1850 Census Ward 16

Lamb 30 f Maryland
Lamb 60 f Maryland
Lamb 73 m State Officer Maryland
Lancaster 22 m Carter England
Lancaster 29 f Virginia
Landargan 12-Nov m Maryland
Landargan 38 f England
Landargan 39 m Cooper Maryland
Landargan 4 f Maryland
Landargan 6 f Maryland
Lane 24 m Coachsmith Maryland h/o Thos. J. Bond
Lanehart 1 f Maryland
Lanehart 11 f Maryland
Lanehart 26 f Virginia
Lanehart 37 m Painter Pennsylvania
Lanehart 5 f Maryland
Lanehart 6 m Maryland
Lanehart 8 m Maryland
Lanning 25 f Pennsylvania
Lanning 35 m Sign Painter Pennsylvania
Lantz 2 f Maryland
Lantz 12-Feb m Maryland
Lantz 29 m Baker Germany
Lantz 30 f Germany
Lantz 5 f Maryland
Lantz 24 f Germany h/o Ann E. Bishcoff
Lantz 26 m Tobacconist Germany h/o Ann E. Bishcoff
Laughlin 10 m Maryland h/o Nic. Pamphilian
Laughlin 11 f Maryland h/o Nic. Pamphilian
Laughlin 12 f Maryland h/o Nic. Pamphilian
Lavay 36 f b Maryland
Lechtenberger 43 f Germany
Lechtenberger 48 m Shoemaker Germany
Ledley 10 f Maryland
Ledley 12 m Maryland
Ledley 16 m Brickmaker Maryland
Ledley 19 m Brickmaker Maryland
Ledley 39 f Maryland
Ledley 40 m Brickmaker Maryland
Ledley 5 m Maryland
Ledley 7 m Maryland
Ledley 17 m Carpenter Maryland
Ledley 22 m Carter Maryland
Ledley 24 m Engine keeper Maryland
Ledley 49 f Maryland
Lee 12-Jan f Maryland
Lee 2 f Maryland
Lee 28 f Maryland
Lee 29 m Bricklayer Virginia
Lee 5 f Maryland
Lee 7 f Maryland
Lee 10 f Maryland h/o Vincent Grimes
Lee 11 m Maryland h/o Vincent Grimes
Lee 14 f Maryland h/o Vincent Grimes
Lee 35 f Maryland h/o Vincent Grimes
Lee 4 f Maryland h/o Vincent Grimes
Lee 42 f Maryland
Lee 45 m Police officer Maryland
Lee 8 f Maryland
Lee 12-Feb f Maryland
Lee 20 m Machinist Maryland
Lee 20 f Maryland
Lee 23 m Carpenter Maryland
Lee 24 f Maryland
Lee 47 f Maryland
Lee 57 m Shoemaker Maryland
Leffler 11 m Maryland
Leffler 12 f Maryland
Leffler 15 f Maryland
Leffler 3 f Maryland
Leffler 36 f Maryland
Leffler 41 m Iron Founder Maryland
Leffler 5 f Maryland
Leffler 7 f Maryland
Leffler 12-Jul f Maryland
Leffler 9 m Maryland
Lego 32 f b Maryland
Lehnar 21 f Germany
Lehnar 28 m Tailor Germany
Lemmon 13 f Maryland
Lemmon 46 f England
Lemmon 47 m Carpenter England
Lepper 10 f Germany
Lepper 15 m Germany
Lepper 49 m Laborer Germany
Lepper 50 f Germany
Lester 20 f Maryland
Lester 24 m Carpenter Maryland
Lester 15 m Maryland
Lester 20 m Teacher Maryland
Lester 22 f Maryland
Lester 29 f Maryland
Lester 31 f Maryland
Lester 33 f Maryland
Lester 53 f Maryland
Lester 58 m Carpenter Maryland
Lestuer 16 f Maryland h/o Samuel Harman
Levy 51 f Maryland
Lewis 34 f England
Lewis 68 m Tailor England
Lewis 12-Nov m Maryland h/o Wells Chase
Lewis 23 f Maryland h/o Wells Chase
