1850 Census Ward 16

Nagle 18 f Maryland
Nagle 24 m Book Agent Maryland
Naugle 22 f Maryland h/o James Watts
Neal 28 f Ireland h/o John H. Neimyer
Neal 9 f Maryland h/o A. Mittenberger
Needles 50 m Trader Pennsylvania h/o James Davis
Needles 15 f Maryland h/o Sam. MacPherson
Needles 19 f Maryland h/o Sam. MacPherson
Newberth 1 m Maryland
Newberth 28 f Germany
Newberth 29 m Confectioner Germany
Newberth 5 f Maryland
Newberth 63 m Maryland
Newberth 8 m Maryland
Newton 19 m Machinist Maryland h/o Benj. Marple
Newton 24 m Engineer Maryland h/o Benj. Marple
Nicholson 22 f b Maryland
Nicholson 22 m b Moulder Maryland
Nicholson 23 f Maryland
Nicholson 32 m Collector Maryland
Nicholson 66 f Maryland
Nicholson 72 m Storekeeper Maryland
Nicholson 55 f Maryland h/o Geo. Herling
Nicholson 30 f Maryland
Nicholson 35 m Iron dealer Maryland
Nicholson 5 m Maryland
Norris 7 f Maryland h/o John W. High
Norris 11 m Maryland
Norris 13 m Maryland
Norris 3 f Maryland
Norris 33 f Maryland
Norris 40 m Clerk Virginia
Norris 6 m Maryland
Norris 9 m Louisiana
Norris 56 f Maryland h/o James T. Watson
North 26 f Maryland
North 29 m Bricklayer Maryland
O'Brien 47 m Ostler Ireland Hotel/of H. G. Brown
O'Brien 21 m Tailor Ireland h/o Michael Hughes
O'Brien 2 f Maryland
O'Brien 25 f Ireland
O'Brien 35 m Fireman Ireland
O'Brien 5 m New York
O'Brien 6 f Ireland
O'Brien 40 f Ireland
O'Brien 58 m Laborer Ireland
O'Hara 22 f England h/o Pembrook Womble
O'Neal 30 m Merchant Maryland h/o Jacob L. Shipley
O'Neil 10 f Ireland
O'Neil 36 f Ireland
O'Neil 4 m Ireland
O'Neil 40 m Laborer Ireland
O'Neil 6 m Ireland
Ober 69 f Massachusetts h/o Tadock Dickerson
Oliver 21 m Tailor Scotland h/o Chris. H. Raborg
Omenheisser 17 m Currier Pennsylvania
Omenheisser 50 f Germany
Omenheisser 64 m Grocer Germany
Ononeal 71 f b Maryland
Onwutter 2 m Maryland
Onwutter 30 m Cabinetmaker Germany
Onwutter 30 f Germany
Oppelmayer 22 m Upholsterer Germany h/o George Ehrhardt
Oppenmyer 22 m Shoemaker Germany h/o Philip Wagner
Orem 3 f Maryland
Orem 46 f Maryland
Orem 55 m Combmaker Maryland
Orem 8 m Maryland
Orff 19 f Germany
Orff 30 m Teacher Germany
Osborne 34 f Maryland
Osborne 4 f Maryland
Osborne 42 m Bricklayer Maryland
Osborne 69 f Maryland
Osmos 32 m Blindmaker Germany
Osmos 43 f Germany
Oursler 12 f Maryland h/o Wm. C. Short
Oursler 22 m Carpenter Maryland h/o Wm. T. Kelly
Oursler 18 f Maryland
Oursler 19 m Carpenter Maryland
Oursler 26 m Trader Maryland
Oursler 52 f Maryland
Oursler 67 m Coal Agent Maryland
Owens 20 m Blacksmith Maryland h/o Peter Clantice
Owings 17 m Maryland
Owings 27 f Maryland
Owings 67 f Maryland
Owlings 72 f Germany h/o Henry Wehage
Ozier 20 f b Maryland
Paine 11 m Maryland h/o Elisabeth Ready
Paine 12 f Maryland h/o Elisabeth Ready
Paine 19 m Carpenter Maryland h/o Elisabeth Ready
Paine 22 m Clerk Maryland h/o Elisabeth Ready
Palmaterry 1 m Pennsylvania h/o Thos. J. Bond
Palmaterry 20 f Delaware h/o Thos. J. Bond
Palmaterry 28 m Coachmaker Delaware h/o Thos. J. Bond
Pamphilian 2 m Maryland
Pamphilian 36 m Comb finisher Maryland
Pamphilian 39 f Maryland
Parker 44 f Maryland h/o Darius Wheeler
Parrish 15 m Maryland
Parrish 19 m Clerk Maryland
Parrish 21 m Carpenter Maryland
Parrish 54 m Wheelwright Maryland
Parrish 3 f Maryland
Parrish 30 f Maryland
Parrish 33 m Cabinetmaker Maryland
Parrish 5 m Maryland
Parrish 9 m Maryland
Parsons 1 m Maryland
