1850 Census Ward 16

MacGinnis 13 m Maryland
MacGinnis 3 m Washington D. C.
MacGinnis 39 f Maryland
MacGinnis 43 m Tailor Ireland
MacGinnis 5 f Washington D. C.
MacGinnis 8 m Maryland
MacGinnis 12-Sep f Maryland
MacPherson 35 f Maryland
MacPherson 50 m Apothecary Virginia
MacPherson 60 f Virginia
Maccubbin 1 f Maryland
Maccubbin 28 f Maryland
Maccubbin 33 m Tailor Maryland
Maccubbin 4 m Maryland
Maccubbin 9 m Maryland
Macgill 21 f Maryland h/o Theo. J. Haskell
Macher 11 f Maryland
Macher 2 f Maryland
Macher 29 f Maryland
Macher 33 m Cabinetmaker Maryland
Macher 5 m Maryland
Macher 6 m Maryland
Macher 8 f Maryland
Macher 9 f Maryland
Macher 4 m Maryland h/o Lewis Marpoe
Mackintyre 1 m Maryland
Mackintyre 10 f Maryland
Mackintyre 33 f Maryland
Mackintyre 36 m Blindmaker Maryland
Mackintyre 7 f Maryland
Mackintyre 8 f Maryland
Madden 12 f Maryland
Madden 2 f Maryland
Madden 33 f Germany
Madden 45 m Grocer Ireland
Madden 7 m Maryland
Magill 1 f b Maryland
Magill 5 f b Maryland
Magill 7 f b Maryland
Magill 9 m b Maryland
Magill 13 m b Maryland
Magill 36 f b Maryland
Magill 36 m b Laborer Maryland
Magness 12 m Maryland
Magness 13 f Maryland
Magness 16 f Maryland
Magness 49 f Maryland
Magness 52 m Brick presser Maryland
Magness 6 m Maryland
Magness 8 m Maryland
Magness 9 m Maryland
Mahoney 11 f Maryland h/o Thomas Kneen
Mallonee 2 m Maryland h/o John W. Carter
Mallonee 21 f Maryland h/o John W. Carter
Mallonee 25 m Letter Carrier Maryland h/o John W. Carter
Mankin 26 f Maryland h/o James Turner
Mankin 39 m Shoemaker Virginia h/o James Turner
Mankin 6 f Maryland h/o James Turner
Manly 14 f Maryland
Manly 16 m Blacksmith Maryland
Manly 18 f Maryland
Manly 5 m Maryland
Manly 50 f Maryland
Manly 56 m Sailor Maryland
Manly 8 m Maryland
Mann 12 m Maryland
Mann 15 m Maryland
Mann 18 m Currier Maryland
Mann 23 m Tobacconist Maryland
Mann 34 f England
Mann 56 f England
Mann 70 m None England
Manship 30 f Maryland
Manship 49 m Mahogany measurer Maryland
Marelong 11 m Ohio
Marelong 15 m Virginia
Marelong 18 m Cabinetmaker Virginia
Marelong 34 f Maryland
Mark 56 f Maryland h/o Spencer Warring
Marks 50 f Ohio
Marple 1 f Maryland
Marple 3 m Maryland
Marple 37 m Farmer Pennsylvania
Marple 38 f Pennsylvania
Marple 9 m Pennsylvania
Marpoe 1 m Maryland
Marpoe 27 f Delaware
Marpoe 34 m Stovemaker New York
Marpugh 20 m Cooper Germany h/o Caspar Haupt
Martin 61 f Germany
Martin 65 m None Germany
Martin 13 m Germany
Martin 34 m Baker Germany
Martin 47 f Germany
Martin 9 f Germany
Martin 2 f Maryland
Martin 30 f At Sea
Martin 4 f Maryland
Martin 8 f Maryland
Martin 1 f Maryland
Martin 10 m Maryland
Martin 12 f Maryland
Martin 38 f Maryland
Martin 4 m Maryland
Martin 46 m Vinegar maker Germany
Martin 14 m Maryland h/o Geo. E. Bowers
Mason 5 f b Maryland
Matthews 35 f b Maryland
Matthews 40 m b Laborer unknown
Matthews 14 f Delaware h/o Henry M Lanning
Mattison 1 f Maryland
Mattison 28 f Ireland
Mattison 37 m Tailor Scotland
Mavis 12-Jan m Maryland age poss. 7 mos.
