Martin Luther Marriages
1906 - 1907

Submitted by Lynn Smith

Thomas W Jordon Baltimore
Catherine E Benny Baltimore Jan 10,1906

Edward Ruby Baltimore
Mary E Frohue Baltimore Feb 11,1906

John C Hammerbacker Baltimore
Ella Smith Baltimore Feb 19,1906

William Stump Baltimore
Louisa Storath Baltimore April 4,1906

Frederick Rode Baltimore
Florence Rode Baltimore April 16,1906

George B Young Baltimore
Mary E Kraft Baltimore April 25,1906

Joseph Sluck Baltimore
Dora Skuhr Baltimore June 4,1906

Harvey Jones Baltimore
Rose Hennick Baltimore June 16,1906

Gustav Doehring 1757 East Jefferson St
Lillie Wiegand June 24,1906

Thomas Lair 2016 East Pratt St
Heneritta Mueller June 28,1906

Lawrence Wenchel 1510 North Patterson Park Ave
Anna Neridling June 28,1906

George W Almony 502 North Milton Ave
Ellen Briggerman June 30,1906

Oscar K Irgins 407 North Maderia St
Marie A Hauks July 2,1906

Frank J Weber 114 North Montford Ave
Julia E Wuestner  July 9,1906

John Ogle East Jefferson St
Mary Nuecheim(?) Aug 5,1906

Louis Mueller Harrisburg PA
Mary Berkheimer Aug 7,1906

William Brown Baltimore city
Florence Horney Baltimore Aug 18,1906

William Riley 2636 East Layfette St
Dorothy Schedel Aug 21,1906

Adolph Yekshtat Baltimore
Veronica Bear Aug 29,1906

Edwin Knudsen Gardenville MD
Marie Grossman Sept 9,1906

John Harman North Bradford St
Anna Kembs Sept 19,1906

Charles M Nizer Belair Rd
Florence M Alexander Sept 26,1906

Charles Oblhart 402 North Rose St
Ella Harkin Sept 27,1906

R.J. Hammeringer Orleans St
Adaline Eisenberg Oct 1,1906

Alphonsos Walgl Lakewood Ave Oct 11,1906

Anna Hilderman Luzerne St Oct 11,1906

Frank A Cook Baltimore St
Rosie Jacob Oct 19,1906

Christian Smith 221 North Montford Ave
Gussie Smith Oct 22,1906

Harry Hammerichs 739 North Patterson Park Ave
Mary Snyder Oct 22,1906

George Wittig 2223 East Fayette St
Lillie Gross Oct 23,1906

Francis Ruthgabel 225 North Maderia St
Mary Dross Nov 20,1906

Arthur Baldwin 425 North Maderia St
Lillian Kimball Dec 7,1906

August Heinkubler 512 North Rose St
Minnie Hubbel Dec 10,1906

Edwin Bodine 501 North Montford Ave
Edna Jagmous(?) Jan 20,1907

Frederick Luaty 2002 Orleans St
Sarah Goff Feb 6,1907

John Hacker 536 North Chester St
Eva Pistel Feb 10,1907

James Ward 1657 North Milton Ave
Bertha Olfers Feb 4,1907

Gottfried Bochel 1706 North Patterson Park Ave
Margaret Raul Feb 25,1907

William Icenroad 2302 East Jefferson St
Sarah Little March 4,1907

Edwin M Haskett St Helena MD
Mary Betz April 15,1907

Theodore Horn 2115 McElderry St
Martha Buckist (?) April 29,1907

Albert Fisher 2023 Orleans St
Annie Karina Seiland May 8,1907

John H Eurich 2300 East Fayette St
Lillian O Lanty May 21,1907

Christian Appel 929 North Castle St
Mary Kobls June 10,1907

William Marshall Baltimore
Mary Russell June 13,1907

Walter W Bahr 629 North Castle St
Amanda A Aherns June 26,1907

Joseph W Posterfield Baltimore
Katherine Koler July 24,1907

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