Oct. 7 Mr. Clopper.
Nov. Mrs. Irvine (widows home)
Dec. 5 Mrs. Stewart Brown

Jan. 14 Mrs. Sandersons child.
Jan. 24 Mrs. Mahew
Jan. 27 Mrs. Eyre
Feb. 6 Mr. H. Whitridges child
Feb. 9 Mrs. Irvine (Infirmary)
March 4 Alicia d. cap McBlair
March 10 Mrs. Hamlin
March 16 Mr. Beatty's child
April 1 Mrs. Sarah Gilmor Buckner
April 1 Mr. Montague.
April 18 Mr. Hollin's child
April 26 Mr. F. Hyde
April 27 Mrs. Morfit (Mary Chancellor)
Oct. 9 Mr. Hardesty
Oct. 11 Mr. Baker
Dec. 1 Mr. Rodgers
Dec. 13 Geo. Spence's child

Jan. 23 Maj. McKalls two children (strangers)
June 10 Mary Whitridge
June 15 Andrew Pearson, 5th ch.
Aug. Mrs. Moale
Aug. Miss McClelland - county - one oldest members Mr. Bowie (stranger central ch.)
Aug. Lydia Hall.
Sept. 14 Mrs. Phillips child (Mr. Norris grandchild)
Sept. 15 Mary McDowell Mrs. Robert Purviance.
Nov. 28 Mr. McClelland.
Dec. 8 Mr. Smith Hollins
Dec. 8 Mrs. Isabel Graham.

Jan. 28 Mr. John Barney
Feb. 23 Dr. T. Murdoch's child (Immanuel ch)
Mar 7 Mrs. Lovejoy Mar 31 Mr. Alricks (___ ch)
May 15 Mrs. Wm. Stirling
May 19 Mr. Donald McIlvain's child.
May 19 Geo. Rodgers child
Sept. Mr. Davis (Dubuque)
Sept Miss Rich
Sept. Miss Stone (Jos. Taylor's grand daughter)
Oct. 2 Mrs. Margaret Buck (Phila.)
Oct. 9 Mary Canfield (Wm. B. C's Daughter)
Nov. 4 Mr. Stirrert (U.T. Episcopal ch.)
Nov. 6 Miss Esther Barney
Nov. 25 Judge Alexander Nisbet.
Nov. 25 Mr. Francis Foreman.
Nov. 30 Mrs. Hardesty's child.
Nov. 5 Mr. Buck, Phila.
Nov. 31 Mr. Renshaws child

Feb. 11 Mr. Williams (h. of Miss Porter), in country near Frederick road.
Mr. Wm. Beatty, fell suddenly in street.
March 12 Mr. De Ford - bro. Mr. De Ford - Cathedral St.
March 15 Mrs. Wm Taylor from Mr. Halls Lexington St.
March 22 Mrs. Wm. Carren (Marian Turner)
March 26 Mr. Dugan (Charles St.)
April 5 Robert Purviance Sr. (from Capt. Purviance)
April 12 Miss Elizabeth Clagget.
April 12 Mrs. Ann Hall (Biddle St.)
May 31 Mr. Poor (Eutaw House) June 7 Mr. S. Harris (a friend St. Pauls St.) Sep. Miss Dinsmore (Mr. Kyles) Sep Mr. Phillips child (Miss Norris ch. m.) Nov. Mr. Wood (father of Mrs. Bartold) Miss Matthers Dec Mrs. Easter Mr. & Mrs. Cutter (Mrs. Easter's parents) Mr. H. Easter, Jr. (Mr. E. son) Miss Coggens D. Hollins

Feb. Mrs. Pleasants (Miss Clopper)
Feb. Mrs. Parkhill (old Town)
Feb. 6 Mr. Easters child
May 26 Mr. Coulter (son of Alexander)


Jan. 13 Mrs. Wilson (once a member, after of Dr. Duncan's ch., husband Cashier Bank of MD)
Mar. Miss Annie Harwood (Howard St., Mr. Elders)
Aug Mr. Joseph Pearson, Jr.
Sept. Miss Catherine Stricker
Aug Mr. Colhoon (McCulloh St.)
Aug Mr. Phillips child
Aug Mr. G. Rodgers child
Sept. Mr. G. Spences child
Oct. Mr. Beattie (county Mrs. Capt. Purviance's Bro)
Oct Mr. J. Pearson, Sr., county.
Sept. Mr. Hands child (Calvert St.)
Nov. 3 Mrs. W.W. Spence (very suddenly)
Oct. Mr. Alex. Carter's child.
Nov. 19 Mr. Milton (Ky.) 29
Mrs. Saml. Rodgers, Fredericksburg


