Martin Luther Marriages
1919 - 1924

Submitted by Lynn Smith

Edward Fewster Margaret E Schuster Baltimore Oct 3 1919

Wm J Siller Margaret Reely Baltimore Oct 8 1919

Sameul J Decker Elizabeth M Gross Baltimore Oct 9 1919

Harry L Wheeler Anna L Trabert Baltimore Oct 19 1919

Joseph G Whiting Eva Dreher Washignton D.C. Nov 2 1919

Paton Monroe Elizabeth Wilson Baltimore Nov 19 1919

Roland J Nies Rita J Schmitt Baltimore Nov 21 1919

John E Lautenschlager Ida M Coulson Baltimore Nov 26 1919

Robert J Hohman Fannie M Edwards Baltimore Nov 30 1919

John G Pfeiffer Anna M Krauss Baltimore Dec 1 1919

John L Bloom Mary E Engerhardt Baltimore Dec 14 1919

Maurice E Humphreys Hilda M Jones Baltimore Dec 15 1919

Linden L Sanders Anna M Buschman Baltimore Dec 25 1919

James H Forbes Viola Bennett Baltimore Dec 31 1919

Charles J Wolfe Margaret O Baer Baltimore Dec 31 1919

Joseph P Gurbelski Mary Kucharski Baltimore Jan 5 1920

Herman Dassler Susan A Moon Baltimore Jan 6 1920

Anton Poehlman Elsie Proell Baltimore Jan 9 1920

James H Hartlove Mable I Groves Baltimore Feb 4 1920

Charles Icenroad Mary Kahler Baltimore Feb 29 1920

James T Witter Emma M Richter Baltimore March 7 1920

Earl A Brewer Hazel Haddaway Baltimore March 12 1920

Enich A Wilcke Frieda H Liebigott Baltimore March 30 1920

Peter Hubroeck Lillian Fiechley Baltimore April 4 1920

Lawrence Wenchel Irene H Yearley Baltimore April 4 1920

Barney V O'Donnell Tenna E Moon Chester PA & Baltimore April 3 1919

Louis P Eisenhauer Mary E McLaskay Baltimore April 12 1920

Wilford C Jones Lydia L Hamilton Baltimore June 4 1920

Matthew Starkey Thelma T Schutz Baltimore June 6 1920

Charles C Prell May E Hughes Baltimore June 22 1920

Carlton V West Anna C Surendorf Baltimore June 30 1920

July 11 1920 Edward F Haines Virginia S Triany Baltimore Cleveland Ohio

Aug 17 1920 Clarence W Phillips Charlotte S Betzie Baltimore

Sept 1 1920 Herman Murch Edith K Schafer Baltimore

Spet 4 1920 Emerson Breedon Madeline M Enders Baltimore

Sept 7 1920 George F Pittinger Emma Hedle Baltimore

Sept 16 1920 Paul C Hartman Lucy Meyer Baltimore

Oct 7 1920 Frank Burn Mildred P Crawford Baltimore

Dec 2 1920 Rocco DePilo Mary Kerielro Baltimore

Dec 12 1920 Henry T Wiethierger Augusta Dawes Baltimore

Dec 24 1920 Harry Sevick Carrie Simpson Baltimore

Dec 27 1920 George C Heinmiller Grace E Steinmetz Baltimore

Dec 28 1920 Michael Triolo Anna Bernard Baltimore

Jan 1 1921 William E Ketler Ada F Weller Baltimore

Jan 1 1921 Arthur D Robertson Annie E Krause Baltimore

Jan 13 1921 John A Fischer Eva M Scholar Baltimore

Jan 31 1921 Robert E Renschling Katherine M Williams Baltimore Texas MD

March 12 1921 Petter Eppers Elizabeth L Schenkel Marriottsville MD

March 13 1921 Charles Thomas Edith Kelly Baltimore

April 20 1921 William S Morrison Annie E Fink Baltimore

April 20 1921 Charles C Schultz Marie R Stecker Baltimore

April 20 1921 Albert T.W. Moon Edna F Thomas Baltimore

April 27 1921 Robert L. McMullin Fannie M Clark Baltimore

April 28 1921 John F Monath Hettie E Myrtle Baltimore

May 3 1921 John F Flynn Sasha O'Connor U.S.Army Norfolk VA

May 14 1921 Clarence E Whitley Anita M Ereay Baltimore

June 15 1921 H.Leroy Mencke Mary V Meyers Baltimore

June 15 1921 James B. McCreary Elizabeth F Leben Baltimore

June 20 1921 Arthur T Pitt Elizabeth W Ott Baltimore

June 22 1921 Aldren D Conger Mildred S Hohman Werhawken N.J. Baltimore

June 25 1921 James W.D. Kibler Dorothea Vorrath Baltimore

