Misc Date
Submitted by Lynn Smith

Heneritta Unkee Oct 1925 by Vote

James E Schoppert 1926 vote
Mrs. Margaret Anna Thomas Aug 1925 by Vote

Lawrence Wenchel Sr  Feb 1926

Anna Wenchel Feb 1926

Lawrence Wenchel, Jr.  Feb 1926
Mrs. Louisa Wilhelm  Feb 1926

Miss K Wilhelm  Feb 1926

Miss M Wilhelm Easter 1925 Feb 1926

William Wilhelm  Feb 1926

Miss Florence Wilhelm  Feb 1926

William C Will  Feb 1926

Date Unknown

Budd Goodheart

Edward Gurdice

Mrs. M Gurdice

Ruth Gurdice
Mrs. Rose Hedeimann
Mr. August Herbst

Mrs. August Herbst

Mrs. Hilda Herman
Edward Hines

Minnie T Hines
George Hohman

Mrs. George Hohman

George H Hohman

Mrs. Margaret Hohman

George Hohman

August Hokanson

Mrs. A Hokanson

Ida Hokanson

William Hokanson

Mrs. Hormes

Ada Hormes
Samuel Hulse

Mrs. S Hulse

Mrs. E Hunt

Mrs. H Hush

Miss K Hush

Miss M Hush married Pillicott

Mrs. Bertha Johnson

Mrs. Mary Jones

John W.S.Jung

Mrs. Christine Jung

John W Jung died

William Jung
Mrs. Naomi Kline
Mrs. Link By vote
DR H Makel

Mr. Philip Makel

Mrs. Ph Makel
 William Portman
Milton Sahn

Mrs. Margaret Sahn

Elizabeth Schoppert
 Mrs. M Vogler
Ida Vogler
Charles Yeager

Ethel M Yeager

Helen Yeager

Mabel Yeager

Mamie Yeager

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