1850 Census Ward 16

Queen 22 f b Maryland
Queen 32 f b Maryland
Queen 11 f Maryland h/o Wm. S. Zimmerman
Quigley 30 f Maryland h/o Henrietta King
Raborg 27 m Pickler Maryland
Raborg 69 f Pennsylvania
Raborg 71 m Coppersmith Maryland
Raborg 11 m Maryland
Raborg 14 m Maryland
Raborg 15 f Maryland
Raborg 2 f Maryland
Raborg 21 m Iron Moulder Maryland
Raborg 35 f Maryland
Raborg 4 m Maryland
Raborg 44 m Pickler Maryland
Raborg 8 f Maryland
Raborg 3 m Maryland
Raborg 32 m Physician Maryland
Raborg 35 f Maryland
Raborg 6 f Maryland
Raborg 8 m Maryland
Raborg 20 f Maryland
Raborg 23 f Maryland
Raborg 55 f Maryland
Rack 29 m b Brickmaker Maryland
Rack? 23 m b Brickmaker unknown
Raehl 31 m Laborer Germany h/o John Schneider
Ragan 20 f Ireland h/o Wm. E. Whitson
Rawlings 1 f Maryland
Rawlings 2 f Maryland
Rawlings 24 f Maryland
Rawlings 35 m Steamboat Agent Maryland
Ray 25 m Millwright Maryland
Ray 25 f Maryland
Rea 69 f Maryland h/o John Wirts
Rea 38 f Maryland h/o Dan. M. Reese
Ready 21 f Maryland
Ready 23 f Maryland
Ready 29 f Maryland
Ready 66 f Maryland
Reahl 1 m Maryland
Reahl 24 f Germany
Reahl 28 m Grocer Germany
Reckitt 10 m Maryland
Reckitt 12 m Maryland
Reckitt 16 f Pennsylvania
Reckitt 17 f Maryland
Reckitt 3 m Maryland
Reckitt 37 f Maryland
Reckitt 6 f Maryland
Redgrave 10 m Maryland
Redgrave 15 m Maryland
Redgrave 26 m Tobacconist Maryland
Redgrave 28 m Physician Maryland
Redgrave 58 m Collector Maryland
Redgrave 12 f Maryland
Redgrave 15 f Maryland
Redgrave 17 m Clerk Maryland
Redgrave 39 f Maryland
Redgrave 41 m Lumber Inspector Maryland
Redgrave 9 f Maryland
Reed 13 m Maryland
Reed 15 m Maryland
Reed 18 f Maryland
Reed 21 m Tobacconist Maryland
Reed 27 f Maryland
Reed 45 f Delaware
Reed 70 m Carpenter Pennsylvania
Reese 73 f Maryland
Reese 24 f Maryland
Reese 25 f Maryland
Reese 3 m Maryland
Reese 34 m Meth Pro. Clergy Maryland
Reese 5 f Maryland
Reese 12-Aug m Maryland
Reese 1 f Maryland
Reese 13 m Maryland
Reese 15 f Maryland
Reese 39 f Maryland
Reese 4 m Maryland
Reese 44 m Iron furn. propritor Maryland
Reese 6 f Maryland
Reese 8 f Maryland
Reisinger 1 m Maryland
Reisinger 2 f Maryland
Reisinger 22 f Maryland
Reisinger 22 m Hackman Maryland
Renwer 17 m Baker Germany
Renwer 25 f Germany
Renwer 26 m Baker Germany
Repp 34 m Baker Germany h/o Philip Wehn
Repp 2 f Maryland
Repp 28 f Germany
Repp 34 m Nailmaker Germany
Repp 5 m Germany
Reverr 14 f Maryland h/o John Chamberlain
Reynolds 24 f Germany
Reynolds 25 m Blacksmith Maryland
Reynolds 12-Apr f Maryland h/o John Grant
Reynolds 31 m Cooper Maryland h/o Wm. Fowler
Reynolds 2 f Maryland
Reynolds 22 f Maryland
Reynolds 23 m Bricklayer Pennsylvania
Reynolds 14 f Maryland h/o William Clark
Reynolds 16 f Ireland h/o Chas Lewisson
Rhoad 1 m Maryland
Rhoad 12 m Maryland
Rhoad 16 f Maryland
Rhoad 19 m Blacksmith Germany
Rhoad 38 f Delaware
Rhoad 40 m Waggoner Germany
Rice 15 f Germany h/o John W. Carter