July 30 1921 George W Davis Ida L Ridgley Baltimore

William Lamkin Masie L.B. Thompson Baltimore Oct 4 1921

Harry E Hunt Edna L Reinche Baltimore Nov 9 1921

Elmer L Zink Elizabeth M Appel Baltimore Nov 24 1921

John L Reinhardt Elizabeth Rickert Baltimore Feb 28 1922

Harry S Ely Lena C Plumhoff Overlea Md April 11 1922

Mark Brown Gussie Richard Bayfield Wis. Baltimore April 16 1921

George L Ricker Anna J Simonsen Fullerton MD Baltimore April 19 1921

Claude C Hartmer Jennie Carender Baltimore May 3 1922

Albert C Fischer Adline R Cantwell Baltimore May 5 1922

James C Diggs Beulah M Harp Baltimore May 9 1922

Umpton Schneider Emma Ritz Baltimore May 12 1922

Vincent D Hall Elsie Scott Baltimore Oct 8 1922

Jesse R Anderson Virginia M Watts Washington D.C. Oct 16 1922

Harry J Morgan Louise E Smith Baltimore Nov 8 1922

Emil C Benner Matilda Baer Baltimore Nov 18 1922

George C Winter Dorothy Gephart Baltimore Dec 27 1922

Roy Hall Mary Witzgall Sedalia MS Baltimore Feb 6 1923

Henry J Berg Margaret Rummel Baltimore March 14 1923

George Nargele Graci V Scheck Baltimore March 17 1923

Wilbur M.L. Maurath Irene E Michel Baltimore April 4 1923

Harry W Zick Anna C.E. Appel Baltimore April 8 1923

John L Rasch Gertrude Heimbuch Baltimore April 30 1923

Robert P Lambdin Katherine M Trainor Baltimore June 27 1923

John B Lacher Alma Hergel Baltimore Rev C.A.D. Freseman

Register of Marriages Rev Herman C Schulz Pastorate Nov 18 1923 FF

date of marriage, name of man,name of women, his residence,her residence
,where married,remarks

Nov 21 1923 Walter E Neuman Wanda M Monath Baltimore Baltimore
brdie's a member

Dec 28 1923 John E Lawrence Emma E Bagnall Baltimore Baltimore
parsonage non-members

Jan 23 1924 James J Conroy Mary Stiemly Baltimore Baltimore at bride's
home bride's a member

Feb 20 1924 Charles R Smith Margaret Rappold Baltimore Baltimore bride's
home bride's a member

Feb 23 1924 Joseph Gross Anna M Collins Baltimore Baltimore parsonage
bride's a member

April 24 1924 David R Schulta Elsie J Rubran Baltimore Baltimore

April 26 1924 Augustus P Robinson Florence E Wooden Baltimore Baltimore
church members

June 8 1924 Stanley Kwasnick Mae Paul Baltimore Baltimore 2117 Moyer St
groom's a member

June 12 1924 Stanley S Snodgrass Rose Hellwig Washington D.C. Washington
D.C. parsonage non members

June 25 1924 Christopher J Goetz Mary Schoelian Baltimore Baltimore 1502 N
Montford St Wife's member of Faith's Church D.C.

June 28 1924 Joseph Noxon Agnes Wells Baltimore Baltimore 408 N
Washington bride's 17,mothers consent

July 19 1924 William J Hartner Emma C Martin Baltimore Baltimore

Harry E Stewart Regina Luderman Baltimore Rev C.A.D. Freseman July 27

Aug 7 1924 Levin G Ross Lois A Cornelius Baltimore Baltimore 1301 Janes

Aug 16 1924 Max Segal Serena Goldstein Philadelphia PA Philadelphia PA

Aug 29 1924 William H Parker Hattie E Perry Baltimore Baltimore

Aug 30 1924 George J Treidel Edith Briddenbohn Baltimore Baltimore

Sept 25 1924 Charles Leo Winfield Margaret Biedenback Baltimore Baltimore

Dec 10 1924 Harry J Holler Marie J Holler Baltimore Baltimore

Dec 31 1924 Thomas S Connors Antoninette Aponyok Baltimore Baltimore

Dec 28 1924 William P Koerber Bessie Lilley Baltimore Baltimore

Dec 31 1924 Robert M Grove Mayola G Kennell Hanover PA Waynesboro PA

Dec 31 1924 George Leonard Louisa M Steinbaugh Baltimore Baltimore

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