Martin Luther
Registry of Deaths

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Valentine Bitzel Nov 8 1918 49y Oak Lawn Cemetery

Ludwig Kern Nov 18 1918 54y Oak Lawn Cemetery

Harry Reinisch Dec 28 1918 51y Mt Caramel Cemetery

John M Reimeck Jan 14 1919 52y Baltimore Cemetery

John Snyder Jan 17 1919 58y Mt Carmel Cemetery

Raymond Norwood Jan 24 1919 4y Mt Carmel cemetery

Arthur G Schaaf Jan 24 1919 30y Emmanuel Cemetery

Mrs. Isabel Himmelhaver Feb 4 1919 27y Mt Carmel Cemetery

Walter D Armstron Feb 11 1919 4 months Baltimore Cemetery

Robert M.C.Roth Feb 20 1919 64y Baltimore Cemetery

Lillian Garland Feb 21 1919 41y Baltimore Cemetery

Christopher Lochner Feb 22 1919 79y Baltimore Cemetery

Anna Wenchel Feb 24 1919 32y Mt Carmel Cemetery

Henry Feldpusch April 5, 1919 49y Baltimore Cemetery

Caroline KNapp April 8, 1919 47y Baltimore Cemetery

Mrs.L Feldpusch April 11, 1919 37y Baltimore Cemetery

Henry J Ruban May 6, 1919 44y Oak Lawn Cemetery

Edna M Thomas May 11, 1919 34y Baltimore Cemetery

George Hugel May 12, 1919 63y Oak Lawn Cemetery

Louise Schleeter May 21, 1919 53y Zion's Stemmers Run

Herman E Wanlke June 2, 1919 80y Mt Carmel Cemetery

Virginia M Mentzel June 28, 1919 27y Baltimore Cemetery

Henry Spitznagle July 23, 1919 44y Baltimore Cemetery

Evelyn Lacher July 13, 1919 1y Loudon park Cemetery

Charles W Westgate July 24, 1919 10 months Baltimore Cemetery

Catherine Becker Aug 5 1919 68y Baltimore Cemetery

Mary Rocks Sept 6 1919 49y Mt Carmel Cemetery

Margaret Lorraine Oct 15 1919 8 months Mt Carmel Cemetery

Richard F Seabrease Nov 10 1919 3y Mt Carmel Cemetery

Eliz. E Bower Nov 12 1919 45y Oak Lawn Cemetery

Charles Hurt Jr Dec 28 1919 37y Loudon Park Cemetery

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