1850 Census Ward 16

Ullrich 1 m Maryland
Ullrich 10 f Maryland
Ullrich 32 m Grocer Germany
Ullrich 33 f Germany
Ullrich 5 f Maryland
Ullrich 7 m Maryland
Uncles 7 f b Maryland
Uncles 13 m b Maryland
Uncles 16 m b Maryland
Uncles 20 m b Blacksmith Maryland
Uncles 65 f b Maryland
Uncles 70 m b Blacksmith Maryland
Unduch 15 f Maryland h/o Edward C. Herget
Van Holland 46 f Maryland h/o Thomas Tucker
Van Hollen 7 m Maryland h/o Herm Schulenberg
Van Wyck 21 f Maryland h/o Louis Wesley
Van Wyck 38 m Clerk New York h/o Louis Wesley
Van Wyck 12-Jul f Maryland h/o Louis Wesley
Vanlill 11 f Maryland
Vanlill 25 f Pennsylvania
Vanlill 40 m Shoemaker Maryland
Vanlill 9 f Maryland
Vanlill 22 f England h/o George Watt
Vanlill 32 m Painter Maryland h/o George Watt
Vanline 33 m Boot & Shoemaker Germany h/o Charles Woode
Vansant 10 f Maryland
Vansant 12 f Maryland
Vansant 51 f Maryland
Vansant 64 m Huckster Maryland
Vanwyck 44 f Maryland h/o Christina Foss
Veasey 10 f Maryland h/o John Manly
Veasey 12 m Maryland h/o John Manly
Veasey 27 f Maryland h/o John Manly
Veasey 8 f Maryland h/o John Manly
Vickers 13 f Maryland
Vickers 2 m Maryland
Vickers 34 f Maryland
Vickers 37 m Grocer Maryland
Vickers 8 f Maryland
Vink 20 f Maryland h/o John Martin
Vinsant 10 f Maryland
Vinsant 12 m Maryland
Vinsant 14 f Maryland
Vinsant 15 f Maryland
Vinsant 16 m Tinner Maryland
Vinsant 2 f Maryland
Vinsant 36 m Carpenter Maryland
Vinsant 36 f Maryland
Vinsant 6 m Maryland
Vinzant 18 m Carpenter Maryland h/o James B. Buck
Vogelsang 15 f Maryland
Vogelsang 49 f Germany


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