Jan. 1 Miss S.L. Beattie (buried from Country, d. of W.H., Charles St.)
Jan. 7 Mrs. Buckler
Feb. 19 Mr. Loney's child
Apl. 19 Mrs. Gibson's child
Apl. 27 Alexander Winchester
May 20 Mrs. Anderson's child, O. Town.
May 15 Miss Eliza Wilson (at Mr. Mc)
Oct. 12 Miss Winder (daughter Charles Winder of Washington)
Nov. 25 John Rodgers Ruling Elder in the 1st church.
Nov. 26 Alexander Crawford.
July Mrs. S. Daniel


Feb. 15 Stirrat (sen Frans. Stirrat O.T.)
Feb. 25 John Whitmarsh (had been member Methodist ch)
March 9 Graham
May 25 Matilda Mary Denison (wife of Marcus Denison)
June 13 Robert McKim (Killed in battle near Winchester VA)
June 16 Mr. Elys child (on the Point)
June 20 Miss Jane Mactier - being very active useful member Female Superintendent S.S.
July Mrs. West.
July Mrs. William Fisher
Aug. 29 Mr. Danl. Warfield Jr's child
Oct Miss Elizabeth Morris.
Oct. 30 Miss Caldwell (aged Women's home)
Nov. 5 Mr. Gibson (killed by explosion Gilmor House)
Dec. 24 Mrs. Sallie Fisher (wife of Harmanus Fisher)
Dec. 29 Mr. White (O Town)


March 24 Mrs. Mary S. Winkley (Elder Spence's mother in law)
March 29 Mrs. Jane Dickson (mother of Mrs. Oliver)
April 2 Mrs. Eleanor Faulkner (for near 50 yrs in Mrs B. Family)
April 6 Mr. Carter (father of our Elder A. Carter)
Feb. 18 Mr. James Glenns son (Old Town)
March 14 A Mr. Gardner, Ron. R. stranger)
April 12 Mr. Barnes
April 20 Mrs. Broadnax Atkinson
May 16 Mrs. Long
June 28 child of Mr. Phillips.
July 21 Mrs. Graham
July Miss Henry
Oct. 1 Mrs. Joseph Taylor
Nov. 3 Miss Annie Coxe - brought from Bedford Pa.
Dec. Child of Mr. Keys
Dec. Mr. Isaac Johnson
Dec. William Plunkett Stewart.
Dec. Mrs. Rebecca Oliver.


April 16 Mr. C. Schaffer.
April 15 Mr. Reynolds.
June 4 Mr. Edward Stirling.
June 16 Mr. Joseph Nicholson.
June 29 Mr. Joseph Taylor
July 2 Miss L. Whitridge
July 4 Mrs. Dunbar.
July Infant child of - Porter.
Aug. 4 Miss Agnes Spence
Mrs. Braden (aged Womens Home)
Oct. 15 Mrs. Stewart (Franklin St.)
Nov. 4 Mr. Stirrat
Nov, 19 Mrs. Boyd (Infirmary)
Nov. 22 Mrs. Eavans


Sept. Mr. David Whitmarsh - member 1st Pres. ch. New York.
Sept. Mrs. Glover, Poor Woman in Chatsworth St.
Sept. Mrs. Atkinson (Mrs. Weaver's mother)
Sept. Mrs. Rebecca Waters - attended on the mission.
Sept. Vauzest (or Vanzest) (German boy at Mrs. Hillocks)
Sept. Mr. Edward Patterson.
Sept. Mr. Geo. Comell (Son of Michael Comell), 21.
Oct. 22 Mrs. Benjamin De Ford
Oct. 28 Mr. Wilson H. Orndorf.
Oct. 31 Mr. Thomas Turner, died in New York.
Dec. 13 Miss Jane Patterson - at Aged Women's Home, where placed by the church 6 weeks before
Dec. 13 Son of __ & ___ Stewart, six weeks old.
Dec. 7 Henry Turnbull, son of Alex. & Florence Murdoch, 2 yrs.
Dec. 26 Mrs. Kirk (mother of Miss Helen - member of Soc. of Friends)
Dec. 27 Miss Esther Buchanan (formerly a member removed to Wheeling)


Mrs. Henry C. Turnbull
Mrs. Eliza Hardisty
Mr. Joseph H. Smith - died at Newberg - born in Balt.
Dr. John Buckler
Mrs. Dean Buck

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