Mavis 20 f Maryland
Mavis 29 m Clerk Maryland
Mayer 12 f Maryland
Mayer 35 f Germany
Mayer 42 m Tailor Germany
Mayer 12-Sep m Maryland
Mayo 10 f Maryland initials are O.N.V.
Mayo 10 f Maryland
Mayo 13 f Maryland
Mayo 16 f Maryland
Mayo 24 m Barkeeper Maryland
Mayo 49 f Maryland
Mayo 65 m Dealer Maryland
Meeds 10 m Maryland
Meeds 12 f Maryland
Meeds 31 f Maryland
Meeds 36 m Tel. Const Maryland
Melvin 18 m Carpenter Maryland h/o Wm. Williams
Mercer 18 f Maryland h/o John Jarrett
Mercer 22 m Maryland h/o John Jarrett
Mercer 25 f Maryland h/o John Jarrett
Mercer 48 m Engineer Maryland h/o John Jarrett
Mercer 50 f Maryland h/o John Jarrett
Mercer 7 f Maryland h/o John Jarrett
Mercer 10 m Maryland
Mercer 13 m Pennsylvania
Mercer 2 m Maryland
Mercer 37 f New York
Mercer 37 m Carpenter New York
Mercer 4 f Maryland
Mercer 7 m Maryland
Merchant 12-Jan f Maryland
Merchant 2 f Maryland
Merchant 22 f Maryland
Merchant 23 m Upholsterer Virginia
Meredith 48 f Maryland h/o Samuel B. Cross
Merkel 40 f Pennsylvania
Merkel 42 m Confectioner Pennsylvania
Merkel 6 f Pennsylvania
Merrillion 33 f England h/o George Warner Jr
Mersfelder 19 f Germany
Mersfelder 25 m Baker Germany
Mersfelder 12-Sep m Maryland
Meseke 58 f Germany h/o Philip Wagner
Messersmith 2 f Maryland
Messersmith 12-Feb f Maryland
Messersmith 26 f Germany
Messersmith 28 m Baker Germany
Mewsies 11 m Maryland
Mewsies 14 f Maryland
Mewsies 16 f Maryland
Mewsies 18 f Maryland
Mewsies 54 m Clerk Massachusetts
Meyer 16 f Germany
Meyer 53 f Germany
Meyer 53 m Grocer Germany
Meyer 9 m Germany
Meyer 11 f Germany
Meyer 14 m Germany
Meyer 17 f Germany
Meyer 21 m Varnisher Germany
Meyer 44 f Germany
Meyer 45 m Grocer Germany
Meyer 8 f Germany
Meyer 1 m Maryland
Meyer 11 f Germany
Meyer 16 f Germany
Meyer 18 f Germany
Meyer 38 f Germany
Meyer 41 m Grocer Germany
Meyer 8 m Virginia
Meyer 36 m Butcher Germany
Meyer 51 f Germany
Meyers 1 m Maryland
Meyers 21 f Pennsylvania
Meyers 22 m Carpenter New York
Meyers 55 f Germany
Meyers 59 m Carpenter Germany
Meyers 1 f Maryland
Meyers 25 f Germany
Meyers 27 m Grocer Germany
Michael 18 f Maryland
Michael 25 m Blacksmith Pennsylvania
Michael 12-Sep f Maryland
Michael 1 f Maryland
Michael 27 f Maryland
Michael 29 m Cooper Maryland
Michael 3 f Maryland
Milburn 15 m Washington D. C. h/o Martin Connor
Milburn 42 f Washington D. C. h/o Martin Connor
Miller 12 f Germany ?sex?
