Martin Luther Marriages
1903 - 1905

Submitted by Lynn Smith

Name of groom, residence,name of bride, residence, date of marriage

John B Haywood Baltimore
Elizabeth Froehlich Jan 28,1903

Benjamin Fisher Baltimore
Bertha Hart Feb 4,1903

G.Michael Sengler Baltimore
Sophia Roeben Feb 17,1903

Charles Linderman Baltimore
Margurrite Emge March 5,1903

Joseph J Nachter Baltimore
Maria M Rigby March 23,1903

Walter Scott Russell, Baltimore
Helen Marie Lambdin Baltimore April 8,1903

John D Bruckber Baltimore
Mary G Sanders Baltimore April 8,1903

Oscar M Gibson Baltimore
Rosa L Pasquay Baltimore April 29,1903

Harry E Plumhoff Baltimore
Jennie E Poehlman Baltimore April 29,1903

William Givensy Baltimore
Elizabeth R Thomas Baltimore May 6,1903

Thomas G Stein Baltimore
Emelia A Storath Baltimore May 19,1903

William Schoenrock Baltimore
Adling Young Baltimore July 19,1903

William T Turner Baltimore
Emma T Boone Baltimore July 29,1903

William L Winkler Baltimore
Mamie J Appayroux Baltimore Aug 3,1903

James E Hamberg Baltimore
Fannie L Garey Baltimore Aug 18,1903

John R Waldman Baltimore
Odilia Clara Gross Baltimore Aug 25,1903

Walter T Pollhein Baltimore
Helen A Meinhardt Baltimore Sept 20,1903

William T Plumhoff Baltimore
Margarete Betz Baltimore Sept 29,1903

William Nizer Baltimore
Minnie Deine Baltimore Oct 7,1903

William Wacher Baltimore
Augusta F Pumbry Baltimore Oct 27,1903

John T Shannon Baltimore
Minnie Brightwell Baltimore Nov 25,1903

George Icenrod Baltimore
Minnie Leonard Baltimore Dec 14,1903

James Kelly Baltimore
Laura Pendell Baltimore Dec 23,1903

Henry W Bohn Baltimore
Mammie Lamberti Baltimore Dec 24,1903

Benjamin F Embrey Baltimore
Mary E Kamka Baltimore Feb 15,1904

Max Ay Baltimore
Caroline Hebbel Baltimore Feb 24,1904

William Blanch Baltimore
Marie Krug Baltimore March 23,1904

Charles F Hutchings Baltimore
Rose T.P. Barnes Baltimore March 27,1904

Joseph Sibinski Baltimore
Margaret E Imhofe Baltimore April 23,1904

William H Bohmer Baltimore
Katherine S Smith Baltimore April 14,1904

Charles A Hartze Baltimore
Mary E Fisher Baltimore June 1,1904

William E Black Jr Baltimore
Mary Beck Baltimore June 1,1904

Charles Vollmer Baltimore
Annia Herzog Baltimore June 8,1904

William J Kemp Baltimore
Dorothy W Eiler Baltimore June 8,1904

James March Baltimore
Elizabeth Ruby Baltimore June 12,1904

Edward G Schimmank (?) Baltimore
Annie E Schultz Baltimore July 6,1904

Samuel S Mills Baltimore
Annie E Stewart Baltimore July 7,1904

William T Kessler Baltimore
Annie Rosenthal Baltimore July 17,1904

William Dibbern Baltimore
Lizzie Koeman Baltimore July 23,1904

Walter H Williams Baltimore
Laura V Markley Baltimore Aug 11,1904

James V Samek Baltimore
Lizzie Jaronark Baltimore Aug 15,1904

Benjamin Heimer Baltimore
Barbara Vogel Baltimore Aug 26,1904

Peter Buhler New Orleans LA
Mary Lenks New Orleans LA Sept 1,1904

Charles H Gerstle Baltimore
Laura V Wizer Baltimore Sept 7,1904

John T Mayer Baltimore
Mrs. Lillian Lambdin Baltimore Sept 14,1904

Harry C Davis Baltimore
Anna S Tewster Baltimore Sept 19,1904

Thoms P Pratt Baltimore
Caroline C Pasquay Baltimore Oct 17,1904

Conrad Schafer Baltimore
Augusta E Bruggman Baltimore Oct 19,1904

John C Kessler Baltimore
Mary Fisher Baltimore Oct 23,1904

Henry H Biedenback Baltimore
Agnes Russell Baltimore Oct 31,1904

John Franke Baltimore
Barbara Pasher Baltimore Nov 23,1904 (married by Rev Kibler)

John G Neubauer Baltimore
Martha C Ulrich Baltimore Nov 23,1904 (married by Rev. Kibler)

Richard T Wilson Annapolis
Annie E Ruff Annapolis Nov 26,1904

John T Bremer Baltimore
Annie B Roth Baltimore Feb 26,1905

Joseph S Gunther Baltimore
Margaret V Anderson Baltimore March 14,1905

Howard Vane Baltimore
Katherine Hurley Baltimore Aug 27,1905

Charles M Brooks Baltimore
Alice V Biddler Baltimore May 11,1905

George N Burd Baltimore
Hester Jordan Baltimore May 30,1905

William E Zang Baltimore
Daisy B Quick Baltimore July 11,1905

Samuel D Shull New Jersey
Katie Schimmerman Baltimore July 31,1905

John Semmber Baltimore
Virginia Howard Baltimore Aug 3,1905

Charles E Couchman Baltimore
Ida V Kroft Baltimore Aug 16,1905

Dietrich Mohr Baltimore
Lillie A Reinhardt Baltimore Aug 23,1905

Frederick E Wallace Baltimore
Emma M Zulauf Baltimore Aug 29,1905

William C Harwig Baltimore
Anna Hacker Baltimore Sept 10,1905

Paul E Ulrich Baltimore
Carrie L Boss Baltimore April 26,1905

William W O'Brian Baltimore
Sarah M Demir Baltimore Sept 17,1905

William E Fuller Baltimore
Josephine A Svehla Baltimore Sept 19,1905

William Ricker Baltimore
Theresa A Fuchs Baltimore Sept 20,1905

Samuel G Kidd Baltimore
Jane R Berry Baltimore Oct 4,1905

Frederick Reese Baltimore
Mary C Bernard Baltimore Oct 8,1905

Michael Niller Baltimore
Jane Uhmer Baltimore Oct 24,1905

Samuel S Browne Baltimore
Ida Bangert Baltimore Nov 8 1905

Charles A Cossen Baltimore
Mary Ruppel Baltimore Nov 9,1905

Edward F Tormollen Baltimore
Katherine Jacobs Baltimore Nov 18,1905

Wilford W Hebert Baltimore
Clara M Linck Baltimore Nov 20,1905

Charles A Lutz Baltimore
Mammie L Brenner Baltimore Dec 12,1905

William Rutter Baltimore
Mary W Cooper Baltimore Dec 16,1905

John F High Layfayette IN
Caroline Bien Baltimore Dec 23,1905

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