Lewis 32 m Merchant Connecticut h/o Wells Chase
Lewis 25 f Maryland
Lewis 39 m Tailor England
Lewisson 16 m Hatter England
Lewisson 2 m Maryland
Lewisson 26 f New York
Lewisson 33 m Furrier England
Lewisson 5 f Maryland
Lewisson 7 f Maryland
Lilly 60 m b Brickmaker Maryland
Limekiller 22 f Germany
Limekiller 26 m Shoemaker Germany
Lindemann 37 f Germany h/o Henry Wehage
Lindemann 8 f Maryland h/o Henry Wehage
Lindemann 12-Jan f Maryland
Lindemann 23 f Germany
Lindemann 26 m Grocer Germany
Lindenmann 20 f Maryland h/o John B. Diets
Linderberger 48? m b Brickmaker S. America
Lindsay 61 f Maryland h/o Em. Eichelberger
Lindsey 12 f Maryland
Lindsey 3 m Maryland
Lindsey 36 f Maryland
Lindsey 40 m Clerk Maryland
Lindsey 7 f Maryland
Linthicum 18 m Clerk Maryland h/o Eli Y. Reese
Lipper 33 m Comb cutter Germany h/o Con. Bockelmann
Lippey 2 f Maryland
Lippey 28 f Maryland
Lippey 32 m Carpenter Pennsylvania
Lippey 5 f Maryland
Lippey 12-Jun f Maryland
Lippey 7 m Maryland
Lippey 9 f Maryland
List 38 f Germany
List 39 m Boot & Shoemaker Germany
List 8 m Maryland
List 9 f Maryland
Little 2 f Maryland
Little 12-Feb f Maryland
Little 25 f Pennsylvania
Little 4 m Maryland
Little 45 m Huckster Ireland
Little 6 m Maryland
Little 27 f Maryland
Little 32 m Tobacconist Maryland
Little 4 m Maryland
Little 5 f Maryland
Little 12-Jul m Maryland
Lloyd 14 f Maryland
Lloyd 20 m Clerk Maryland
Lloyd 22 m Clerk, P.O. Maryland
Lloyd 40 f Maryland
Loane 28 m Cabinetmaker Maryland h/o George Warfield
Lochbaum 2 m Pennsylvania
Lochbaum 21 f Pennsylvania
Lochbaum 39 m Tailor Germany
Lochbaum 9 m Pennsylvania
Lock 10 m Maryland
Lock 12 f Maryland
Lock 2 f Maryland
Lock 30 f Maryland
Lock 4 f Maryland
Lock 40 m Woodturner Maryland
Lock 8 m Maryland
Lockerd 50 m Merchant Maryland Hotel/of H. G. Brown
Lodor 12 f Maine
Lodor 43 f Maine
Lodor 7 f Maine
Lodor 9 f Maine
Logan 23 m Wheelman Maryland h/o Noble G. Watkins
Logue 2 m Maryland
Logue 29 m Wheelwright Maryland
Logue 29 f Germany
Logue 4 m Maryland
Logue 7 m Maryland
Lome 19 m Carpenter Maryland h/o Jos. F. Kemp
Long 29 f Scotland h/o James Miller
Lots 16 m Shoemaker Germany
Lots 2 m Maryland
Lots 38 f Germany
Lots 38 m Shoemaker Germany
Lots 4 m Maryland
Lots 6 m Maryland
Loudenslager 23 m Tailor Germany
Loudenslager 24 f Germany
Love 3 f Maryland
Love 38 m Boot & Shoemaker Pennsylvania
Love 39 f Maryland
Love 39 f Maryland
Love 6 f Maryland
Lusby 23 f Maryland
Lusby 27 m Clerk Maryland
Lynch 1 m Maryland h/o Catharine Deal
Lynch 36 f Ireland h/o Thos. G. Little
Lyons 40 f Georgetown D. C.
Lyons 43 m Segarmaker Maryland
Lyons 6 m Washington D. C.
Lyons 25 f Ireland h/o Francis Burns


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