Richardson 56 f Maryland h/o Samuel Redgrave
Richardson 74 f Maryland h/o Samuel Redgrave
Richardson 10 f Maryland
Richardson 13 f Maryland
Richardson 15 f Maryland
Richardson 18 m Iron finisher Maryland
Richardson 40 m Boilermaker Maryland
Richardson 44 f Virginia
Richardson 8 f Maryland
Richardson 14 m Maryland h/o Charles Purpur
Richetts 24 f Maryland
Richetts 26 m Fruitever Maryland
Richetts 12-Apr m Maryland
Richmond 11 m Maryland
Richmond 18 m Maryland
Richmond 20 f Maryland
Richmond 4 f Maryland
Richmond 40 f Maryland
Richmond 45 m Carpenter Maryland
Richmond 8 f Maryland
Richter 20 f Maryland
Richter 22 m Moulder Maryland
Richter 12-Sep m Maryland
Richter 16 f Maryland
Richter 17 f Maryland
Richter 19 m Huckster Maryland
Richter 22 f Maryland
Richter 54 f Maryland
Richter 61 m Huckster Maryland
Rickert 12 m Maryland
Rickert 15 m Maryland
Rickert 17 m Cigarmaker Maryland
Rickert 12-Feb f Maryland
Rickert 3 f Maryland
Rickert 41 f Maryland
Rickert 48 m Sadler Germany
Rickert 6 f Maryland
Rickert 8 f Maryland
Riddle 11 f Germany h/o W. R. Tumblinson
Ridgeway 24 f Maryland h/o Samuel B. Sexton
Rigby 12-Jan m Maryland
Rigby 2 m Maryland
Rigby 31 f Maryland
Rigby 33 m Carpenter Maryland
Rigby 4 f Maryland
Rigby 7 m Maryland
Riggin 56 f Maryland h/o James North
Riley 2 f Maryland
Riley 20 f Maryland
Riley 26 m Huckster Maryland
Riley 12-Apr f Maryland
Riley 12-Oct f Maryland
Riley 14 m Virginia
Riley 20 f Maryland
Riley 21 m Coachmaker Virginia
Riley 26 m Carpenter Virginia
Riley 17 f Maryland h/o Charles Davis
Riley 10 f Maryland
Riley 12 f Maryland
Riley 14 m Pennsylvania
Riley 35 f Maryland
Riley 40 m Hosemaker Maryland
Riley 60 m None Maryland
Riley 7 f Maryland
Rinehart 40 f Maryland h/o Geo. Wherritt
Ringgold 6 f b Maryland
Ringgold 23 f b Maryland
Ringold 19 m Clerk Maryland
Rixse 1 f Maryland
Rixse 29 m Grocer Germany
Rixse 29 f Germany
Rixse 3 f Maryland
Rixter 1 f Maryland
Rixter 11 m Georgetown Va.
Rixter 13 f Georgetown Va.
Rixter 31 f Alexandria Va.
Rixter 42 m Cigarmaker Alexandria Va.
Roach 60 m Trader Ireland
Robbins 23 f Maryland
Robbins 28 m Magistrate Connecticut
Robbins 4 m Maryland
Robbins 12-Jun m Maryland
Roberts 38 f Maryland h/o Sam. MacPherson
Roberts 40 m Apothecary Pennsylvania h/o Sam. MacPherson
Roberts 31 f Maryland h/o John Showacre
Roberts 26 f Maryland h/o John Hans
Roberts 65 f Germany h/o John Hans
Robertson 16 m Carpenter Maryland h/o Alfred Dickerson
Robertson 18 f Maryland h/o Alfred Dickerson
Robinson 25 f b Maryland
Robinson 39 m Lime Dealer Delaware
Robinson 40 f Maryland
Robinson 45 m Lime Dealer Delaware
Robinson 23 f Pennsylvania h/o Wm. H. Holstein
Robinson 17 m Carter Maryland
Robinson 41 f Maryland
Robinson 25 f Maryland
Robinson 31 m Clerk Virginia
Robinson 5 m Maryland
Robinson 8 f Maryland
Robinson 65 f Maryland h/o Harace Sprigg
Robinson 19 f Holland
Robinson 27 m Clerk England
Rock 22 m Shoemaker Maryland
Rock 45 f Washington D. C.
