1850 Census Ward 16

Imhoff 22 f Germany
Imhoff 24 m Boot & Shoemaker Germany
Inloes 12 f Maryland h/o Chas. F. Yardley
Ireman 1 f Germany
Ireman 23 m Baker Germany
Ireman 24 f Germany
Irvin 60 m Carter Maryland
Irvin 62 f Pennsylvania
Isaac 23 f Maryland
Isaac 23 m Merchant Maryland
Isaac 27 m Maryland
Isaac 29 m Merchant Maryland
Isaac 12-May f Maryland
Jackson 18 f b Maryland
Jackson 2 f Maryland
Jackson 26 f Maryland
Jackson 31 m Grocer Maryland
Jackson 4 f Maryland
Jackson 1 m Maryland
Jackson 20 f Maryland
Jackson 24 m Apothecary Georgetown D. C.
Jackson 2 m Maryland
Jackson 24 f Maryland
Jackson 38 m Maryland
Jackson 5 f Maryland
Jackson 58 f Maryland h/o James D. White
Jackson 10 f Maryland
Jackson 31 f Maryland
Jackson 33 m Cabinetmaker Maryland
Jackson 5 m Maryland
Jackson 8 m Maryland
Jacobs 11 f Maryland
Jacobs 2 m Maryland
Jacobs 28 f Maryland
Jacobs 30 m Carpenter Maryland
Jacobs 5 m Maryland
Jacobs 7 m Maryland
Jacobs 9 m Maryland
James 24 m Carpenter Maryland
James 49 f Maryland
Jarrett 80 m None Ireland
Jeffreys 10 m Maryland
Jeffreys 30 m Laborer Portugal
Jeffreys 38 f Maryland
Jeffreys 7 f Maryland
Jeffries 12 f Maryland
Jeffries 38 m Engineer Maryland
Jeffries 39 f Maryland
Jeffries 6 m Maryland
Jenkins 20 m Butcher Maryland h/o Charles Purpur
Johnosn 27 f b Maryland
Johnosn 39 m b Sailor E. Florida
Johnson 20 f b Maryland
Johnson 5 m b Maryland
Johnson 5 m b Maryland
Johnson 7 f b Maryland
Johnson 11 m b Maryland
Johnson 80 f b Maryland
Johnson 83 m b Maryland
Johnson 35 f Pennsylvania h/o Samuel Redgrave
Johnson 26 f Maryland
Johnson 37 m Boilermaker Maryland
Johnson 4 m Washington D. C.
Johnson 2 m Maryland
Johnson 12-Feb m Maryland
Johnson 20 f Maryland
Johnson 23 m Shoemaker Maryland
Johnson 4 f Maryland
Johnson 20 f Maryland
Johnson 25 m Tailor Maryland
Johnson 12-Jul f Maryland
Johnson 17 m Wire weaver Maryland h/o James T. Watson
Johnson 11 f Pennsylvania h/o Robert R. Taylor
Johnson 28 f Ireland h/o Mary O'Brien
Jones 40 f Maryland h/o Jos. K. Love
Jones 14 f Maryland h/o Henry T. Houck
Jones 17 f Maryland
Jones 24 m Trader Maryland
Jones 17 m Blacksmith Maryland h/o Louis H. Burns
Jones 17 m Bricklayer Maryland h/o James Watts
Jones 20 f Maryland h/o John H. Norris
Jordan 28 f Maryland
Jordan 34 m Hostler Vermont
Jordan 4 f Maryland
Joyce 15 m Ireland h/o Robt. Sunstrom
Joyce 19 f Ireland h/o Wm. H. Jackson
Kane 22 f Ireland h/o Chas. F. Yardley
Karkman 26 m Tailor Maryland h/o H. T. Johnson
Karns 50 m Laborer Ireland
Karns 50 f Ireland
Kauffman 52 f Germany
Kauffman 63 m Shoemaker Germany
Kearney 2 m Maryland
Kearney 38 f Ireland
Kearney 38 m Drayman Ireland
Kearney 4 m Maryland
Kearney 6 f Ireland
Keegan 18 f Ireland
Keegan 35 m China dealer Ireland
Keegan 35 f Ireland
Keegan 7 m Pennsylvania
Keen 55 f Maryland h/o Jos. H. Byns
Keene 28 m Tailor Maryland
Keene 34 m Stonecutter Maryland
Keene 36 f Maryland
Keene 68 f Maryland
Keilholtz 27 f Pennsylvania
Keilholtz 38 m Laborer Maryland
Kelley 12 m Virginia
Kelley 14 m Virginia
Kelley 30 f Virginia
Kelley 5 f Virginia
Kelly 19 m Shoemaker Maryland h/o Benj. Herlock
Kelly 73 m Maryland
Kelly 2 m Maryland
Kelly 25 m Moulder Ireland
Kelly 26 f Ireland
Kelly 26 f Ireland
Kelly 30 m Laborer Ireland
Kelly 4 m Maryland
Kelly 5 f Maryland
Kelly 7 f Maryland
Kelly 27 f Maryland
Kelly 35 m Trader Maryland
Kelly 12-Oct m Maryland Mid.initial M.
