The men listed in the first dwelling were living in the Garrison.  The names
after that appear to be living at the Fort and most of them are
soldiers.  I hope I have them all in the right place this was a census
that was filmed with the pages out of order so I had some trouble getting
it straightened out.

*Attended school during the year
** Married in the year
***See below

Dweling        Family
Age              Sex
Place of Birth
   2074                2627  Nathan F. Mulins        24                   M Soldier England
  Pat. Hart        22                   M Soldier Ireland
  Wm. C. Brown        22                   M Soldier Virginia
  Parker C. Thomas        23                   M Soldier N. York
  Timothy Freeman        23                   M  Soldier N. York
Ephriam Palmer        24                   M Soldier Kentucky
  John D. Foauk        21                   M Soldier Germany
  Charles S. Gibbs        21                   M Soldier Mass
  Wm. Lewis        22                   M Soldier England
  Henry Williams        27                   M Soldier Ireland
  Randolph McLarin        23                   M Soldier Asia
  Emund KIng        25                   M Soldier N. York
  Charles Adams        21                   M Soldier Mass.
  Wm. A???        21                   M Soldier Ireland
John Brisk        23                   M Soldier Ireland
  Wm Builer        20                   M Soldier Germany
  Franklin Bricker        21                   M Soldier Md.
  Leonard W. Brewner        20                   M Soldier Germany
  M. D. Campbell        20                   M Soldier Ireland
M.D. Cannaughton        22                   M Soldier Ireland
  Pat. Creed        19                   M Soldier Ireland
  Saml. Crowley        21                   M Soldier England
  Henry Calvert        22                  M Soldier England
  Stephen Cassick        22                   M Soldier Ireland
  Thomas Davis        24                   M Soldier Penn.
  James Dayton        19                   M  Soldier Penn.
  John Dice        22                   M Soldier Germany
  John Driscoll      21                    M Soldier Ireland
  Henry Driver        24                   M Soldier N. York
  Charles Foeatou        26                   M Soldier Germany
  Joseph Fulk        28                   M Soldier N. York
  James Galligher        23                   M Soldier Ireland
  Thomas H. Hayward        23                   M Soldier Virginia
  James Hughes        30                   M Soldier Ireland
  George Kack        18                   M Soldier Germany
  Pat. Kaine        24                   M Soldier Ireland
  Tod. Lichtenberg        21                   M Soldier Germany
  Wm. McGrath        21                   M Soldier Ireland
  Davd. McGovin        20                   M Soldier Ireland
  Brian  Mc Cormack        21                   M Soldier Ireland
  Wm McCabe        22                   M Soldier Ireland
  Hugh Mc Claray        22                   M Soldier Ireland
  Michl. Murphy        19                   M Soldier Ireland
  James E. Miller        21                   M Soldier Md.
  George Otler        22                   M Soldier Germany
  Thomas O'Brian        21                   M Soldier Ireland
  Charles Platter        28                   M Soldier Germany
  John Potter        23                   M Soldier Md.
  Frank Reivick        28                   M Soldier Germany
  James Reed        21                   M Soldier Md.
  John Silk        20                   M Soldier Ireland
  James Stafford        18                   M Soldier Ireland
  Wm C. Smith        24                   M Soldier N. York
  Ed. R. Smith        25                   M Soldier S. Florida
  Joseph Walton        25                   M Soldier Germany
  Robert Wilson        22                   M Soldier N. York
  Kavien Wusnch        29                   M Soldier Denmark
  Henry Rode        26                   M Soldier Germany
  Jerimiah Donnolly        27                   M Soldier Ireland
  James Murphy        26                   M Soldier Ireland
2075                   2628 Ed. Milton        54                   M Physician England
  Lucretia Gardner        38                   F   Vermont
  Thomas     "        14                   M   Md.        *
  Ed.              "        12                   M   Md.        *
  Charles      "        10                   M   Md.        *
  Ellen           "          8                   F   Md.        *
  Maria         "          6                   F   Md.        *
  Alex.          "         5                    M   Md.        *
  Sarah         "         4                    F   Md.        *
2076                  2629 Thomas S. Rhett  **        21                   M   S. Carolina
  Catherine Bird        27                   M   Ireland
  Elizabeth Rhett   **        18                   F   S. Carolina
2077                  2630 Brig. Gen. Childs   ***        50                   M Soldier Mass
  Ann E.          "        40                   M   Virginia
  Mary            "        16                   F   Maine     *
  Fred L          "        18                  M   Maine     *
  C. Coryton        60                   F   Virginia
  Henry             (M)        50                   M Coachman Md.
  Saml.               (B)        40                   M Waiter Md.
  Ellen               (B)        28                   F   Md.
2078                 2631    Wm. F. Batty         32                   M Officer in Army N. York
  Katherine  "        26                   F   Mass
  Elizabeth   "         9                    F   N. York
  Sarah M.R.  "         7                    F   N. York
  Agnes Dailey        24                   F   Ireland
  John Sedgwick        35                   M           "       " Conn
  Wm. Hays        32                   M           "       "  Tennesee
  James Howard   (B)        35                   M   Md.
  Susan    "            (B)        30                   F   Md.
  Francis  "            (B)        17                   M   Md.
  Ellen      "            (B)        14                   M   Md.

*** Brig, Gen Childs.  (Brigader General)  owned $8000.00 in real estate.

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