Baltimore Academy of The Visitation

The following census information was taken from the 1850 Census.  This page is a list of all the residents
of the School  Students, Teachers,  and other staff members on the day the
census was taken, October 23 1850


Name Age Occupation Place of Birth
Sr. M. Juliana Matthews 55 Teacher Maryland
Sr. M. Michaela Jenkins 45 Teacher Maryland
Sr. Stonestreet 31 Teacher Maryland
Sr. Pauline Millard  38 Teacher Maryland
Sr. Benedicta Sanders 23 Teacher Maryland
Sr. Ambrose Bremen 36 Teacher New York
Sr B. Hitzelberger 23 Teacher Maryland
Sr. Seralpha Corning 30 Teacher Ireland
Sr. Clotilda Smith 32 Teacher  Louisianna
Sr. Teresa Simmons 37 Teacher Maryland
Sr. Regis Cony 41 Teacher Pennsylvania
Sr. Loretta Davis 22 Teacher Maryland
Sr. Alphonsa Connely 45 Teacher District of Columbia
Sr. Xaviera Pines 27 Teacher  Maryland
Sr. Joseph Jenkinis 19 Teacher Maryland
Sr. ??? Whelan 39 Teacher New York
Sr. Leond Neal 29 Teacher Maryland
Sr. Gabriel Semmens 52 Teacher Maryland
Sr. Eugenia Millard 32 Teacher Maryland
Sr. Augustine Ritchie 43 Teacher District of Columbia
Sr. Stanislus Billup 25 Teacher Virginia
Sr. Regina Donnelly 23 Teacher Pennsylvania
Sr. Pespetue Jenkins 38 Teacher Maryland
Sr. Angela Malone 21 Teacher Virginia
Sr. Agnes Williams 17 Teacher Virginia
Sr. Euph. Hughes 30 Teacher Pennsylvania
Sr. Pelagia Redding 30 Teacher Germany
Sr. Susanna McGee 36 Teacher Ireland
Sr. Pulcheria Baker 37 Teacher Pennsylvania
Sr. Maria Gallagher  33 Teacher New York
Sr. Catherine Connelly 24 Teacher Maryland
Sr. Ann Hember 34 Teacher Pennsylvania
Sr. Bertina McJuan 12 Teacher Ireland
Sr. Elizabeth Farland 30 Teacher Ireland
Sr. Martha McKinsing 34 Teacher Ireland
Sr. Clare -----son 31 Teacher Ireland
Sr. Rosalie Galagher 23 Teacher Maryland
Sr. Mary 42 Teacher Ireland
Sr. Celestine O'Brien 41 Teacher Maryland
Sr. Alexis O'Brien 40 Teacher Ireland
George Turner 35 Labourer Maryland
D.A. Paine                   B 39 Drayman Maryland
Mary A. Slater 16 Scholar Maryland
Ann L. White 16 Scholar Maryland
Caroline E. Desiler 17 Scholar Pennsylvania
Ann O. Gough 16 Scholar Maryland
Elizabeth Byrne 15 Scholar Missouri
Eliza Byrne 14 Scholar Maryland
Fran Benjamin 16 Scholar Maryland
Ann E. Moore 17 Scholar South Carolina
Josephine Barry 15 Scholar Maryland
Rebecca Larsen 16 Scholar Pennsylvania
Ana Farren 14 Scholar Pennsylvania
M. Julia Beerman 16 Scholar Maryland
Teresa B. Wikenson 16 Scholar South Carolina
Mary H. McLila 15 Scholar District of Columbia
Caroline Lambden 15 Scholar Maryland
Anna Lindsay 17 Scholar Maryland
Isabel Lindsey 14 Scholar Maryland
Ellen Lindsay 10 Scholar Maryland
Jennie Hanna 17 Scholar Kentucky
M.F. Millard 16 Scholar Texas
Edith R. Hickley 15 Scholar Maryland
Anna M. Loy 14 Scholar District of Columbia
Josephine Coffield 14 Scholar Maryland
Mary A. Hewley 15 Scholar Pennsylvania
Margaret Green 15 Scholar Maryland
Virginia A. Bowden 15 Scholar Virginia
Oliva Pye 17 Scholar Maryland
May E. Connor 15 Scholar Maryland
Susanna McKim 14 Scholar Maryland
Catherine Boyd 14 Scholar  Maryland
Maria E. Lyles 14 Scholar Maryland
Mary Howard 14 Scholar Maryland
A. Francis Goodwin 15 Scholar Maryland
M. Helen Gardiner 13 Scholar Maryland
Cozea Achit--- 16 Scholar Texas
N. Thompson 14 Scholar Maryland
Ann Harrison 14 Scholar Pennsylvania
Mary L. Watkins 18 Scholar Maryland
Ann E. Britton 18 Scholar Missouri
Emily A. Meeks 11 Scholar Maryland
May Randall 9 Scholar Maryland
Elizabeth Edeline 14 Scholar Maryland
Frances Howard 13 Scholar Maryland
Ellen Edeline 16 Scholar Maryland
Roberta Edeline 13 Scholar Maryland
Georgiana Dilton 11 Scholar Pennsylvania
Leona Smith 9 Scholar Louisianna
Ellen Lansisng 14 Scholar Virginia
Ann M. Lansing 11 Scholar Virginia
Rebecca Jenkins 11 Scholar Maryland
Mary McColgh 9 Scholar Maryland
Isabel Cabezas 13 Scholar Cuba
Adeliade Cabezas 8 Scholar Cuba
Susan McGratt 12 Scholar Maryland
Ann B. Gillingham 8 Scholar Maryland
Elizabeth Flanigan 16 Scholar Ireland
Eliza Reily 19 Scholar Ireland
Irene Wilson 27 Scholar District of Columbia
Maria Fitzsimmons 18 Scholar Ireland
Anna Fitzsimmons 10 Scholar Ireland
Sarah Quinn 15 Scholar Ireland
Alice Quinn 18 Scholar Ireland
Catherine Stevenson 18 Scholar Maryland
Bridgett Stevenson 15 Scholar Maryland
Ann Black 15 Scholar Ireland
Theresa Mahoney 24 Sholoar Pennsylvania
Colegate C. Moore 15 Scholar Texas
Charlotte C. Moore 13 Scholar Texas
John Durkins                 B 35 Porter Maryland
John Perine                    B 33 Drayman Maryland
Harriet Perine                M 30 Maryland
May Durkins                 M 30 Maryland
Mary L. Durkins           B 8 Maryland
Martha N. Durkins       B 7 Maryland
Frances E. Durnins      B 3 Maryland
Margaret Pierce           M 5 Maryland
John Myers  36 Servant Ireland
John Considine 38 Servant Ireland


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