Martin Luther Marriages
1891 - 1895

Submitted by Lynn Smith

Jacob Gross Baltimore
Wilheminia Wenke April 16,1891

Willson Bradley Baltimore
Julia C Kraft Oct 5,1891

Edward B Bell Baltimore
Nellie M Carter Oct 22,1891

George W Lavery Baltimore
Anna Millendorf Dec 11,1891

George P Stout Baltimore
Martha Bade March 14,1892

Charles A Bean Baltimore
Anna E Krebs May 10,1892

William Buddenbohn Baltimore
Mary Heim June 5,1892

George W Greisman Baltimore
Margaret Holland Sept 7,1892

Charles Warner Baltimore
Emma Lehn Oct 3,1892

Richard S Kirby Baltimore
Anna C Neal Jan 22,1893

John G Heiser Baltimore
Emma E Quaty Feb 8,1893

William C Lane Baltimore
Katie B Staib Feb 15,1893

John H Stout Baltimore
Anna Danz March 27,1893

William F Hofstetter Baltimore
Mary W.T. Kurtz May 15,1893

James W.W. Taylor Baltimore
Kate L Fenhagen June 21,1893

John L Rydman Baltimore
Anna R Basch July 5,1893

Alfred Bray Chestertown MD
Mary A Taylor Aug 1,1893

Henry Moore Baltimore
Mary Pusser Aug 16,1893

Louis A Krebs Baltimore
Catherine Heise Sept 6,1893

William H Weber Baltimore
Minnie Boyce Sept 13,1893

Joseph Campbell Baltimore
Florence Eaglecon Nov 14,1893

Andrew R Metzger Baltimore
Wanda M Monath Nov 30,1893

Matthew Correa Baltimore
Mary A Cousin Feb 25,1894

Ernest Ackerman Baltimore
Florence Middendorf April 3,1894

John P Monath Baltimore
Margaret Hanson April 11,1894

Samuel T Willson Baltimore
Louisa Remmers July 1,1894

Joseph H Lamb Baltimore
Carrie H Fisher July 26,1894

James Monroe Baltimore
Elizabeth Cruere (?) Aug 16,1894

Ephraim Thomas Baltimore
Claudia M Wright Dec 24,1894

John Vogt Baltimore
Emma Eggert Jan 10,1895

Charles W Smith Baltimore
Anna Hoffie April 9,1895

Harry H.B. Fettinger Baltimore
Mollie B Hooche April 25,1895

Henry Seibert Baltimore
Alice Marshall May 29,1895

John Zirkle Baltimore
Minnie Staib June 2,1895

Charles Greisman Baltimore
Heneritta Lohnes June 16,1895

Howard C Watts Baltimore
Nellie Harrison June 26,1895

John Gebhardt Baltimore
Mary Gessford July 3,1895

Bernhard Hoffmeister Baltimore
Theresa Gable July 7,1895

Henry Mangels Baltimore
Amelia M Smith July 30,1895

Oscar Baer Baltimore
Flora Young Sept 4,1895

Thomas L Bean Baltimore
Dorothy Kentner Sept 10,1895

William H Adams Baltimore
Mamie A Peppler Sept 11,1895

Frederick Heise Baltimore
Ida M Cadell Sept 25,1895

Francis Norris Jr Baltimore
Caroline Himmelharer Oct 25,1895

Jacob L Barnes Baltimore
Flora Kirwan Nov 6,1895

Harry A Lovejoy Baltimore
Lucy Eiechsen Nov 28,1895

Ferdinand Smith Baltimore
Priscilla Briggs Dec 4,1895

Rev H.H. Ackler Baltimore
Lula T Collenberg Dec 5,1895

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