Miller 42 f Germany
Miller 43 m Shoemaker Germany
Miller 16 m Tailor Germany h/o Martin Worst
Miller 43 f Germany h/o Christopher Orff
Miller 19 m Brickmaker Maryland
Miller 21 m Brickmaker Maryland
Miller 42 f Pennsylvania
Miller 43 m Brickmaker Maryland
Miller 12-Feb m Maryland
Miller 27 f Ireland
Miller 27 m Laborer Ireland
Miller 4 f Ireland
Miller 7 m Ireland
Miller 10 m Maryland
Miller 12 m Maryland
Miller 13 m Maryland
Miller 15 m Maryland
Miller 17 f Maryland
Miller 2 f Maryland
Miller 22 m Brickmaker Maryland
Miller 4 f Maryland
Miller 40 f Maryland
Miller 46 m Brickmaker Maryland
Miller 7 m Maryland
Miller 20 m Tinner Germany
Miller 54 f Germany h/o Adam Fehring
Miller 14 f Maryland h/o Wm. E. Whitson
Miller 48 f Switzerland
Mills 12-Oct m Maryland
Mills 25 f Maryland
Mills 4 f Maryland
Mills 41 m Iron Furnaces Maryland
Mills 45 f Maryland
Mills 12 f Maryland
Mills 15 f Maryland
Mills 30 f Ireland
Mills 45 m Grocer Ireland
Mills 50 f England
Milnor 13 f Maryland
Milnor 18 m Clerk Pennsylvania
Milnor 19 f Pennsylvania
Milnor 21 m Clerk Pennsylvania
Milnor 27 m Clerk Pennsylvania
Milnor 29 m Trunkmaker Pennsylvania
Milnor 30 f Pennsylvania
Milnor 55 m Insurance agent Alexandria, Va.
Milnor 55 f Pennsylvania
Mitchell 11 m Maryland
Mitchell 13 f England
Mitchell 15 f England
Mitchell 19 m Collector England
Mitchell 25 m Laborer England
Mitchell 54 m Pedler England
Mitchell 57 f England
Mitchell 24 f Maryland
Mitchell 25 m Carpenter Maryland
Mitchell 45 f Maryland h/o M. L. Edmondson
Mitchell 9 f Maryland h/o E. McGlouchling
Mittenberger 56 f Maryland
Mittenberger 60 m Commissioner Pennsylvania
Moir 16 m Maryland h/o Rich. Cornelius
Monroe 40 m Physician Alexandria, Va. h/o Thos. Richardson
Moore 17 m Brickmaker Washington D. C. h/o Robt. Sunstrom
Morgan 63 f Maryland h/o Sam. A. Tibbals
Morris 24 f Ireland h/o Patrick Walker
Moxley 22 f Maryland h/o Mary James
Moxley 24 m Carpenter Maryland h/o Mary James
Moylan 18 f Ireland
Moylan 22 m Laborer Ireland
Mullen 25 m Clerk Massachusetts h/o Colin F. Hale
Murphy 28 f Ireland h/o Henry J. Rogers
Murphy 26 f Ireland
Murphy 29 m Stonemason Ireland
Murphy 5 f Ireland
Murray 16 m Carter Maryland h/o James Miller
Murray 12-Jan f New York
Murray 19 f Ireland
Murray 20 m Blacksmith Ireland
Murray 1 m Maryland
Murray 27 f Maryland
Murray 27 m Shoemaker New Jersey
Murray 3 m Maryland
Murray 6 f Maryland
Murray 20 f Maryland h/o Isiah Stoddard
Muse 20 m Carpenter Virginia h/o Joseph King
Musselman 10 f Maryland
Musselman 12-Nov f Maryland
Musselman 14 m Maryland
Musselman 17 f Pennsylvania
Musselman 21 f Pennsylvania
Musselman 23 f Pennsylvania
Musselman 27 f Pennsylvania
Musselman 45 f Pennsylvania
Musselman 5 f Maryland
Musselman 51 m Collector Pennsylvania
Musselman 7 m Maryland
Myers 22 m b Brickmaker Maryland
Myers 25 f b Maryland
Myers 2 f Maryland
Myers 30 f Germany
Myers 33 m Boxmaker Germany
Myers 4 f Maryland
Myers 7 f Maryland
Myers 21 f Germany
Myers 29 m Boxmaker Germany
Myers 30 f Georgetown D. C.
Myers 30 m Clerk Maryland
Myers 12-Apr f Maryland
Myers 5 m Maryland
Myers 6 m Georgetown D. C.
Myers 73 f Massachusetts h/o Samuel Wood


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