1850 Census Ward 16

Yardley 1 m Maryland
Yardley 34 f Maryland
Yardley 4 m Maryland
Yardley 43 m Lumber merchant Pennsylvania
Yardley 8 m Maryland
Yardley 9 m Maryland
Yates 2 m Maryland
Yates 22 f Maryland
Yates 3 f Maryland
Yates 31 m Shoemaker Maryland
Yealdhall 1 m Maryland
Yealdhall 26 f Maryland
Yealdhall 3 f Maryland
Yealdhall 39 m Huckster Maryland
Yealdhall 5 f Maryland
Yealhall 14 f Maryland h/o W. W. Hawkins
Yeates 79 f Maryland h/o Mary Reese
Young 24 m Boot & Shoemaker Maryland h/o Spencer Warring
Young 1 m Maryland
Young 12 m Scotland
Young 22 f Scotland
Young 25 m Nailmaker Scotland
Young 3 f Maryland
Young 36 f Scotland
Young 37 m Nailmaker Scotland
Young 6 f Scotland
Young 8 m Scotland
Young 64 f Georgetown, D. C.
Yundt 40 f Maryland
Yundt 45 f Maryland
Yundt 82 f Pennsylvania
Ziegler 17 m Moulder Pennsylvania h/o Wm. C. Emerson
Zimmerman 17 m Millwright Pennsylvania
Zimmerman 17 m Pennsylvania
Zimmerman 34 f Pennsylvania
Zimmerman 4 f Maryland
Zimmerman 52 m Trader Virginia


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