Parsons 3 f Maryland
Parsons 32 m Millwright Maryland
Parsons 33 f Maryland
Parsons 4 m Maryland
Parsons 6 m Maryland
Parsons 13 f Maryland
Parsons 24 m Bricklayer Maryland
Parsons 48 f Maryland
Parsons 7 f Maryland
Parsons 1 m Maryland
Parsons 10 m Maryland
Parsons 11 f Maryland
Parsons 13 m Maryland
Parsons 16 m Maryland
Parsons 38 m Timber Saw. New Jersey
Parsons 38 f Maryland
Parsons 6 m Maryland
Patterson 10 f Maryland
Patterson 12 m Maryland
Patterson 13 f Maryland
Patterson 15 f Maryland
Patterson 35 m Ship Carpenter Maryland
Patterson 42 f Maryland
Patterson 7 f Maryland
Patterson 10 m Maryland
Patterson 3 m Maryland
Patterson 32 f Maryland
Patterson 36 m Turner Maryland
Patterson 8 m Maryland
Patterson 22 f England
Patterson 35 m Brushfinisher Maryland
Paul 21 m Carpenter Georgetown D. C. h/o Nath. Cogswell
Paul 22 f New Jersey h/o Nath. Cogswell
Peach 60 m b Laborer Maryland
Peach 60 f b Maryland
Peacock 18 f Maryland
Peacock 25 m Chairmaker Maryland
Peacock 62 m Furniture Dealer England
Pearce 35 f b Maryland
Pearce 40 m b Hodcarrier Maryland
Pearce 18 f Maryland
Pearce 47 f Maryland
Pearson 32 f Maryland h/o Louis Konse
Peffer 32 m Merchant Pennsylvania h/o Cath. D. Emory
Penneng 1 f Maryland
Penneng 25 f Germany
Penneng 26 m Tailor Germany
Pennington 1 f Maryland h/o Ingram Peacock
Pennington 23 f Maryland h/o Ingram Peacock
Perine 13 m Virginia
Perine 16 f Maryland
Perine 17 m Carpenter Maryland
Perine 38 f Maryland
Perine 42 m Trader Maryland
Perrin 1 m Maryland
Perrin 14 m Maryland
Perrin 2 m Maryland
Perrin 22 m Sailmaker Maryland
Perrin 24 f Maryland
Perrin 26 m Baker Maryland
Perrin 53 m Baker Virginia
Perry 19 f Scotland h/o John H. Hagan
Peters 1 f Maryland h/o James McMillan
Peters 32 f Maryland h/o James McMillan
Peters 4 m Maryland h/o James McMillan
Petsold 2 m Maryland
Petsold 29 f Germany
Petsold 32 m Storekeeper Germany
Petsold 4 m Maryland
Petsold 6 m Maryland
Petsold 66 m Shoemaker Germany
Pfeifer 16 m Tobacconist Germany h/o Ann E. Bishcoff
Philips 22 f Maryland h/o Charles Purpur
Phillips 24 m Apothecary Maryland
Plato 30 f Maryland h/o A. Mittenberger
Pletter 17 f Maryland h/o Deder'k Schnibbe
Plitt 24 f Germany
Plitt 27 m Confectioner Germany
Plitt 3 f Maryland
Plitt 12-Jul f Maryland
Poole 1 m Maryland
Poole 10 m Pennsylvania
Poole 13 m South Carolina
Poole 33 f Maryland
Poole 47 m Meth. P. Minister Virginia
Poole 8 m Virginia
Popp 1 f Maryland
Popp 10 m Maryland
Popp 2 f Maryland
Popp 35 f Germany
Popp 4 m Maryland
Popp 40 m Milkman Germany
Popp 6 m Maryland
Popp 8 f Maryland
Portens 40 m Nailmaker Scotland h/o Robert Young
Poulton 12 m Maryland
Poulton 14 m Maryland
Poulton 32 f Maryland
Poulton 5 m Maryland
Poulton 7 f Maryland
Poulton 9 m Maryland
Prechtel 3 f Germany
Prechtel 38 m Shoemaker Germany
Prechtel 42 f Germany
Prechtel 5 f Germany
Prechtel 7 m Germany
Preston 10 m Maryland
Preston 13 f Maryland
Preston 3 m Maryland
Preston 37 f Maryland
Preston 37 m Blacksmith Massachusetts
Preston 7 m Maryland
Price 13 m Maryland
Price 15 m Maryland
Price 18 f Maryland
Price 39 f Maryland
Price 20 f Delaware h/o Jos. A.Gilman
Price 73 f Maryland
Price 73 m Maryland
Profater 70 f Virginia
Pulty 10 f Germany
Pulty 35 f Germany
Pulty 38 m Laborer Germany
Purnell 12-May f b Maryland
Purpur 46 f Maryland
Purpur 57 m Butcher Maryland


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