1870 Ward 1
Submitted by Shirley Akins Brown



Age Sex Race


Nedemyer, Frederick 32 M W Caster Hanover
 Dora 31 F W Keeping House Hanover
 Lena 9 F W   MD
 Marie 8 F W   MD
Ricca 3 F W   MD
John 1mo M W   MD
Miller, Herman 26 M W Boatman Hesse Cassal
Caroline 22 F W Keeping House Hesse
Darmstadt George 3 M W   MD
Charles 2mo M W   MD
Winkelman, Reinhart 61 M W Rolling Mill Brunswick
Mary 60 F W Keeping House Brunswick
Frederick 20 M W Rolling Mill Brunswick
Miller, John 68 M W Rolling Mill Hesse Cassal
Frank, Frederick 45 M W Keeps Beer Saloon Prussia
Dena 38 F W Keeping Houseq Prussia
Frederick 12 M W   MD
Anne 5 F W   MD
Herman 3 M W   MD
William 4mo M W   MD
Schembach, Kirca 16 F W Domestic Servant Prussia
Jones(?) Charles 37 M W Keeps Beer Saloon Hamburg
Louisa 41 F W Keeping House Bavaria
Mary 16 M W At Home MD
Philip 15 M W Rolling Mill MD
Augusta 11 F W   MD
Crosby, Louis 23 M W Painter France
Leonard, John 26 M W Rolling Mill Ireland
Gallagher, William 24 M W Bricklayer England
Watkins, Arselius(?) 20 M W Bricklayer PA
Altefred(?) William 45 M W Rolling Mill Prussia
Wilhemina 48 F W Keeping House Prussia
Herman 17 M W Baker Prussia
Dana 12 F W   Prussia
Fredericka 10 F W   Prussia
Fritz 6 M W   MD
Annie 3 F W   MD
Mindorf,, Catherine 73 F W   Prussia

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