Rodier 19 m Tailor Georgetown D. C. h/o John B. Diets
Rodney 28 f Maryland h/o Edward C. Herget
Roethlingshofer 34 m Tailor Germany h/o Henry Martin
Rogers 28 f Maryland
Rogers 3 m Maryland need middle initial
Rogers 39 m Tele. Eng. Maryland
Rogers 4 m Maryland
Rogers 6 f Maryland
Rogers 28 f Maryland
Rogers 32 m Bank Clerk Maryland
Rogers 4 m Maryland
Rogers 6 m Maryland
Rogers 12-Jun m Maryland
Rogers 9 f Maryland
Rolkey 30 f Maryland
Rolkey 36 m Clerk Germany
Rollins 22 f b Maryland
Roloson 11 f Maryland
Roloson 12 m Maryland
Roloson 13 m Maryland
Roloson 15 m Maryland
Roloson 2 f Maryland
Roloson 42 f Maryland
Roloson 45 m Bacon dealer Maryland
Roloson 5 m Maryland
Roloson 8 f Maryland
Ronsaville 1 m Maryland
Ronsaville 35 f Maryland
Ronsaville 37 m Carpenter New Jersey
Ronsaville 5 m Maryland
Ronsaville 6 m Maryland
Rooney 15 f Maryland
Rooney 18 m Brushmaker Maryland
Rooney 49 f Pennsylvania
Rooney 64 m Hackman Ireland
Rose 50 f Maryland h/o Lewis Marpoe
Rose 48 f Delaware h/o Rhoda Clarken
Rosenberry 11 f Maryland
Rosenberry 18 m Plasterer Maryland
Rosenberry 25 m Brushmaker Maryland
Rosenberry 27 m Brushmaker Maryland
Rosenberry 51 m Brushmaker Maryland
Rosenberry 53 f Maryland
Ross 57 f Maryland
Ross 59 m Combmaker Maryland
Ross 23 f Maryland
Ross 23 m Combmaker Maryland
Ross 12-Jun m Maryland
Rourke 1 f Maryland
Rourke 25 f Ireland
Rourke 4 f Maryland
Rourke 46 m Laborer Ireland
Rouse 1 f Maryland h/o Mary C. Wells
Rouse 24 f Maryland h/o Mary C. Wells
Rouse 3 m Mississippi h/o Mary C. Wells
Rouse 5 m Maryland h/o Mary C. Wells
Rowe 2 m Washington D. C.
Rowe 31 f Washington D. C.
Rowe 5 f Washington D. C.
Rowe 52 m Merchant Maryland
Ruckle 10 f Maryland h/o Mary Reese
Ruckle 3 m Maryland h/o Mary Reese
Ruckle 30 f Maryland h/o Mary Reese
Ruckle 5 m Maryland h/o Mary Reese
Rumney 2 m Maryland
Rumney 30 m Watchmaker Maryland
Rumney 31 f Maryland
Rumney 4 m Maryland
Rumney 6 m Maryland
Rumney 12-Aug f Maryland
Rumney 9 f Maryland
Rumney 56 f Maryland h/o James Watts
Rupp 28 f Germany
Rupp 30 m Dairyman Germany
Rupp 20 m Carpenter Germany h/o John F. Davis
Russell 10 m Louisiana
Russell 41 m Carpenter Scotland
Russell 42 f Pennsylvania
Russell 5 m Indiana
Russell 7 m Missouri
Russell 64 m Scotland h/o Wm. GW Parsons
Russell 11 f Maryland
Russell 14 f Maryland
Russell 40 m Merchant Maryland
Russell 9 m Maryland
Russell 10 m Maryland
Russell 37 f Virginia
Russell 46 m Brickmaker Maryland
Russell 7 f Maryland
Rutter 39 m Sailmaker Maryland
Rutter 39 f Maryland
Rutter 20 m Packer Maryland h/o George Butler
Rutter 40 f Pennsylvania h/o George Butler
Ryan 25 m Driver Ireland h/o Christop Gauer
Ryan 1 f Maryland
Ryan 23 f Ireland
Ryan 25 m Laborer Ireland
Ryan 30 f Maryland
Ryan 40 m Methodist Minister Virginia


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