Martin Luther
Communion Records
October 4, 1925

Submitted by Lynn Smith

Henry Fink 
Charles C Freitag 
Mrs Charles C Freitag
Louis Freitag
Mrs. Henry Freitag
Daniel Huether
Mrs. M Huether 
Louis Huether
Mrs. L Kibler 
Alice Kibler 
Evelyn Kibler married Stemer 
Martha Kibler 
Mrs. M King 
Helen C Klamberg 
Andrew Knudson 
Fred Koeber Easter 
Mrs. Fred Koeber 
Miss Emma Kraft 
 John Lauteslager 
Mrs. Ida Lauteslager 
Miss Anna Lausky married Simpson 
Anna Leyh 
Minnie Menche 
Andrew Metzger 
Catherine Metzger 
Elsie Metzger married Klausmeyer 
Conrad Moeller 
 Margaret Morrow 
Ruth Morrow 
Miss Marie Muth 

Pearl Perry 
Charles Phuffer 
Mrs. C Phuffer 

Mrs. Carrie Popp 
Ethel M Popp 
Mary B Popp 
James R Pratt 
Mrs. Christine Pratt 
Mrs. Laura Reely 
William Rehberger Sr 
Mrs. C Rehberger 
William Rehberger 
Milton Rehberger 
Miss C Rehberger 
Walter Russell Easter 
Mrs. Helen Russell 
A.M.Russell Easter 
 Mrs. E.B.B.Schultz

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