1850 Census Ward 16

McAllister 1 m Maryland
McAllister 23 f Ohio
McAllister 34 m Sailmaker Maryland
McCabe 22 f Ireland h/o Francis Burns
McCall 25 m Tinner Maryland h/o Jon. Lanehart
McCall 18 m Carpenter Maryland h/o Chris. H. Raborg
McCambridge 33 f Maryland
McCambridge 44 m Bootmaker Ireland
McCann 10 f Maryland
McCann 13 f Ireland
McCann 15 f Ireland
McCann 17 m Carpenter Ireland
McCann 21 f Ireland
McCann 45 m Teacher Ireland
McCann 47 f Ireland
McCann 2 m Maryland
McCann 3 f Maryland
McCann 36 f Ireland
McCann 40 m Ireland
McCann 6 f Maryland
McCann 12-Aug m Maryland
McCann 9 m Maryland
McCartney 23 f Ireland h/o John Burns
McCarty 2 m Pennsylvania
McCarty 29 f South Carolina
McCarty 39 m Physician Ireland
McCarty 4 m Pennsylvania
McCauley 10 m Maryland
McCauley 3 m Maryland
McCauley 35 f Virginia
McCauley 37 m Watchman Pennsylvania
McCauley 9 f Maryland
McClaskey 50 f Ireland h/o Patrick Bishop
McClellan 22 f Maryland
McClellan 25 m Bootmaker Maryland
McClellan 63 m New Jersey
McClellan 64 f Maryland
McClellan 28 f Georgetown, D. C.
McClellan 30 m Blacksmith Maryland
McClintock 10 m Pennsylvania
McClintock 12 m Pennsylvania
McClintock 14 m Pennsylvania
McClintock 38 f Maryland
McClintock 39 m Clerk Pennsylvania
McClintock 5 f Pennsylvania
McClintock 8 f Pennsylvania
McColgan 26 f Ireland h/o John Gracen
McConklin 25 f Maryland h/o John F. Davis
McDermot 60 f Ireland
McDermot 65 m Laborer Ireland
McFarland 1 m Maryland
McFarland 12 f Maryland
McFarland 13 m Maryland
McFarland 14 f Maryland
McFarland 3 f Maryland
McFarland 38 m Drayman Ireland
McFarland 39 f Ireland
McFarland 12-Apr m Maryland
McFarland 5 f Maryland
McFarland 7 f Maryland
McGahan 16 f Maryland h/o John Kettlewell
McGlouchling 67 f Maryland
McGowan 10 m Ireland
McGowan 12 f Ireland
McGowan 20 m Cooper Ireland
McGowan 38 m Cooper Ireland
McGowan 38 f Ireland
McGrath 28 f Ireland
McGrath 4 f New York
McGrath 40 m Laborer Ireland
McIlhenny 1 m Maryland h/o Edward Spedden
McIlhenny 29 f Maryland h/o Edward Spedden
McIlhenny 3 f Maryland h/o Edward Spedden
McIlhenny 5 f Maryland h/o Edward Spedden
McIlhenny 7 m Maryland h/o Edward Spedden
McKell 26 m Laborer Ireland h/o Patrick Cain
McKenna 56 m Grocer Ireland
McKernan 9 f Maryland h/o William Cain
McMahon 25 f Maryland
McMahon 30 f Maryland
McMahon 85 f Maryland
McMahon 97 m None Pennsylvania
McMillan 27 m Machinist Maryland
McMillan 34 f Maryland
McMullan 14 f Maryland h/o Thomas J. Perine
McNulty 21 f Virginia h/o Sam. A. Tibbals
McNulty 36 m Shoemaker England h/o Sam. A. Tibbals
McNulty 46 f Ireland h/o Michael Golden
McPhail 16 f Maryland h/o Joseph Bonn
McSweeney 1 m Maryland
McSweeney 29 m Laborer Ireland
McSweeney 31 f Maryland
McTilton 3 m Maryland
McTilton 32 f Maryland
McTilton 36 m Merchant Maryland
McTilton 12-Apr f Maryland
McTilton 5 m Maryland
McTilton 7 f Maryland
McTilton 9 m Maryland

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