Kelly 14 f Maryland
Kelly 38 f Maryland
Kelly 39 m Grocer Maryland
Kelly 4 m Maryland
Kelly 7 m Maryland
Kelty 14 m Maryland
Kelty 3 f Maryland
Kelty 36 f Maryland
Kelty 38 m Shoemaker New Jersey
Kelty 5 f Maryland
Kelty 12-Jun f Maryland
Kemp 1 f Maryland
Kemp 22 f Maryland
Kemp 25 m Shoemaker Virginia
Kemp 3 f Maryland
Kemp 1 f Maryland
Kemp 11 m Maryland
Kemp 19 m Carpenter Maryland h/o Jos. F. Kemp
Kemp 32 f Maryland
Kemp 34 m Carpenter Maryland
Kemp 4 f Maryland
Kemp 8 f Maryland
Kemper 39 m Grocer Germany
Kemper 46 f Germany
Kemper 5 m Maryland
Kemper 7 m Maryland
Kennedy 16 f New Foundland N.S. h/o Henry W. Webb
Kerr 1 f Pennsylvania
Kerr 2 m Georgetown D. C.
Kerr 25 f Ireland
Kerr 4 m Washington D. C.
Kerster 35 f Maryland h/o Stephen George
Kesley 17 m Boot & Shoemaker Germany h/o Louis Konse
Kessick 2 f Maryland
Kessick 28 f Ireland
Kessick 39 m Drayman Ireland
Kessick 4 f Maryland
Kessick 6 m Maryland
Kettlewell 13 f Maryland
Kettlewell 3 f Maryland
Kettlewell 38 f Maryland
Kettlewell 40 m Merchant Maryland
Kettlewell 7 f Maryland
Kettlewell 9 m Maryland
Killman 35 f Maryland h/o Wm. Fowler
Killman 40 m Laborer Maryland h/o Wm. Fowler
Killman 7 m Maryland h/o Wm. Fowler
King 1 f Maryland
King 22 f Ireland
King 24 m Carpenter North Carolina
King 3 f Maryland
King 25 m Lawyer Maryland
King 27 f Mississippi
King 50 f Pennsylvania
King 10 m Maryland
King 12-Feb f Maryland
King 25 f Maryland
King 29 m Hatter Maryland
King 5 m Maryland
King 7 f Maryland
Kirwin 2 m Maryland h/o Jesse Allbright
Kirwin 29 f Maryland h/o Jesse Allbright
Kirwin 31 m Sailor Maryland h/o Jesse Allbright
Kirwin 5 m Maryland h/o Jesse Allbright
Kitler 76 m None Pennsylvania h/o Henry R. Merkel
Klare 15 m Maryland
Klare 44 m Boxmaker Germany
Klare 49 f Germany
Kleinhen 35 m Carpenter Germany h/o Emmanuel Plitt
Kline 10 m Germany
Kline 13 f Germany
Kline 36 f Germany
Kline 4 f Germany
Kline 40 m Dairyman Germany
Kline 6 f Germany
Kline 8 m Germany
Kling 35 f Germany
Kling 39 m Tailor Germany
Klingenheffer 15 m Germany h/o J. Messersmith
Klingenheffer 18 m Baker Germany h/o J. Messersmith
Klingenheffer 20 f Germany h/o J. Messersmith
Klopfenstein 10 f Germany
Klopfenstein 11 m Germany
Klopfenstein 13 m Germany
Klopfenstein 3 m New York
Klopfenstein 30 m Germany male/female?
Klopfenstein 37 m Baker Germany
Klopfenstein 9 m Germany
Kluge 44 m Shoemaker Germany
Kluge 53 f Germany
Knap 28 f Germany
Knap 30 m Shoemaker Germany
Kneen 25 f Maryland
Kneen 29 m Tailor Isle of Man
Knell 2 f Maryland
Knell 25 f Germany
Knell 31 m Cabinetmaker Germany
Knell 12-Sep m Maryland
Knough 24 m Boot & Shoemaker Maryland h/o Spencer Warring
Knox 34 f Scotland
Knox 35 m Blacksmith Pennsylvania
Knox 4 m Maryland
Knup 73 f Germany h/o Samuel Harman
Koch 18 f Germany h/o Henry W. Cook
Kolb 25 m Tailor Germany h/o Frederick Kreger
Kolb 34 f Germany h/o Frederick Kreger
Kolb 4 f Germany h/o Frederick Kreger
Konse 10 f Maryland
Konse 12 f Maryland
Konse 2 f Maryland
Konse 34 f Maryland
Konse 37 m Boot & Shoemaker Germany
Konse 4 m Maryland
Konse 7 m Maryland
Kooch 60 f Germany h/o Luhr Warnken
Korner 14 f Germany
Korner 41 m Germany
Korner 47 m Pianomaker Germany
Kornman 35 f Germany
Kornman 49 m Huckster Germany
Kornman 5 f Maryland
Kratz 17 m Tobacconist Germany h/o Ann E. Bishcoff
Krebs 1 f Maryland
Krebs 14 f Maryland
Krebs 3 f Maryland
Krebs 42 m Leather dealer Pennsylvania
Krebs 42 f Maryland
Krebs 6 f Maryland
Krebs 8 m Maryland
Kreger 2 m Maryland
Kreger 26 m Tailor Prussia
Kreger 29 f Germany
Kreger 4 f Maryland
Kreger 5 f Pennsylvania
Kugler 10 m Maryland
Kugler 12 f Maryland
Kugler 14 f Maryland
Kugler 16 m Clerk New York
Kugler 40 f New Jersey
Kugler 40 m Tobacconist Pennsylvania
Kugler 6 m Maryland
Kugler 8 m Maryland
Kuhl 1 f Maryland
Kuhl 5 m Maryland
Kuhl 26 m Blacksmith Germany
Kuhl 29 f Germany
Kuhl 1 f Maryland
Kuhl 11 m Maryland
Kuhl 37 f Germany
Kuhl 38 m Tinner Germany
Kuhl 4 m Maryland
Kuhl 6 m Maryland
Kuhl 9 m Maryland


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